Bin Pulls and T.G.I.F

I’m still trying to get used to using them to open the drawers. :-)
I got so used to not having anything to pull them open by!

My computer was freaking out yesterday, so I didn’t get to post my weekly “T.G.I.T” post. So here it is today!

T.G.I.F – Accessories

What a fab mix of Parisian eye candy, eh?
I must find a way to make a trip to France someday. I spend hours online searching for websites that show all the great, old stuff their flea markets have to offer. It’s one thing to scrounge around an “antique/flea mall” in the U.S., but I imagine a completely different & ethereal experience at the open-air flea markets in Europe. My pulse quickens when I think about it. :-)

Anyone ever been there? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Look what I won on Ebay!
Marvin Commission

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  1. Linda B. says

    Those pulls look GREAT with your cabinet paint!
    We lived in Switzerland when I was a child…I remember going to the marche au peaux (sp?) with my Mom…many of my favorite pieces she still has are from there…actually, nearly everything in her house is from them! I also was in Paris for a semester abroad in college…Didn’t have the money to send stuff home…but i SURE looked!!

    Thanks for the eye candy!!

  2. Katy Lin :) says

    beautiful as always! there’s an award waiting for you at my blog if you have time to come pick it up :)

  3. Bella says

    This is the 2nd kitchen with black cupboards that I have seen today in blogland. I love them! I also love your pulls…and they might be just what I could use once we paint the cabinets…because they have HUGE hardware on them now and so these might help cover up the holes from them…Just found your blog today from Susie Harris’ blog :)

  4. kimberly says

    i hope you see this, i just found your site….i am curious…are these cabinets painted or stained and then distressed? I love the look, and i’m about to refinish my kit cabinets….i dont really want to paint them, i’d rather stain, but can I still get that distressed look?

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