Bathrooms on the Brain

We’re home! After an 11.5 hour drive last night, we pulled into Alabama early this morning. By the time we got to our house my eyes were playing some serious tricks on me. Who knew that not getting enough sleep could lead to crazy visions of moving floor tiles. I swear it looked like there were snakes underneath them. I had to keep telling myself I was just tired, and that my altered state of awareness would eventually wear off. A couple hours after we got home, I went back into the bathroom to see whether or not our tiles were still twitching. Thankfully, they were not, and other than feeling like I will probably need to go to bed early tonight- I’m back to my normal, stable, self. :-)

Speaking of bathrooms- Kevin is anxious to get back to work on ours despite his swollen, stabbed thumb, and a super sore shoulder thanks to a tumble down a flight of slippery stairs yesterday. He’s normally not so accident prone. Must be the lack of sleep thing or something. 😉

Here’s a few photos of another bathroom I love. It’s from the 2007 Cottage Living Idea House I blogged about the other day…

Designer, Lane Leyens, used lyrics from the Johnny Cash song, “Flushed from the Bathroom of your Heart” on the walls around the room. The brown wall color was pulled in from the guest bedroom, and the pink color of the letters came from the nearby girl’s bedroom. Using the two colors bridges the two design schemes and creates a fresh and unexpected palette in the whimsical bathroom. You can order vinyl wall words of your favorite song or poem from several websites online.

Hmmmm…we do have some big, blank walls around our bathtub…

…but I think we’re going to stick with our initial idea for the walls, which will also inject a big dose of unique, cottage-style charm. More about that as soon as Kevin finishes the vanity side of the room! (PS…if you’re new to our blog, don’t worry- the bathroom is currently painted a soothing shade of “Sea Salt” by Sherwin Williams. No more ‘Lectric Lavender!) :-)

Hope you’re having a wonderful and warm, winter weekend!


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