Annie Sloan (and Shaunna West!)

We’ve got this piece of furniture in our hallway. It’s handy, and it’s dandy, but I’ve been dying to spruce it up with a little color…

I’ve also got a handy-dandy friend, who lives just down the road a piece. Her name is Shaunna West

Her husband, Matt, texted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I’d help him “keep her busy” for a while this past Friday so that he could put together a surprise birthday party for her at their house.

I love a good surprise, (and hanging out with Shaunna) so I put the ball in motion and asked her if she’d come over and help me paint the piece of furniture in our hallway with some of the Annie Sloan paint she’s always raving about…

Within minutes of her arrival, we were sitting on the floor, knees-t0-knees, chatting it up about all things Annie Sloan.  I recorded a little bit of our convo on video because I love Shaunna’s accent and I’m pretty sure you will too I thought maybe you’d like to get the scoop on this amazing product, too. Click the play button on the video below to watch…

I’m thrilled with how the piece turned out…

…and I can’t wait to move it back into the hallway after the new hardwood flooring is installed in there next week!

The duck egg-colored inside/white outside combo was actually inspired by this photo of a corner hutch we shot at Maddie’s on Jones two summer’s ago:

What a fun place that was to stay and soak up inspiration!

PS- Wanna see more of Shaunna’s furniture painting tips and techniques? Click on the banner below to check out her e-book, Creating Your Masterpiece. It’s chock full of information, photos and videos that will inspire you to break out the brush and have some fun!

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  1. says

    Firstly, I love how just a touch of paint transformed that piece – it looks great!
    Secondly, what a sweet friend you are to Shaunna by collecting such great sentiments from all of your blog friends! I don’t know her personally, but she said a really wonderful prayer for me. (And yeah, her accent is pretty rad!)
    Happy Birthday, Shaunna!

  2. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I love how that piece really catches your attention now. What a difference!!!!! Great color!
    Happy Birthday Shaunna…………..what a cutie!
    Oh Dear, more wonderful blogs I have never been to. I am in trouble today!
    Tomorrow I am heading to Daphne, AL. I better practice my accent. I talk southern! Southern Californian!!!!! (now in FL)

  3. The Curious Cow says

    I have been enjoying your blog for a long time – but haven’t had time to read it much lately. So instead of going back and reading all the post all I want to know is: What is the name of your new show on HGTV and when will it air?

  4. says

    Layla, what a wonderful post! I do not know Shaunna but have been following her for quite a while as well as The Lettered Cottage and most of the others that left birthday wishes. Several are new to me so I must check them out!!
    I love what the touch of color did for your piece. I used Duck Egg on my first attempt ( with ASCP. Layla, Shaunna is right about it being so easy!! But the easiest is having someone paint it for you!! :) Happy Birthday Shaunna!

  5. says

    Happy birthday Shaunna! I recently turned 30 as well (last month!) & all my coworkers told me your 30s are the BEST decade, so I’m pretty pumped, and you should be too! I hope you had an amazing “real” party over the weekend! You have made some amazing blog friends to do this for you as well! I hope you have a wonderful day today filled with joy! :)

  6. kelly in georgia says

    Aww..this was sooooo sweet! Love your paintin’ and loved the surprise for Shauna. Happy b-day Shauna! 30 is just a mere baby…believe me! I loved what Ashley said about the “cubicles”. That was a great analogy!

  7. says

    Two of my favorite Southern Belles in one place!!!!

    Wish I could have gabbed with the both of you. I wouldn’t have been much help with the cabinet (so pretty!) but I would’ve made lunch while you worked. ;)

    Happy Birthday, Shaunna! Feel extra-loved today.

  8. says

    I loved your little video! Layla, thank you so much for including me in this wonderful surprise for Shaunna! happy 30! Susan

  9. says

    I love the extract pop of color! I am starting to fall head over heels for chalk paint. This was a great way to get her out of the house before her surprise party. All the comments above from some of her readers were so sweet. She is going to love reading them!

  10. says

    LOVE LOVE ASCP! So glad you have a wonderful friend right down to street! What a FUN video:-) LOVE Shauna’s inspiration! Happy Birthday and WOW to the hubby!

  11. Stacey in Michigan says

    Way to go ladies… you are too cute together! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up here in in Michigan…I have the perfect piece waiting to soak up some Annie Sloan chalk paint! Happy Birthday Shaunna… (and you’re right Layla, her accent is adorable!)

  12. says

    What a great surprise! I love husbands that go the extra mile like Matt! I Happy 30th Shaunna! and the furniture looks great too!

  13. says

    well, friends….I am a total basket case. Just sitting here, crying and laughing, and squinting through the tears. I am blown away by such a heartfelt post–I love you and your wackiness, Layla, and I love the rest of you for everything you said and all that you each mean to me. One GIANT DITTO right back!!!! Much love from this southern gal,

  14. MiMi says

    Thanks for the cabinet inspiration…have on the “To Do” list to build a cabinet something like yours for a wall in my dining room. I think I will paint the inside a surprise color then skirt or curtain like I had intended for when I need to be more formal…just made the notes on my IPhone. I needed a little burst of spring color on this dreary day and you did it!

