Beneath My Heart

Remember my fun friend Traci (a.k.a Sweet T) who blogs at Beneath My Heart?


(Me, Traci and her son, Eli)

Well, we’re going to be passing through her state next month, and I can’t wait to hug her neck and check out her new house! She and her hubby, Cy, always do such a great job of injecting cottage style into the spaces they work on together…


(Source: Beneath My Heart)

They’re working on this bathroom right now, and WOW are they doing an amazing job…


I cannot wait to try out that tub.


But for real, when it comes to their little guest cottage out back, they may never pry me away!


Is that thing adorable, or what!? They’re planning to paint the outside a creamy white (to match their house), and then they’ll start to tackle the inside. It’s just one room, and right now they’re using it as a storage building, but it’s got tons of potential, don’t you think?


Here’s the kind of feel Traci has in mind…


…and like I said, we’ll be visiting them on our way up to a family gathering in late May- so my question to you, Miss Sweet T, is: should we pack our paintbrushes?

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    • Layla says

      I just pictured your kids and Traci’s kids hanging out together and got really smiley! 😀 I’d love to get everybody together sometime!

  1. Susie says

    I love beneathmyheart!! And I love that you use the phrase “hug her neck”! I am from Alabama and when I first moved to Atlanta I was always questioned about that phrase and if it meant I was going to put them in a full Nelson 😉

  2. says

    Awesome cottage of your friends — + awesome, part II, for their cottage inspiration being Sarah Richardson! Just seeing those penny tiles in her summer cottage is inspiring me to ‘maybe’ use them as the kitchen backsplash in our new/old house!
    K A Y

  3. Kim says

    Oh wow that guest house looks like it will be amazing – and I LOVE her inspiration cottage of Sarah Richardson…so beautiful! I’ll have to go check out the rest of your friend’s house now….I may be on my laptop all afternoon!

  4. Cheryl F says

    That guest house would be so fun to decorate! If I ever, scratch that, WHEN I get my cottage I definitely want a bunkie. LOVE the inspiration photos, proud of our Canadian girl Sarah Richardson. I’ve watched “Sarah’s Cottage” so many times I think I have it memorized, hands down my favourite of all of her shows.
    I hope you get many hours of enjoyment and relaxation on your porch. I don’t have a porch so I’m pretty-fying my garage to use as a sort of porch/breezeway. (There has never been a car in that garage anyway and I’ve always been one to work with what I have so gara-porch it is!). They even make garage door screens so you an have the door up and keep the bugs out. Adding a lake view might be a little tricker…but not impossible. (inspiration from the Wandawega paint by numbers mural is seeping in…)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. says

    You two are like “cottage” kinfolk! That is definitely my favorite style with a nod toward the beach – love following you both!

  6. says

    I love her house and guest cottage. That’s one of my favorite mudrooms ever and I had no idea it belonged to a blogger!

  7. Carrie ~ The Corson Cottage says

    Love her style! It is our little cottage dream to have a guest house or small cabin just like that! Wow! What great potential! Can’t wait to see what they do with it. I’m a huge fan of Sarah Richardson too love her lakeside cabin retreat more than life:)

  8. Paula Nicholson says

    I NEED to know what color the vanity cabinet in the bathroom is!!!!!!!!!!

    • Angela says

      Her dresser turned vanity in the Master Bathroom was finished in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen. In one of her posts she states that she also found a perfect match for it in a latex paint….called Beige Shadow, at Lowe’s in the Waverly Home Classics section. Hope that helps. I’m still trying to find out what she ended up painting her kitchen/living room.

  9. MelO says

    O how I love that seaside retreat of Sarah’s House!! I covet, I covet, I covet!!!

  10. says

    What great work they have done! I love that “storage” house. How lucky to have that outside your back door! The wood inside–oh my gosh. And I LOVE Sarah Richardson!!! I need to remember her for my future lake on the water (I WILL someday, I MUST!). Have a super trip. Can’t wait to see the post.

  11. says

    Those pickled walls in the inspiration photos! Oh my goodness, what an ingenious fix to dark wood paneling!

    I saw your instagram photo yesterday of the globe on your desk…SO EXCITING!! I followed every step of Ashley’s journey to get Little One and I’m so thrilled to follow yours :)

  12. says

    You’ll have to stop by and visit me when you’re here! Or maybe I’ll run into you and Traci out somewhere. She and I see each other in the grocery store or Lowes or somewhere ever now and then. I love what they’ve done to their house. I love seeing what you’re doing at your new house too! Hey, if you do stop by my house, maybe you’ll pick me for your next “Pick My Presto”!!!!!! Jk