Barn Light Giveaway

One day, we’d like to move out to the country and into a farmhouse like the one I grew up in.

Can’t ya just see it?


How ’bout now?

Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

Anywho…we’ve got a really cool farm-related giveaway for you today. One of our spectacular sponsors, Barn Light Electric, is gonna hook up one lucky TLC reader with an amazing, porcelain enamel-coated pendant light!

Here are the two lights you’ll be able to choose between if your name is randomly selected on Thursday morning…

The Sky Chief

It comes in eight different colors. Here are a few examples…

Pretty, huh?



The Sinclair

This one also comes in an array of pretty colors. I love the blues and white!


To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post and we’ll announce the winner on Friday!
Good luck!

PS- The winner of The Pioneer Woman giveaway is…

Congratulations Liz!


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  1. Rebekah M. says

    so lovely! we are renting a townhouse and the dining lighting is bearable but not at all what we would choose! this is a wonderful alternative!

  2. says

    Thanks for introducing me to that website! In the process of buying a fixer upper and these light blow away the one I was looking at at Pottery Barn!

  3. says

    Ooooh, I really really really want one of those in the jadeite color. I am redoing my kitchen on a shoestring. Half a shoestring, really. Fingers crossed!

  4. carla raney says

    I love these lights they are exactly what I want. I love the white and aqua colors

  5. Jerrilyn says

    My kitchen renovation is in the starting stages and this would light would work perfectly with my plan! It’s adorable!

  6. stacy says

    Really debated on what to do for lighting in the kitchen-BINGO!! LOVE LOVE the white sky chief!!! bring on the light!!!!

  7. Cathy Johnston says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! We just moved to a house in the mountains – not quite a farm, but that would look fantastic over my island. Wouldn’t it?

  8. Vicki says

    I think those lights belong in my 108 year old farmhouse, don’t you? (Turquoise matches my original-with-the-house 1930 wood-burning cookstove.)

  9. Melissa says

    How beautiful. We live in an old farmhouse and it’s my dreamhouse. These lights would be perfect!!

  10. Carolyn says

    I love them! My husband and I are finishing a guesthouse above our garage and these would look great in them!

  11. says

    We need lighting for our re-model that has stopped due to health crisis…it would certainly be appreciated! I love your guyses(?!) blog…a bright spot in my day always. :)

  12. Jenn says

    Adorable! We are in desperate need of some decent dining room lighting! Love the blog!

  13. Allyosn Montague says

    I love your lights and ideas. I’ve been trying to get the vintage,flea market look. The lights would be perfect.

  14. says

    I was going to say I love the Sky Chief, but then I looked back up and decided I ADORE the Sinclair. The colors are lovely and I love the silver!!! I just love that the vintage look and feel, makes you feel like you should be playing horseshoes out back with Grandma hollaring from the backdoor that the lemonade is ready, come and get it! Wonderful post Layla!

  15. Emily B says

    yes farm in our dreams too. We just need a job out there now!
    Love me some giveaways!!

  16. says

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway – these lights are so beautiful and since I already live out in the country…I’d love to give one of them a good home. :-)

  17. Kim Fink says

    Super cool lights! We are getting ready for kitchen remodel and these would be awesome!

  18. Lirael says

    They’re so friggin’ cute! There’s a real come-sit-at-grannies-kitchentable-and-have-some-homemade-pie feel about those lights :)

  19. Mary says

    Oh! That pic of you and kevin was just scary!! But i do want to win a sinclair-y!!!

  20. Jamie Giorgi says

    Love, Love , Love them all!!!! Just updated my kitchen– I really need to replace an old out-dated light fixture over my table. They’re just the style I’m looking for. Simple but oh so cool!

  21. Sue says

    Love these, and have been wanting one for a long time. Yes, you should definitely go for moving to the country whenever you can!

  22. Jess :) says

    Both of the lights are beautiful and would look great in any room of my house.

  23. olene mccoy says

    We just bought a home and i will have to redecorate it, this light would surely fit our lifestyle, Hope i win. omccoy

  24. Edwina says

    I love the way you communicate your ‘vision’ using humor! Thanks for this giveaway-both lights are drool worthy!

  25. Tamy says

    What’s not to love about pendant lighting!!
    I love the idea of hanging one of each of the Sky Chief colors next to each other too :)

  26. Jackie says

    I love the Sky Chief! And even if I didn’t, that silly name is reason enough to love it!

  27. Joanna Thompson says

    Yay; another giveaway! It’s Christmas in springtime! What a gorgeous light!

  28. erica jenkins says

    yes! after repainting our kitchen yesterday (inspired by you, of course;)) we have the perfect spot!
    thank you!

  29. says

    Oh my goodness! This is the perfect giveaway. I need a new light in our kitchen to replace the hideous old {but not old in a good way} ceiling fan that’s there now…and this pendant light is fantastic!

  30. Leone says

    Holy cow these are gorgeous! I have wanted one of these for such a long time. Beautiful!

  31. Amy says

    The Aqua color would match my kitchen tile EXACTLY, PERFECT! Built 1945… ya know, THE color they used back then… Goes half way up my wall and under my cabinets.

    Also have the bubble gum pink and black tile in my bath… ugh.

  32. Abbi says

    I have been drooling over this company’s lights ever since I discovered them. They’re such a great combination of old and new!

  33. Trena says

    Oh wowsers! We’re building a new house (new but to look old) this summer and one of these lights would look sweet in our kitchen!!

  34. Tenacwalker says

    Barn Light Electric has some of the coolest light fixtures ever- and I love the pictures you showcased them in- makes me want to move into the set- especially the one with the bouquet on the neato scale. Love y’all’s blog- keep up the inspiration!

  35. Debbie says

    I’ve never known about this company but now I will be doing some looking that’s for sure. They are all beautiful lights. Would love to have them :) My grandbabies room would look awesome with a light like these. :)

  36. says

    Perfect timing. I’m going to be updating my kitchen in the near future, using things I’ve learned here at the Lettered Cottage. One of those lights would be perfect over my kitchen table. Thanks for the opportunity!

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  37. Brandon says

    OMG! The Sinclair is so beatuiful. That would look great in my office. Love your blog.