  15. says

    Oh, I LOVE Shaunna! And yes, her accent is the BEST! I have watched her house proud video on Nate’s website multiple times just to hear it. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  16. Bethany says

    I’ve always loved that piece of furniture and now I love it even more! Question– was that a dresser you re-purposed or did you buy it that way? If you revamped it, how did you do it? And, if you bought it, where in the world did you get it? Love your blog :)

  17. Krystal says

    I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this paint! Speaking of paint…could you reveal the entire color scheme in the first picture from the door…to the wall color…cabinet color (the outside color that is :-)
    What beautiful colors!

  18. says


    Hope your day is very special and filled with people you cherish and love!
    your blog friend,
    Janet xox

  19. says

    How funny that you (layla) kept shaunna busy last week with HER paint! :)
    fun video!
    I hope to meet you both someday IRL. :) Until, blogland will have to do.
    Great post Layla, and again, Happy Birthday Shaunna!

  20. says

    Yes! Happy Birthday, Shauna! Thanks for sharing yourself so clearly and vulnerably on your blog–it’s one of my favorites to look for practical inspiration:)! Thanks for being your awesome self:)!!!!!

  21. Veronica Brandolino says

    Have a wonderful birthday Shanna!! Wanting to get some Annie Sloan paint…..looks great on your table.

  22. says

    I love this post! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing I’ve just starting blogging with the best of them. YOU! You girls are awesome! Happy birthday Shaunna and I hope I get to meet you both at Haven this summer. Although I’ve been reading you both for so long, I feel like we’re friends already :)

  23. says

    I don’t know Shauna, do hope she had a happy day. I wanted to post that I’ve been using Annie Sloan paint on MANY pieces of furniture in my home for awhile now…including my kitchen table. I waxed the top only – my husband with more strength than me – actually buffed back and forth with paper towels after I put the wax on to really get in good and coated. It came out great… You can just wipe the table now. I have a feeling you’re going to be hooked – it’s one of those paints that once you start you can’t stop!
    Have a great day!

  24. sarita says

    SURPRISE!!!! Happy birthday Shauna!!!! may you have a lovely day and eat cake!

    now – love how you painted just the inside of the piece…and love that color!!! I have a side table that i painted white, distressed and NOW i have to paint the inside shelf a color!!! thanks for the great idea..

  25. says

    I think I remember the post when you got that furniture piece! It looks great with the new paint. I love doing projects with friends you are making your home more lovely and making memories all at the same time:) I have followed Shaunna for some time now. I don’t know her personally, but no Blogger can pull at my heart strings and make me laugh like her. Great post you are a sweet friend!

  26. Lisa W. says

    Well Happy Birthday Shaunna…I loved this post. The paint look awesome!!! And thanks Layla for bringing a whole new world to us of really awesome blogs to check out…love it:)

  27. Lisa K. says

    This is my favorite post in all of blog land today! Blessing someone for letting their light shine and celebrating that life…is the best!

    Happy Birthday, Shaunna! Let your light continue to shine. I love getting your email updates. You are a light in my day too!

  28. jessie says

    Looks great! My front porch looks very similar and have been considering painting the front door a new color. I love the look of yours, do you know what color it is?

  29. says

    Such a fun post! I really enjoyed the video of you and Shaunna, and I’m going to look into that paint. I’ve been hearing about it all over bloglandia!

    PS – You are such a jokester, Miss Layla! Love that about you : )


  30. says

    How sweet! I’m gonna have to pop over to Shaunna’s blog and tell her Happy Birthday.

    I was also wondering what color you painted the door in the first picture, love that color

    • says

      Hey Juli!
      You can pick it up from your closest Annie Sloan Stockist. Check out Have fun and go for it!

  31. says

    What a great way to spend a day… furniture painting followed by surprise party!

    Also, I have a random question Layla. Would you mind sharing the color of your door in the first image? I have some hideously cherry brown painted closet doors to deal with in my new farmhouse and nothing seemed right until I saw this picture.

  32. says

    What a sweet surprise for a sweet lady. You inspire me with your grace. I’m old enough to be your mama, but I learn so much from you. Thanks for sharing your sweet spirit with us, Shaunna. Wishing you boatloads of birthday blessings.

    And I still love your book, but I wish it were one I could set out on my coffee table, hint, hint. :)

  33. Melanie says

    That is so crazy cool that you had her over so he could prepare to surprise her, i love it! You two were adorable together, thanks for the video…Happy Happy Birthday to you, Shaunna!!

  34. cindy says

    Hi Layla
    Love the duck egg blue, but just wondering if there was any reason why you didn’t paint the “runners” that the baskets sit on duck egg blue as opposed to leaving them white? would be interested to hear from you.

    Happy Birthday Shauna


    • Layla says

      Hey Cindy!
      I guess it was just one of those “feel” things. Both Shaunna and I just didn’t “feel” like they should be blue- LOL! :-D

      • cindy says

        wow tx for coming back with a reply so quickly …….. interesting because on one hand i agree with you and then on the other hand i would be interested to “see” what it would have look like if the “runners” were blue – is that something you could “pick my presto” ?????? not a biggie – just a thought ………. tx for a great blog

  35. says

    Love the choice of color and the result! Isn’t chalk paint the best?
    Adored your sweet surprise ‘party’ for Shaunna and send my belated birthday wishes for a year filled with smiles!
    Your Friend,

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