Behind the Scenes at Kev’s Music Video Shoot

Howdy friend!

I’m excited to share a sneak peek of Kevin’s bands music video here on the blog today!

The actual video won’t be fully edited or released for several weeks, but I wanted to document the behind the scenes stuff so that Kev could look back at it when he’s rockin’ in a comfy chair, instead of on stage with an electric guitar.

It was directed by Chris Stanford, who has directed lots of other music videos and tons of TV commercials.
(Alabama people- he did the latest Ford truck commercial, featuring Coach Chizik and Coach Saban!)

He’s one heckuva photographer too.

Here are some shots from his portfolio…

Chris was really, really nice and completely down-to-earth.

He pulled me aside at the beginning of the day and told me to “feel free to run around anywhere on set”, so that I could get whatever shots I needed to for our behind-the-scenes video.

Kevin and I have both worked with photographers that would never take the time to say that, or be so cool about us capturing our own video footage on their set, so we both really appreciated the fact that he was so nice about it!

Anywho…without further ado…here’s a little look at what we’re hoping will eventually be one, super-cool, rock music video!

(PS- The “back story” portion of the video features an actress named Alex, and her storyline scenes will be playing on the green screen behind the guys’ performance scenes at various times throughout the video.)

Stay tuned for the finished product coming soon to a monitor near you, and thanks for taking the time to check out our behind-the-scenes video today!


Modern rock radio listeners should start to hear “Heart in my Hands” in mid-October!


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