  38. Colleen N says

    I live in a farmhouse…and it needs new lighting. I’ve been drooling over these lights for years! =)

  39. Linda Ford says

    I know a dining room that could really, really look good with one of those lights! He, he. :)

  40. julie k says

    Would be a great way to illuminate my 15 y.o.’s room and another way to celebrate his birthday today!

  41. says

    Oh my gosh, this is my favorite website I stalk! I have contemplated so many times buying the light like the first one. For me, this is the best giveaway ever!!! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed. I’m a huge Barn Electric fan!
    Thanks for hosting the AWESOME giveaway!

  42. says

    Awesome giveaway! Oh how I’d love to say goodbye to my 1980’s shiny brass kitchen fixture and replace it with something farmy and red! My husband and I lay in our bed at night dreaming of living in the country someday too….maybe we could be neighbors? :)

  43. says

    Love these, have the white one at the top, old and in great shape, but could use another for our farmhouse kitchen in the shop

  44. Leslie Stocker says

    Barn Light Electric was the outdoor lighting choice when I designed my client’s screened in porch! Their light sconces made the room feel so cozy! And if I’d win the giveaway, I would donate the light to a young, struggling couple who are remodeling their first home. How blessed they would be!

  45. Cheri says

    Love your writings, and love this pendant!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us all.

  46. Amy DePrang says

    My husband loves barn lights and I would just love to win one for him!!!!!

  47. Laurie says

    Love the light! I have “barnboard” in my kitchen so what a perfect match!

  48. Catherine says

    I love them all! And I love all the colours – the turquoise is beautiful and so retro… but I love a hit of red in a room too! It would be hard to choose :) What a great giveaway… and a great blog!! Thanks!

  49. Teri says

    How appropriate you are sharing lights when 27 years ago I married the light of my life – the Sinclair just speaks to me , although they are all beautiful in their simplicity .

  50. says

    Wow! A great giveaway. I’m a farm girl too, currently working on painting and updating the kitchen with a country farmhouse vibe. One of these lights would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to win:>)

  51. says

    We will be moving to the country soon and what a great way to kick things off! I LOVE those lights!!! Thanks for the give-a-way ;-)


  52. Stephanie says

    I LOVE their stuff. We are currently building a farmhouse so this light would be SUCH fun!

  53. says

    I love these lights! We had just started redoing a little cottage at our weekend farm in Upstate NY. The Mister was very wise to refer to it as “The Bunker” before I saw it. It’s hideous! Seriously who builds a place and sides the top of the double gable in barn red – and leaves the bottom half raw concrete “stucco”.

    It will take a lot of work – but one of these barn lights will certainly help the interior!

  54. says

    We lived on a farm here in horse country, but it was a LOT of work. That’s why we are down-sizing to a townhouse in the city. I could use this light there. We are remodeling, and it would work great in the solarium.

  55. chelsea says

    I LOVE these lights and have admired them for a long time. Everyone needs a little touch of country in their house, right?

  56. Mary Russo says

    I love those! All of them. Such a clean look. Just what I need for my kitchen.

  57. says

    Yay! Luvin the Sinclair. What a wonderful giveaway, thanks!…I’m going to post this on my sidebar as well : ) ~Stacey

  58. Lori H says

    I love both lights, but I may be partial to the Sinclair since that is my daughter’s name!

  59. IRMA says


  60. Laurie says

    Desperately in need of a new light fixture for my kitchen…this would work perfectly!

  61. says

    Love your blog and your giveaway…Don’t give up on your dream…my hubby and I are blessed, after many years of city living, to live in a 200 year old farmhouse in the country. Dreams do come true!

  62. Dianne Callahan says

    So pretty! i love the first one – waaaaay better in my house than the generic light above my dining room table now!

  63. rebekahg says

    Our home was built in 1882 in Northeastern Ohio. My family settled here and started farming the land and raising cattle. Today, we (my parents and 3 out of 4 brothers and sisters) operate a roadside farm market. I am the seventh generation of our family to care for our home. I feel truly honored to be here raising our 2 year old twins! I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I would love to put this light in my mudroom!

    I hope you get your farmhouse someday! The quirks are definitely worth it!

  64. says

    Living on a farm is one of my greatest dreams. And oh how I hope it comes true before my kids are too old to appreciate it.

  65. Suzanne says

    I just said to a good friend yesterday how much I love barn lighting! Does that mean I am destined to win this?

    Love you blog – thanks so much for what you do!

  66. Den says

    I LOVE the white porcelain Sky Chief! It would be perfect in our soon-to-be first home that is in desperate need of some TLC :)

  67. Jessica says

    That light would look great over the table in our kitchen renovation. Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. says

    LOVE the sky chief. We’ve been looking for something new to go over out kitchen table and this might be it!

  69. Simply Susan says

    Would be great in my remodel in progress–a fifities kitchen in aqua and red.

  70. says

    Love those gorgeous lights and would be thrilled to win one. That photo of you two on the porch is hilarious by the way!

  71. Diane says

    The only thing better than having the blue lamp hanging in my home, would be you two coming up to Chicago to help decorate! Layla and Kevin, you two rock! Continued prayers for the Palmer family!

  72. Amy says

    Love the lights and all that awesome table in the picture of the second light!! Any idea where we can buy something like that???

  73. says

    Oh my, the “Sky Chief” is fantastic. The white one would of course go with everything, but the robins egg blue one… I’m not sure I could resist it. Growing up on a farm myself, I’d love to add a little “farm element” to our home that’s in the middle of town… all while we dream of having our own little farm house!

  74. Pamela S says

    I am doing some decorating updates in my LR/dining room and these lights are just perfect to hang down over the table. Love all the colors!

  75. Jessica says

    I actually LIVE in a modern farmhouse! Either one of these lights would fit in perfectly. Sign me up! :)

  76. Josie says

    How cool! I love reading your blog! My parents are planning on turning the barn on their lot into a timber frame home for them one day! The lights would look great in there!

  77. says

    How have I never seen these sponsors on your site before? They have AMAZING stuff! I’m so excited… even if I don’t win I might have to buy something!

