Beckie’s Fireplace Makeover

Do you know Beckie? She blogs at Infarrantly Creative, Road Kill Rescue and Knock off Decor:

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Well, she asked me if I’d be interested in throwing out some ideas for her fireplace one day and, well, you know what happens when people ask me for design advice. 😉

I started by staring at this photo of her fireplace for several minutes…

Beckie Fireplace Before

…then I rounded up a few inspiration photos I found online. After that, I played around with the photo of Beckie’s fireplace in Photoshop to give her a few different ideas of how the fireplaces in the inspiration photos might *sort of* look in her place. Here’s what I came up with:

Idea #1: Mega Molding

Since Beckie’s fireplace facade is flush with the wall it sits on, there’s not really an opportunity to do anything that sticks too far out from the wall unless they want to dive into a pretty elaborate construction project- which they do not. So, idea #1 was inspired by this photo:

Waterfall Edge Fireplace

(Blue Water Home Builders)

Here’s what it looks like popped onto Beckie’s photo:

Beckie Fireplace Molding

She wouldn’t necessarily have to use marble around the fire box…tile or stone would do the trick, too!

I also couldn’t resist popping in the gray wall color and dark hardwood flooring…just to see what that would kind of look like:

Beckie Fireplace Molding Wood Floor

Pretty neat! :-)

Idea #2: Color Contrast

Idea #2 was inspired by this photo:

Gray Fireplace | Rustic Mantel

(New England Home Magazine)

And again, this is a very rough virtual sketch, but I was thinking that she could cover the existing black tile around the fire box with some kind of faux concrete (like Skimstone, or Ardex), and then build up and trim out the rest of the space around the fireplace with molding and dark gray paint.

Beckie Fireplace Idea Gray

A chocolate-y brown, rustic wood mantel would be the perfect pièce de résistance!

Idea #3: Craftsman & Columns

My last photo drawing was inspired by this photo:

Duneland Beach Fireplace

(Fireplace: Belzowski Homes Photo: Matt Cashore)

Here’s the (rough) photo I pasted together in Photoshop to show what a couple of angled columns and some craftsman-style molding might *sort of* look like:

Beckie Fireplace Idea 2

Again, Beckie wouldn’t necessarily have to re-create that exact pattern with the molding (maybe lose the arched part for something cleaner lined?), and the sky is the limit when it comes to tile. I’m just hoping these photos will help get her super-creative gears turning, and that she’ll share her ‘Ta Da!” photos with us here with us when she’s done!

(Hint, hint Beckie!) 😉

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  1. Cyndia says

    Layla, you won’t believe it, but that second version you came up with was in my daughter’s last apartment! Why do builders come up with those ridiculous odd corner fireplaces? They make little sense for furniture layout and space planning.
    We pretty much ignored the fireplace in the room and arranged the furniture the best way possible for her. The room was TINY, and very awkward. If she wanted a fire she usually curled up on the floor in front of it anyway.

  2. Janet Scuka says

    I really like the last of your choices Layla. For years we had a firplace in our different homes but not in our current home… and I miss not having one. If I had a fireplace I would want to consult you, you have, and find such great ideas!


  3. AnnW says

    The second one looks the best to me. I would also like to see the walls that dark gray, just to see what they look like. What are builders thinking when they invent these awkward layouts?

  4. Mary says

    You-are-brilliant. I love seeing how you transform fireplaces. I like the dark wall with the rustic mantle best.

  5. joyce says

    I love#2 with the contrast and the way the darker color seems to camouflage the equipment. I would definitely let go of the clock–it seems to draw the eye to the distraction of the equipment. How about attaching some sort of screen/small door that matches the color, covers the equipment and still allows it to breathe?

    Love following your blog and appreciate your creativity!

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