Behind The Music: Mary Did You Know

Remember those music videos I told you we were helping create for Centerpoint?

Centerpoint Fellowship Church | Prattville Alabama

Well, I thought I’d share one here on my blog today so you could enjoy it, too! I was in charge of scouting locations, so for this first one, I thought Neighbor Jenny’s barn would be a great spot. Remember the barn from my What I Wore Wednesday post?


You’ll see that same rustic backdrop in today’s video, too.

Nick Osterman and Kevin Palmer

Kevin and Tommy (Tommy from the kitchen makeover post) were in charge of filming, and Nick and Matt (Matt from the proposal post) are the ones performing in this video. Click the play button below if you’d like to listen!

Wasn’t that wonderful?! Matt and Nick are so talented, and I love that song so much! 😀

I’m going to share another video we worked on together soon, so come on back next week if you’d like to check it out. The next one was filmed in one of the unfinished lofts down the street…

Lofts for sale in Pike Road Alabama

…and it made for such a cool backdrop!

Centerpoint Fellowship Church | Prattville Alabama

Thanks again to Neighbor Andrew for allowing us to borrow one of them that day. Your 5-gallon paint buckets and leftover wood came in very handy, too! 😀

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