• Annie Sloan (and Shaunna West!)

    We’ve got this piece of furniture in our hallway. It’s handy, and it’s dandy, but I’ve been dying to spruce it up with a little color…

    I’ve also got a handy-dandy friend, who lives just down the road a piece. Her name is Shaunna West

    Her husband, Matt, texted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I’d help him “keep her busy” for a while this past Friday so that he could put together a surprise birthday party for her at their house.

    I love a good surprise, (and hanging out with Shaunna) so I put the ball in motion and asked her if she’d come over and help me paint the piece of furniture in our hallway with some of the Annie Sloan paint she’s always raving about…

    Within minutes of her arrival, we were sitting on the floor, knees-t0-knees, chatting it up about all things Annie Sloan.  I recorded a little bit of our convo on video because I love Shaunna’s accent and I’m pretty sure you will too I thought maybe you’d like to get the scoop on this amazing product, too. Click the play button on the video below to watch…

    I’m thrilled with how the piece turned out…

    …and I can’t wait to move it back into the hallway after the new hardwood flooring is installed in there next week!

    The duck egg-colored inside/white outside combo was actually inspired by this photo of a corner hutch we shot at Maddie’s on Jones two summer’s ago:

    What a fun place that was to stay and soak up inspiration!

    PS- Wanna see more of Shaunna’s furniture painting tips and techniques? Click on the banner below to check out her e-book, Creating Your Masterpiece. It’s chock full of information, photos and videos that will inspire you to break out the brush and have some fun!

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