Backlight Button Boo-Boo

Remember when we used our video camera to film that crazy car thing that happened the other night?

Well, we turned the “backlight” button on while we were filming and I forgot to turn it off before we shot the video for our last post!

This one will give you a better idea of the colors I blogged about…

As of today, we’ve decided to just narrow it down to three samples.

Sea Salt (SW), Blue Hubbard (SW) and Silver Sage (RH).

We’re not really stressin’ over the decision though.

All of the other walls in the bedroom (including the one that the bed will sit up against) will be clad in white-painted planks of wood, so it’s just these two small walls that will have blue/green/gray-colored paint on them.

We’re also not really that stressin’ about it because we’ve decided to let YOU decide which one we should go with!

Sometime next week we’ll post photos of all three colors (with some furniture and fabrics next to them), and then we’ll put a poll in our sidebar so you can vote for whichever one you think we should choose.

And, who knows, maybe we’ll continue with the whole “bedroom that bloggers built” theme and get you involved in some more design-related decisions along the way!

Lord knows we’ve got a lot of ’em to make, and decorating is definitely more fun with you in our lives!

Thank you!


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