  78. says

    Get outta town! I was just on their website yesterday! I am crossing everything I can cross to win. We just had a sewage leak in our house and are down to the studs in some rooms. Yucko to say the least. Perfect time to pick out some news duds for the room.
    Love your photos!
    d e n i s e

  79. says

    Adorable! I have been eyeing one of these babies for my back entry way. I have a farm theme going on there. I also grew up on a farm and these light fixtures take me back there.


  80. Angie says

    I love the aqua blue one – so cute !! Can a light be considered “cute” ??

  81. Angie says

    I bought my old farmhouse down the road from the house I grew up in about 11 years ago and I’ve been renovating ever since. In fact, I’m not too far from you– I’m in Calhoun County, so you should come visit me on a day trip! I’ve become a big fan of your blog because your house reminds me of my own. Anyway, I LOVE the lights and already have some ideas on where I’d put one of those bad boys. If I had some dice, I’d totally blow on ‘em right now. :-)

  82. Gena says

    Need a new light in my kitchen and either one would look GREAT! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. says

    Hey Layla friend!
    I would love to hang this over my kitchen island!!!
    Hope your day is awesome!

  84. says

    How fun! We’re good on lights in this house, but w’re planning on building again next year, I think I could find a place for one of these guys!

  85. says

    I love Barn Light Electric! I’m always drooling over their website! My kitchen is decorated mostly with items I brought home from our 100 year old family farm when it was sold, and the Sky Chief would look perfect in there!

  86. Nikie says

    We just renovated our beach condo and this would be a lovely accent over the island!

  87. Sarah says

    I am new to your blog and loving it. Your creative ideas are inspiring, and you and your husband are precious. Can’t wait to hear more about your adoption journey as well!

  88. Jennifer says

    These are beautiful! We live in the country and actually have a super old barn. This would be beautiful in my kitchen :)


  89. Heather says

    LOL! Your big headed photo made me smile…you’re a nut!! I love that road leading to the farmhouse…reminds me of going to my aunt’s house in IN when I was little! And I LOVE the lights…perfect! Oh and I saw a GREAT fixer upper for a great price in a lovely, lovely little town in SC you would LOVE the town…thought about you two! I will have to show the link….

  90. JustBeth says

    That old house looks very much like one I lived in when I was 4 – a verrrrry long time ago. The beautiful lamps complete the memory.

  91. Kristin says

    So pretty! My kitchen could def. use some sprucing up with one of these since my husband and I just bought our first house, and have yet to tackle the ugly (& purple!) kitchen :)

  92. Courtney says

    Just gorgeous! I know exactly where I’d put this too! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  93. says

    perfect way to add the farm look to any abode! Love them all but that aqua one is calling my name! thanks for such a neat giveaway! Going over to their site to check things out!

  94. Catherine says

    Gah! I don’t know how I’d choose between the two–both styles are so awesome–but I really hope I win!

  95. Kary Ross says

    Oh my, these are just the ticket for my on-going renovation of my tiny laundry room area in my log home. My current fixture is one of those florescent panel lights. Ug! Help me give the room a look all it’s own! Love the barn lights. Been shopping for something different and I think this is the look! Any color! Thanks Barn Light Electric!

  96. says

    you cracked me up with the Palmer Farmer pics! Thanks for that! I’d just LOVE LOVE to win a Barn Light Electric product – the Sinclair has me sighing!

  97. kathy says

    you silly girl. love the farm couple photos, i hope your dreams come true! i guess i wouldn’t mind winning the totally awesome barn light ;).

  98. says

    Oh YES! I love these lights and I’ve got just the perfect place in my kitchen! PS – I can totally see the farmhouse thing!

  99. tracyo says

    I love the farmhouse look and feel. These lights are perfect for my house! Hope I win! Thanks for the chance!

  100. says

    Oh YES!!! Please and Thank you! I am currently redoing out house to the farmhouse/shabby/chic look. This would be AMAZING in our dining room!!

  101. Shannon says

    Swoon! Barn Light Electric takes my breath away. One day I will have one of their fixtures.

  102. Shaina says

    I would love to use this as the pendant light in our kitchen. It could be the inspiration for the whole kitchen remodel. And then my hubby wouldn’t have a choice except to go with my color scheme!

  103. says

    I love the white! Planning to re-paint my kitchen cabinets this year and would love to get rid of the horrible fluorescent lights. I’m a new reader here and love your site!

  104. Tara Hope says

    Love the blue lights and they would look great in our new “cottage” we just bought! :)

  105. says

    Oh, what a wonderful giveaway. I LOVE Barn Light Electric but just have never been able to afford their lights. I live in a house in the country, and they are just my style!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. Lindsey says

    I never used to pay attention to lights, now I can’t ignore them. I like both of these styles.

  107. says

    Hahah I can’t stop laughing at that farm house photo! I would looove to win one of these! I would be ELATED to replace one of the notsolovely lights in my house!

  108. Carol Schneider says

    Love them all. We live on a 11 acre farmette in DE and the house is 109 years old. We have been re-doing things for six years now. One of these lights would be great!

  109. says

    OH. MY GOODNESS. Luck be a lady tonight…I LOVE those:)
    The best part is the pics of you and Kevin on the porch:)

  110. Haley says

    It is my dream to one day sell everything, find a tiny little farm house and sweep my husband and baby off to the country and live simply! I love these lights! I am a fairly new follower – I love your style :)

  111. Brianne doyle says

    I’ve been on that website so many times drooling over their lights, it must be fate!

  112. says

    sweet- I have a 1920’s home that would look wonderful in =)
    I hope you get your dream of living on a farm someday.

  113. Donna says

    Those are just beautiful! Would love a chance to win one of those lovely lights!

  114. Melinda Dillard says

    I love those lights! My new kitchen island needs one of those lights above it!

  115. Julie says

    I would love this! I have been needing a new light fixture for such a long time.

  116. Louise in NE OK says

    Would love have to make a decision regarding which light to choose!!! Happy Spring!

  117. JoAnne says

    I love Barn Light Electric! Their website is pure eye candy! Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of their spectacular lights!

  118. Jody Heifner says

    Love the light. I could take back the one I just got at Menards. One of these is much prettier.

