• Barn Light Electric Sky Chief Ceiling Light

    We’re photographing Kev’s new office/our guest bedroom today, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a quick post about the ceiling light we went with.

    It’s the Benjamin Sky Chief from Barn Light Electric…

    We went with a jadite colored, enamel-coated metal shade, a 3-inch brushed aluminum stem, and we added the brushed aluminum wire cage on the bottom to give it a little bit of an industrial feel. The ceiling medallion came from Lowes, and we added it to cover up a bad cut in our ceiling planks (oops), and to bulk up that end of the light fixture a little.

    It’s been a fun addition to the space, and we’re really enjoying the way it looks both on and off. We’re looking forward to blogging about the whole room tomorrow or Friday, and we hope to have our first overnight guest visit sometime soon, too! #HintHintMom

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