Annie Sloan Coco Side Table Makeover

I worked on a little side table project for the room we’re decorating at Kathy’s house yesterday. We found it in her sister-in-law’s barn, and it was so fun to root around in there with her!

The Lettered Cottage | Side Table Makeover

Her sis-in-law, Jenny, also lives in our neighborhood (yay!) and keeps a booth at Angel’s Antique and Flea Mall in Opelika…hence, the barn full of fun furniture finds! 😀

Ethan Allen Side Table

I wanted to work on it outside, but the wintery wind was just a’whippin yesterday, so I brought it inside and cleaned it up with a damp towel. I also took off all the hardware and filled the holes on the sides with spackle.

Side Table Makeover

Kathy chose Annie Sloan‘s Coco-colored chalk paint for this piece, which is a warm gray-brown color…

Annie Sloan Cocoa

…and here’s how it turned out:

Side Table Makeover | Cocoa | Annie Sloan

I did a little distressing on the edges with a piece of old sand paper:

Annie Sloan Cocoa | Side table makeover

…and then sealed the whole things with Miss Mustard Seed‘s clear furniture wax.

The knobs and pull came from Hobby Lobby. I picked those, and these…

Hobby Lobby Hardware

…and told Kathy to she had to decide which ones she liked the best. She was immediately drawn to the white and mint ones, and it still makes me smile when I think about how her face lit up while she was loving the idea of going a little “funky” this time. :-)

Hobby Lobby Knobs

Mint Green Hardware from Hobby Lobby

I may have to save these for another project though…

Hobby Lobby Brass Pulls

Aren’t they sweet, too?

I also found some pretty little pillow covers for Kathy while I was at Hobby Lobby:

Hobby Lobby Pillow Covers

The (blue) one in the back is a 40-ish dollar Pottery Barn pillow cover, but look how great those $6-10 Hobby Lobby covers look with it, too!

I forgot to mention it above, but I got the chalk paint at Soul Kitchen in Montgomery. As I was checking out, I noticed a little stool in front of the check out counter. I asked the gal who was ringing me up if it was for sale and she said yes, but went on to explain that it was marked $125 dollars because of the (expensive) rooster-patterned cushion nailed to the top of it. I told her I would actually want it without the cushion, and after a quick call to the person it belonged to…

Soul Kitchen | Montgomery Alabama

…I was able to snatch it up (sans cushion) for Kathy’s room for just $25!!

Rope Covered Stool

I’m pretty sure that’s Coco-colored chalk paint on the body of the stool, and what a great idea to wrap rope around the top of it, huh? So fun, and perfect for the vibe we’re going for in Kathy’s room! Which, by the way, we’re finishing up next week. I had a pretty intense finger smashing incident last night though (think: the tip of my index finger + our back door slamming shut on it), so the rest of this project definitely just got a little more challenging. I’ve got a credenza to paint, and only 9 functioning fingers to do it with this time! 😀 But, hey, that reminds me- here’s what we’re thinking for the credenza:

Credenza Makeover

Because of how it’s made (think: glue), Brian the Carpenter thought it would be easier to build up the credenza, rather than take it apart and add longer legs to it. I’ll be back soon with a post about how it turned out! (And hopefully I’ll be typing with my pointer finger again by then- LOL!)

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