  119. Amber says

    I LOVE barn lights! My husband and I are expecting our first baby in August – a little boy. I know I want to put a barn light in his nursery!!

  120. sarah says

    Ohh! I would love the Sky Chef light in my dinning room! I live in military housing and would love to swap out the drab one we have now! Thanks for the chance! :)

  121. says

    I love these lights, and one would go perfectly in our new kitchen (we’re closing on our first house at the end of this week and moving this weekend)!

  122. says

    I was just telling my husband that I wanted new light fixtures in the kitchen and dining area. I love The Sky Chief! It would look amazing over my kitchen island :)

  123. says

    Oh my gosh! I would love to win this! My birthday was yesterday, so it would be a great birthday present plus a great way to illuminate our new farm table we are building!

  124. says

    I l. o. v. e. Both these lights! How do you ever choose? It would be the perfect piece over my table.

  125. Lindsey says

    I can see it now… you two in the farmhouse, with a matching pendant light from Barn Light Electric?! I love me some TLC!! Thank you for your inspiration :)

  126. Kackie says

    Those lights are perfection!! I can’t help but add myself to this long list of those who are pining for such impeccable illumination! Seriously, I would love one of those light fixtures for my kitchen!

  127. Olga Goins says

    Thanks for the giveaway! These are great! The sky chief would look great in our little nest.

  128. Wendy says

    I love Barn Light Electric, and I have the perfect spot for one of those!!
    Thanks for the give-a-way!

  129. Lauren H says

    Such a great giveaway. I have the perfect place in my house just waiting for one of these lights!

  130. Sheri Tinguirlis says

    I love the blue pendant……it is soothing to the soul
    love the pendants, they bring us back to our childhood…..

  131. Amanda says

    I JUST decided yesterday I needed to replace my kitchen lighting… timing is perfect and these are beautiful. Thank you for featuring such unique and charming pieces.

  132. Lynn says

    We are remodeling your house and going back to the original farm house. The Sinclair would be perfect!

  133. says

    Those are absolutely perfect! Perhaps I can still get a hold of one even if I do win!


  134. Jennifer says

    Love those lights! I would save it for when we build our house and design a whole room around it :)

  135. says

    I love Barn Light Electric. I have been eyeing these beauties for a while. These lights will look great in my kitchen redo!

  136. says

    Redoing my kitchen Right now, as we speak, to a more cottage/farmhouse look and these would look just perfect…. i hope, i hope, i hope. thanks!

  137. Annie says

    Oh wow, one of those would look awesome in my dining room. We are in the process of redoing it now. Also wanted to mention my spring mantel turned out great, I used some of the ideas you had and a few of my own. Thanks again for the great ideas. This is one of the best decorating sites I’ve found. My dining room has some ideas I grabbed from you also.

  138. says

    So nice to know that someone else shares the same dream! Wanting to live on a farm is something that is born into us. There’s no denying it.

  139. Bobbi Jo says

    I so need a replacement for the ugly light in my eat-in area and one of these would be PERFECT!

  140. Elaine Clark says

    I love all of them, especially the blue one. It is exactly what I have been looking for in my life.

  141. maureen says

    I think I better go have a look at their site. Love these lights!!! To get one for free….what a bonus that would be!

  142. lindseydawn says

    I love barn light electric! This would be a perfect addition to the house i’m building!

  143. Kelly says

    I’m so glad you introduced me to Barn Light Electric……I think I’m in love!

  144. emilyk says

    i am on the same track as you. i already have my farmhouse picked out, but just have to convince hubby to move . . . and myself. not looking forward to moving again. but, all that said, that light would be awesome in my current house — right above my sink!

  145. Shelby says

    Adorable! Changing out the ugly lights in our rental apartment would make a world of difference…

  146. says


    We’re currently shopping for lighting for our kitchen remodel in progress. Our home is an old farmhouse. Timing to win is perfect. ;) Thanks!

    Happy Spring!

  147. sam says

    I dream of living out in the country again, too. We had 30 acres for a while but a corporate move has us living in town on a small lot. I hope to get back out on some property, find an old farmhouse to refurbish, and live a more self-sustainable lifestyle.

  148. says

    I have been desperately shopping for lighting as I’m redoing pretty much the entire house this year. I love The Sky Chief and it would work perfect in my dining room. Love, love, love. :)

  149. Rona says

    I love love love that light!! It would go perfect in the house we just bought and are slowly renovating!

  150. Amy L. says

    I love these lights. I’ve been looking at them for months for our farmhouse. I hope you get back to the country someday.

  151. Laura says

    Fun picture! Either light would be great. It would mean having to design a new kitchen for it. That should go over well with my sweet, overworked hubby! Like the aqua kitchen scale in the picture too!

  152. April D. says

    This would go great in my kitchen where we just installed a sliding barn door to our pantry!

  153. Sarah says

    Pick me! Pick me! I have a new (to me) house that needs some fun new lighting! :)

  154. says

    Oh My Gosh…
    Just redoing my kitchen and dining, and I SO need this light. Please enter
    my name into this giveaway. I would be SO thrilled. Thank you for the
    wonderful opportunity. Love, LOVE it.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  155. says

    I hope I win – I’ve been looking for one of those to hang above our sink for a long time! fingers crossed! :)

  156. Jackie B. says

    Ohhhh! How cute. Just what I was looking for in my soon to be renovated kitchen. Love, love, love your blog.

  157. Lisa says

    Would love this! We are currently sitting in the dark at dinner and can barely see our food…so in need of lighting!!

  158. Katie Sauber says

    I love these lights. My husband and I actually made one very similar by going to Home Depot and buying a replic and spaypainting it blue.

  159. Danielle says

    Love those! They would be a perfect replacement for one of the hideous,cheap lighting fixtures we inherited with out house…3 years ago…and haven’t yet changed. It makes me cringe every time I look at one of them.

  160. Karina Sinclair says

    Well, given our last name is Sinclair, I think that pale blue pendant was made just for us!

  161. Andrea Wasson says

    I’ve been looking for a barn light like this! We’re renovating a ‘new to us’ house….can’t wait to move in and this is perfect!

  162. Nell says

    Oh, I l.o.v.e! those fixtures. We’ve been searching for a light for our kitchen and those look perfect!

  163. Kara Cole says

    “I slept in that room with my sister, my brother and the teacher” My sweet late fathers reply when I would complain about my son and daughter having to share a attic bedroom in the house where he grew up. We moved to our family’s century farm about 8 years ago. It has its good days and bad but I am inspired by TLC!!!

  164. says

    I love them both! I actually just clicked their ad on your blog this weekend because my husband and I are starting the home buying search/process and I have been collecting inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win :)


  165. Willemina Heyboer says

    I grew up on a 110 acre dairy farm in British Columbia, Canada. Now I live on 1 acre in Alberta. I would love to go back to the ‘good ole days’. I loved everything about the farm.
    Cool barn lights.

  166. Amber L. says

    I am in the process of making our apartment a reminder of the quaint country town where we grew up and this would look great in our dining room! Not being able to paint is killing me! This light would add a pop of color in our white-walled abode!

  167. Angela Bushatz says

    I LOVE THIS LIGHT!!! I am getting a divorce and having to move into a new place and this would be perfect!~!

  168. Jen says

    We just bought our first home and a lot of the light fixtures need to be updated. Would love to win one of those!!!

  169. Joy Shearer says

    I love these lights and have the PERFECT spot for one! Also, love reading your blog.

  170. Pam says

    Love the blue ones……. hmmmm they SURE would go over my sink OR my table….. Pam

  171. gina says

    Love your picture on the porch!! Too cute! What a great give-away. LOVE the blue lights!! Would love to win :)

  172. says

    I know exactly what I would do with it if I won! Put it in my kitchen! I’ve been needing new lighting in there and it would be perfect! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  173. says

    I have always loved these lamps! Not sure I could choose which color though, probably white because it goes with everything… thanks for the giveaway!


  174. staceys says

    We bought a couple of acres and we plan on putting a “Florida Cracker” style home on it…along with a few chickens :) Since its going to take us awhile to build we’ve been slowly accumulating (and storing) salvaged pieces to make the home look old, these barn lights would be amazeballs!

  175. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Sky Chief” light! Would look AMAZING in my dining room!!! Awesome Giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  176. Vicky says

    Love the aqua ones…I hope I never grow away from having coastal blues and whites throughout my house!

  177. Haverly says

    I love both of these! We are building a house and I am needing light fixtures! Thanks!

  178. Mandi says

    I would love to ditch my boring light over my island for something like this!!

  179. Amber says

    Have been looking for that perfect pendant for our dining room…would so love this! Thanks for the chance :)

  180. Nancy Schremser says

    I have always loved these lights. It would be great in my new office, craft and inspiration space. Love your blog and thanks for all your inspiration.

  181. heather says

    What beauties! I’ve been pining away for a Barn Light for years. Love, Love, Love. I’m crossing my fingers and my toes.

  182. Cyndee Jones says

    You must have been reading my mind! The unique lights are exactly what my kitchen needs. It is ready for a facelift and this is a great place to start!

  183. Cheryl says

    I’ve always loved old farmhouses. I’d love to live in one someday too! I also love the pendant lights. I’d choose the sky chief in white.


  184. Heidi says

    I love the lights, especially in the aqua! It would look perfect in my little lakehouse!!

  185. says

    Oh, Layla, I NEED the barn light. I am trying to get one for a bathroom re-do but don’t have the dollars presently.


  186. Beth says

    I love all of them! I won’t be able to choose which blue I Love the best! I’m a new reader and I really enjoy your site! Thanks!

  187. says

    I always dreamed of having a little farm house, but at my age I think my next home will have to be something very low maintenance. I hope your dream comes true.
    Right now, I’m dreaming of a new light fixture.

  188. Stephanie Pecuch says

    Love this light! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I never win anything, so here is hoping….

  189. says

    Beautiful lights. Anyone would be lucky to win one. Layla, where in MN are you from? I am from Mn too.

  190. sara tetley says

    drool! These are rocking awesome!
    I would love to hang one over my sink in my tiny coastal townhouse.

  191. says

    I would love one of these lights. I have dreamed for years of having a farm house and I am in the process of redoing my kitchen.

  192. sarita says

    thank you Barn Light Electric and Lettered Cottage for the chance to win one of these gorgeous lamps..i can see the turquoise over my dining room table! LOVE the pic of “you and Kevin” standing on the porch! too funny!! thanks

  193. Jody says

    Oh, I share the same dream!! Buying that farmhouse someday (I, too, grew up in MN…)

    Love the lighting.

  194. Miss Sew & So says

    Total heaven!
    The White & the aqua are just divine!
    A lovely giveaway!

    Melissa x

  195. emily says

    I’m redoing our dining room and one of the pendants would look great. Thanks for the site and the opportunity!

  196. Ana Maria says

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and all the fabulous ideas!

    Love them both – I think I will choose the Sinclair!

  197. SuzyMcQ says

    Gotta love that light. Their lighting is so beautiful and wonderfully made. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  198. says

    We just moved to the country (Hanceville, AL) and hope to be building a log cabin within a year. For now, we’re in a rental home. I would LOVE to win this beautiful light to go in our future home. Thanks for the chance

  199. Elizabeth U says

    Oohhh those would be perfect for my kitchen over my island!! Pick me please :)

  200. Molly rooks says

    Love the farm house. Sure brings back memories
    for me when we used to visit family in the country!
    Love the enamel lamps!!

  201. Nicole Archuleta says

    Sooooooo beautiful!!! I need one for over my breakfast nook :) Love, love, love…

  202. says

    I would LoVe….LoVe….lOvE…LOVE one of these lights for my sweet boys’ room!!!! We just remodeled an older home and would love to add some more charm to their room!! ;0) Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  203. Michelle Cabral says

    Love them! I’ve been looking for a new kitchen pendant, but haven’t found one I love. These definitely would work.

  204. Shaun says

    I love the light and have just the perfect spot for it! It would look just perfect hanging over my kitchen sink.

  205. Maureen says

    My 200 yr old house is in perpetual reno mode. I’d love one of those lights!

  206. Lisa W. says

    I would love to win! I DO live in an old farmhouse, and that aqua color perfectly matches my Kitchenaid mixer – how cool would that be?!

  207. Cheryl says

    I am changing (very slowly) my design style – I was retro, but am now going shabby chic country!! This would look great in my kitchen – Thanks – love your blog!!

  208. Cari Skuse says

    I love Barn Light lights! They have so many cool things. I just love the Sinclair. I live in an old farmhouse and it would look great over my sink or in the kitchen.

  209. Jen Millington says

    These are absolutely adorable. I can picture one going right above my kitchen table!!!

  210. says

    I keep entering these giveaways and I keep my fingers crossed; someone else always wins… I’d give this to my daughter for her pantry-back entry.

  211. Tery H says

    You are so funny! Great picture of you and Kevin at the farm!
    I love the pendants! The blues are my favorite.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  212. Jenna says

    I found a light just like the first one in my barn. I’m not sure if my husband would let me actually put it in our kitchen, though.

  213. JulieD says

    I am so in love with that light teal color, I wonder if I’ll ever tire of it?? LOVE these!

  214. Jennifer says

    I have always liked their lights. Right now we live in a cute white farmhouse rental..its been so fun waking up and hearing the roosters and looking out across the fields.

  215. says

    I love them and I love the thought of living in an old farmhouse but…I’d need to bring my friends and family to live near and I’d need a grocery store close. Oh yeah, and a Starbucks and a Barnes and Noble and a McDonald’s (I love their Diet Cokes) Well, I guess I’d better stick to small-city living :)

  216. Melissa says

    Either one of these terrific lights (in aqua) would be great in our kitchen re-do we will be starting soon!

  217. Cathy says

    Oh, you just shot me right back to my childhood with that picure of the two of you, that could be my grandmother’s house!

    Love the lights, love The Lettered Cottage!

  218. charlotte h. says

    Oooh, my parents live in a house built in the early 1900’s and this would look sooo cool in their kitchen that they’re trying to re-do!Very cool giveaway!

  219. Debra Markl says

    Hey sweet girl! Follow your blog everyday and love, love, love your ideas AND sense of humor. Would sure like to see that barn light in my kitchen! Keep the inspiration coming.

  220. Cassandra says

    LOVE THESE LIGHTS!! And just so happen to have the perfect place for a sky chief (or two) above my kitchen island :) Love your blog. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  221. Fran says

    These are too cool! I am looking for a new lamp for the kitchen of our farmhouse and this is perfect!

  222. Alisa says

    My hubby and I are hoping to mover our family into his great grandparents farmhouse this summer. This would be perfect for the kitchen remodel that we have planned.

  223. says

    Those are both pretty great. I especially like the sinclair. If only you were giving away a farm with an actual barn to go with it. . . there must be something in that “going back to your roots” thing. I grew up on a farm, couldn’t wait to get out of there, and now I would love to raise my girls on a fabulous farm.

  224. Erin says

    I love these barn lights. We are redoing our son’s bedroom for his 10th birthday in April. This light would be so perfect in his new room. :)

  225. Kathleen O says

    How fun ! How about this beauty in my old garage turned cottage/bunkhouse/guest quarters. You could call it a barn too :)

  226. Laura says

    Ooooooooooooooh!! I hope I win this one!!
    We farm and I DO live in an old house that needs a little help getting back to its roots. I have always wanted a new “old” light for my kitchen. (It came with an old brown flowered glass globe that screamed “70’s”. Ugh!)
    I have seen this company before and love their lights. :) Maybe this will be my lucky week!!

  227. Samantha D says

    O.o. I’m moving soon and this light would look great in the new Kitchen! Love it!

  228. says

  229. Danielle says

    I almost ordered the first pendant this weekend, but the husband told me to wait a few more weeks! Would love LOVE to win that!

  230. KK says

    Is it possible to use “yummy” when describing a light? Love the white trimmed in blue!

  231. Caprice says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these lights! I have been googling them all weekend for our kitchen remodel. Imagine my surprise when I opened my email to find that my fav blog was giving one away! YEAH!!

  232. Avey says

    I too grew up in an old farmhouse….there’s nothing like it :o)
    I would so choose the blue lamp! I even have the perfect spot for it.

  233. cynthia says

    The sky chief would look fabulous in my kitchen. I have been working on it for 8 years and the new llight would be the finishing touch.

  234. Jamie says

    Hope your dream comes true – living in an old farmhouse out in the country. We live in a farmhouse, but the town has grown up around us. Would love to win one of these cool lights!

  235. Pam says

    Ok, I’ll stand by and wait to be informed that I won! :-) And if it’s not my time to win this, I’m sure the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes folks will come knocking.

  236. Elle says

    I love the functionality and clean lines of barn lights. I would love to win one. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  237. Shannon says

    Super fun! We’re building our house (almost in!) and I can think of quite a few places to put a great light. Thanks for the giveaway!

  238. Amy says

    I love those lights! How beautiful. And it is nice to learn about such a great retailer. Thanks!

  239. leigh says

    oh. wow. i love the Sky Chief look! we moved to the country last year from living right smack dab in town (we’re trying to get out of debt) and i’d love to adorn out country place w/ this light!
    thx for the opportunity Layla! :)

  240. julie says

    I can totally see you in an old farmhouse… Thanks for the opportunity to win the super cool light. I know just where it will go.

  241. Ivey Harrington Beckman says

    When I get stressed, I ease my mind by daydreaming of sitting at a chippy
    turquoise blue farmhouse table, listening to the sounds of birds chirping as
    I eat a homegrown tomato fresh from the garden just like I would an apple —
    juice running down my arm. Sweet peace. Don’t ya think one of these lights would just make this scene picture perfect!

  242. CArolyn says

    Ahhh! I share your dream of moving into a farm house on acres of quiet lush land. I will finally have my horse and dog when I do this. Maybe the light will be my first step toward this goal?!!

  243. Sherry Reggio says

    Oh great! I was just on their website last night looking for lighting. We are building a cottage and I need a whole house of lighting. I would LOVE to be the lucky winner of this giveaway!!!!!

  244. Tivian N. says

    This pendant would go perfectly in our 50’s cottage. First time entering a giveaway **fingers crossed**!

  245. amy says

    Oh my gosh!! I would love to win one of their light fixtures!!! What an amazing giveaway!!!

  246. Jessica Grimes says

    I love their lights and have been torn between a few for my new house I am building. I would LOVE to hang either of these above my Kitchen Island….

  247. Kim says

    Love the lighting from this company!!! We live in a little house house in the country that is dreaming of becoming a farmhouse…all it needs is a little TLC.

  248. says

    Barn Light Electric has the most adorable light fixtures. Your post was adorable too, love what you did! :) Such a pretty farm house & barn. – AnaLisa

  249. Jena says

    I love everything farmhouse. Growing up on a farm in Missouri I’ve grown to appreciate life in the middle of nowhere.

  250. says

    Why is it that the most beautiful lights come from the most humble, purely functional beginnings? Give me an old barn light or schoolhouse pendant over a crystal chandelier anyday! These are positively beautiful.

  251. Karen Jerread says

    I took a small ranch house ion town and turned it into a wonderful two story grandma house meaning easy living and comfortable style. This light is just what I need in my kitchen! Thanks for the give away.

  252. says

    Oh my goodness! What a great giveaway! One of those would look amazing in our kitchen… it can be the first of many to replace the zillion “boob” lights the previous owners left throughout the house. Hahah. Love it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and awesome blog! Love it!

  253. Carrie Yokota says

    Love it! Been wanting one for awhile now, just waiting until it was in the budget! Great giveaway!

  254. Allison says

    Currently re-organizing and moving some things around in the kitchen- this would be perfect for my redo-on-a-budget! Thanks for the opportunity!

  255. Nicole reilly says

    Love them all. It would be difficult to choose! But especially love the navy blue one.

  256. says

    The Sky Chief would be amazing in my little 1936s cottage… and Congrats to Liz. She is so sweet!


  257. Angie L. says

    Those farm lights are amazing!!! We will be moving soon and this would be a great inspiration in our new house!

  258. Erin Miller Tosspon says

    Love it! We really need a new light over our dining room table! This would be lovely!

  259. says

    i’m a country girl through and through, but live in the suburbs right now. i’m daily dreaming of fixing up an old farmhouse in the country one day too. love the lights!

  260. Sally B. says

    The first lamp would look perfect in my new kitchen. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and thanks for lots of good inspiration.

  261. Judy says

    Love the lights – style could be farmhouse or it could be contemporary. I love a mix of both!

  262. Heather says

    This is just what I need for my kitchen!

    Thanks a million for hosting this awesome giveaway.


  263. says

    No way!! I was just searching for cool barn lights for over our {potential} kitchen island the other day, and I came across Barn Light Electric for the first time!! I loved their stuff immediately!! We are in the process of buying our very first home (fingers crossed that everything goes through, as it’s a foreclosure…), and it needs some TLC. I love love love your blog because it has given me so many cool and thrifty ideas for decor. Thanks for all the fabulous inspiration…xoxo

  264. Jenny says

    I’ve been admiring the lights on Barn Light Electric for months now. Oh, and LOVE your blog too! Thanks for all of the inspiration :)

  265. Meghan says

    Ooh. I love that tone of blue and it’s something I have totally been trying to incorporate into our house right now. Hopefully I win!

  266. molly says

    I love them both. hope i get the chance to have to decide. thanks for a great giveaway.

  267. Tracy Martin says

    OMG!!!! These are so awesome! They would great in our 100 year old farmhouse that we are re-doing!! I would love to win one of these!!!

  268. Kelli G says

    We are redoing my office and one of these would look great! I love the aqua Sinclair one!

  269. Sarah M says

    My dream is to one day own a farmhouse too. There is something so beautiful and peaceful about the simplicity of a farmhouse in the country. I would have these beautiful barn lights in every room! :) I am obsessed with these lights…love them!

  270. says

    Oh my goodness! Ya’ll are the best! Love both of them…how would you ever choose?!? LOL Thanks for the chance!

  271. says

    I actually live in an old farm house. Want to buy it? LOL I looked for those barn lights for years when I was doing projects around here and they were not to be found. Of course, we did not have the internet then. Now, all things are possible through the power of technology. Seriously though, I love those lights and my house is just begging for at least one of those. And again, my husband and I are empty nesters and have run out of reasons to have this big, old house so …. let me know how you feel about Oregon.

  272. says

    omg…you mean i could have a totally cool light hanging over my table instead of this “standard” one…the thought is giving me goosebumps! :)

  273. says

    Perfect timing! I’ve been browsing their store all week for lighting for our new house. I’d probably go with the Sky Chief, maybe in blue. They are all so beautiful. I love small companies with loads of character like this one. Thanks Layla.

  274. AshMac says

    I love barn lighting looks…have one over my french doors outside! I will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for the opportunity.

  275. Annamarie says

    Guess I’m in very good company when I say how much I freaking LOVE those fixtures, esp. the pale blues. Not sure where I would put it but I’d find a place of prominence!

  276. Mary says

    First of all, i have to say that I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Secondly, I’m presently in the midst of a kitchen reno and either one of these lamps in blue would be perfect!

  277. Anna says

    I would also love to live in an old farm house someday. So many great memories of time spent on my grandparents’ farm when I was young.

  278. says

    Yes, yes please!!!!! We just moved this past weekend and are in desperate need of new overhead lighting!!!

  279. Eileen says

    We are remodeling our kitchen right now and I have a PERFECT place for that light!!

  280. Cami Jenson says

    Luv, luv, luv the farmhouse lights! Any of these would look great in my kitchen re-do!

  281. says

    These are adorable I love the first one! My hubby would be okay changing out our fairly new dining room light for this one if it was a win instead of me buying one :)

  282. Edel says

    Absolutely love their stuff… I see them on several of my favorite decorating blogs. Fingers crossed!

  283. Jennifer says

    Those lights are awesome! I love both styles in the white and turquoise!! They would be a perfect addition to my farm house style! Thanks for sharing!!

  284. shari says

    i move into my new house in less than a month, and this light would look so cute in my breakfast nook. i love cottage style and what a perfect fixture. :)

  285. samanthasue says

    Oh my! im really crossing my fingers to win this one! We have been stalking barnlight electric. We are in the process of buying my boyfriends grandparents old farm!

  286. Sara WW says

    My husband and I are replacing the super outdated and ugly lights in our new home and these would be so great!

  287. says

    How I love these barn lights! I’m in the market for new dining/kitchen lighting, and these are perfect for my new Alabama kitchen. (hello from Huntsville).

  288. says

    Love this light! I am hoping to redo my kitchen sometime in the near future…it would be so fun to have this FREE fun light in it!!!!

  289. Lorrie says

    I was just looking for a haning light for my laundry room!!! One of those would look reeeeeally good!!

  290. Lisa D. says

    I’ve got a farmhouse and a nook area that would be perfecto! for this little baby… am thinking the sinclair would be fab!

  291. says

    Love love love love love Barn Light Electric! I have been regularly drooling over their website for weeks recently trying to decide on a light for our kitchen:)

  292. Sarah says

    uh, yeah, I love this light and it would look perfect in my house after I convert it into the farmhouse I want instead of the 1980 rancher that was built when this rural area had no building codes!!! Front porch here I come!

  293. says

    this would be awesome! i actually need a new light in our dining room because when we try to put energy efficient bulbs in it, it starts to strobe, seriously. so we have to use old school bulbs in it. a new fixture would rock our world!

  294. Alexa F. says

    Damn, that Sinclair looks great. We’re looking at buying property sometime in the next year (definitely an old fixer upper) and working in an awesome light fixture would be no problem! :)

  295. Peg says

    I LOVE them both! It will be a difficult choice when I win!!! hee hee! :) I hope, I hope!!!!

  296. Christine says

    Those lights are so cool! And I LOVE your blog! You inspire me to be more creative with my home!

  297. Deanne says

    Omigoodness, I’m in love!! What a wonderful giveaway! This would look awesome in our kitchen :)

  298. Lisa says

    oh my, that pendant light is AMAZING! I can’t believe you are giving one away! awesome. :-) thanks!

  299. nicole says

    Love these lights. We are in the process of buying an older farm house here in MI and one of these would look amazing!

  300. Katy says

    I think the blue would be SO perfect! Even if I don’t win, I may just have to go for it anyway. Thanks for a great idea! (I’m in the midst of make the triangle & twine banner that’s in the sky chief photo for our enclosed porch :)

  301. Tracey Garcia says

    Absolutely gorgeous lights!! One of those would be perfect in my house. Thanks for the chance :) Fingers crossed!

  302. Susan says

    Those lights are fabulous! I might have to feature them on our home building page!

  303. Whitney says

    Oh. My. Gosh. The Light Blue pendant would look AMAZING in my kitchen. I didn’t know this company existed, thank you!!! :)

  304. Tricia says

    This would look fantastic in my kitchen! I love the first one in the blue! I hope I win it!!

  305. says

    So cute! I’ve been trying to figure out a light to put in above either my dining room table or above the “bar” in my kitchen. This light would work perfect!

  306. Brooke Thorington says

    I was looking for some like this years ago, time to update my previous lighting choices :)

  307. Anita says

    I’m helping my parents re do their basement. One of these would be perfect! I’m going to go check out their web site right now.

  308. Eloise says

    Barn Light Electric! Oh how I’ve drooled at your site many times!

    I’d take such great pride in having the Ivanhoe Porcelain Pendant!

    Thank you for a great contest!

  309. Kim in MD says

    I can just see you living in a quaint farmhouse! I love the pendant lights! Thanks for the fabulous give-away!

  310. Carolyn W says

    We’re getting ready to redo our kitchen on a tight budget, and I would adore a light like this for over the sink! Crossing my fingers!

  311. Leslie says

    I can so see you living on the farm! I would love to have the turquoise light to put into my little turquoise room that I have decorated with barn pictures (guess who I stole that idea from?) Please count me in on your give-away!

  312. says

    I. MUST. WIN. THIS!! That blue-ish green one is exactly what I have been looking for for my newly remodeled kitchen! Oh my goodness….
    Thank you for the chance sweetie!!

    ps – that farmhouse pic is too funny :)

  313. Lizzie says

    We are closing on our first house in one week – it’s from the 70’s and in desperate need of new lighting fixtures!!! Love the style of these…

  314. Kari Kopari says

    This would look perfect in our farm kitchen…..I’ve been looking for a light to go above my butcher block center island. :)

  315. Maggie says

    We’re in the midst of fixing up our little “cottage” and either of these would be perfect!

  316. Amanda says

    Love the farmhouse idea. Love to live in one with a wrap around porch. I enjoy your site! Thanks.

  317. joy says

    Love them! Would be great to plan my ktchen remodel around.
    You guys are the cutest, so jealous of your charmed life.

  318. Darci says

    What an awesome give away! Your blog is the best, I get a lot of great ideas…Thanks!!!

  319. says

    My Dad bought a little old farm when I was young with two abandoned houses on it… I used to love going out there with him and rummaging through the houses for treasures… he always dreamed of moving us out there, but time and money were never on his side. He’s definitely passed that dream on to me… hopefully you and I both get a chance to fulfill that dream.
    Your blog is darling… and
    the light fixtures are perfection.

  320. Kirsten says

    I LOVE there light fixtures and would love the opportunity to win one! Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  321. Missy W says

    Those lights would look perfect in my new craft room! Sure hope I win!!
    By the way, I LOVE, LOVE your blog!!

  322. Esther says

    Mmm. So classic. And I just bought my first home–so I can actually install light fixtures!

  323. Cheryl says

    Those are such cool lights!! I’ve needed a lamp in my master bathroom for years now and when I saw these I thought how perfect it would be for my beach themed bathroom, I love the navy blue!

  324. Kathy says

    Love, love, love these fixtures. Think I have the perfect place for one of them. :)

  325. says

    Love their lighting! We’re building a house next spring and I’m considering outfitting the house with lots of Barn Light lights. Would love to win one! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  326. Amanda says

    I have been looking for the right light to put above our dining room table and I think the Sky Chief is it!!!!!

  327. Angela Burer says

    Please! I have the perfect spot for a new light in my kitchen!!! Shed some light on me! :)

  328. Angela Burer says