An End table Re-do, Just for You!

Who wants to win a side table?!

One of my local gal pals, Shaunna, has an awesome home-based business called “Perfectly Imperfect Restorations” and she’s decided to give this one away on our blog this week!

It’s got neat little knobs…

and a super cool, striped top…

…and I think she’s the bomb diggity for offering to give it away!

All you have to do to enter is live in the U.S., and leave a comment on this post between now and Friday, October 22nd at noon (Central Time). And I’d love it if you’d swing by Shaunna’s blog and say hello too!

(Click on the banner above to head over to Shaunna’s place- you’re gonna LOVE her!)

She and I have been friends for years, and although I don’t get to see her very often anymore (she lives about 45 minutes south of me), we are going to visit her and her pretty house next month. I can’t wait to see all her fabulous furniture and decor in person.
Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!

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  1. says

    Oh man! I feel like I’m tempting fate by even entering!!! What INSPIRING work she does!!! Makes me want to get out my paint and brushes and get back to work on some of my outstanding projects.

    Thakns, Layla! LOVE LOVE LOVE your TLC blog!

  2. Sarah S. says

    Oooo, it’s so purdy!! My birthday is Friday! You can pick me, I’d love to win!!

  3. Jessica says

    Cute! I’m definitely going to follow Kayla’s blog now. Thanks for posting this picture and for the give-a-way. Love the idea…. and I would have a perfect spot for that in my house! :)

  4. jennifer s says

    Love Love the end table, redoing my living room and this would be perfect!

  5. says

    Shaunna’s blog is one of my favorites! What a generous giveaway! I would LOOOOOVVVEEE (was that overkill?!) to have that beauty in my home. Fingers crossed.


  6. says

    Lovely giveaway – thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to win… Always enjoy reading your blog. I’ll check out Shaunna’s too!

  7. Jennifer says

    Oh My.. Word! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog…. I’ve been looking at it all day today!! What an amazing give away!!! I hope I win… how amazing would that be!!! :)

  8. Stacy Felling says

    Love her creativity and originality!!! Would be a treasured asset to anyone’s home!!!! (Especially mine!!!!)

  9. SheilaG says

    Love it! Do we need to be in the area to pick it up, or will it be shipped? Just wondering….

  10. says

    Seriously?? I’ve never seen such an awesome giveaway before. I just checked out her blog. All of her furniture pieces are soo cute. Thanks Layla

  11. Jessica says

    I moved to grad school with just the stuff I could pack in my car, so I would LOVE some furniture, and add a little cottage charm to my apartment in the country!

  12. Hollie from Nanook says

    What a divine table! This would look so lovely in our new master bedroom! I can see my magazines, books and milkglass lamp gracing the top. :)

  13. Jody says

    Very Cute! I checked out her website too. I will say this thanks for inspiring me to get back in the groove of things! I tackled 2 projects already! My bathroom is now painted and I put a temp fix to an old stereo speaker that one of the cats (not the current cats we have) played with n thought it was a toy. The temp fix was fabric over cardboard that fits snug over the mess – before a table cloth got thrown over it. We don’t use it but now it looks like a nice cabinet. :) The kitchen and the bedroom is next to be painted. The side table would be perfect for the bedroom!

  14. Bethany says

    I’m exhausted because I’ve been out everywhere shopping for that table all day. Pick me, I have the perfect new home for that lovely piece of work!

  15. Renee A says

    Love love love the table – just the thing to sit next to the cool new reading chair I snuck in the house a few weeks ago ;)

  16. says


    Would love to have Shaunna’s beautiful end table in one of the rooms waiting to be finished at The Fairfield House. Thank you for introducing us to your lovely friend and thank her for this very generous give away.

    Your Friend,

  17. Holly Marshall says

    i’m expecting my first baby in january & this table would look sooo sweet in the nursery!

  18. gina says

    Very cute table and the knobs……love ‘em! It would be perfect at the lake either between the twin beds or bedside a chair. Bet if I was lucky enough to win, my daughter would try to steal it for her apartment at college!

  19. says

    Hi Layla,
    What great timing as my daughters are going to be sharing a bedroom come spring….and a table between would be just lovely…especially one of these! Little girls deserve pretty things like this table….pick me! Hee hee!~

  20. Dineen says

    what a pretty side table! love the knobs. i am keeping my fingers crossed for this one! :)

  21. says

    Oh my word, I am in love with this table. I really love her blog too. You have to stop doing this to me – I am spending way too much time on the internet but I do love it.

  22. Linda Hilbrands says

    Hi Layla,
    What a awesome table! I would love this cutie pie to live with us. Thank you for the chance to win her!

  23. becky up a hill says

    Oh yes please! I love the sweet stripes. This little sweety would look good in many places.

  24. Lindsey d. says

    Love it! Love the blog Layla! You’ve got me trying to figure out how much gross, old paneling (it’s fiber, not traditional 70s paneling), I can tear down to reveal the wood slat walls in my 1930s cottage.

  25. Sandra says

    Wow, that very nice of her! I love that table. As soon as I finish writing this comment, I am going to visit her site. I have my fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Tracie says

    Awesome table! I am a fan of both Shaunna and your site…you guys keep up the great work! Would love to win this!

  27. Kim Beyer says

    when a visitor at my home commented “what do you call this decorating style?” I responded “vintage hodge podge”…and I think this little table you are giving away is the bomb!

  28. April says

    I love restored furniture! I have been wanting to try it, and if I had this little inspiration hanging around then maybe I would…or just buy more items from her :)

  29. Robyn says

    I look forward to all your blog posts and tweets so much! And this side table is darling! I love perfectly imperfect too! Thank heavens for my google reader account!

  30. Kristi Johnsey says

    Love the furniture! Wish I had the patience and creativity to redo things…I’ll just leave it to the pros!

  31. Rita says

    I love the table. It has a special room waiting for it. I am sure it will love the location,
    Rita from Springfield, Illinois

  32. says

    Thanks for introducing me to Shaunna. I’m following and subscribing and look forward to watching her grow successful!!! That was a heck of a barn party she threw. Impressive.

  33. says

    We’re moving in a couple weeks and I would love to replace our Rubbermaid bins with real end tables! Fingers crossed!

  34. Cathy C says

    love at first sight…..i will give it a special place to live and love… pick me pick me…

  35. Carol Ann says

    This little gem would look so perfect in my newly-renovated-kids-have-moved-out-extra-bedroom!
    And I’m in Birmingham….I’ll come get it!

  36. Shannon says

    I love the look of this furniture! I am in the process of redecorating room by room and I can think of a million places I could use this!

  37. says

    I love this little table and it’s just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for the giveaway and inspiration.

  38. Sandy says

    What a great end table! I’ve just added her blog to my faves. I love her faux mercury glass vases. And, I noticed her little boys name is Grayson. I have a 22 year old Grayson myself. Great minds think alike!! LOL

  39. Ashley Madsen says

    Oh my oh my!!! That is one of the sweetest little end tables I have ever seen. It is so homey and just my type. fingers are triple crossed. LOVE THIS!

  40. Kim B says

    I would LOVE to win this table. It is really cute. I checked out Shaunna’s blog and it is really great. Will have to add it to my list. Thanks!

  41. says

    I love it! I have these very same knobs on my china cabinet! I love them. I would love to win the table, really don’t have any end tables to speak of except yard sale stuff. Thanks!

  42. Amy P. says

    Love.. love..loving… her stuff… and the fact that she is able to take away the furniture “blues”….. She makes a frown turn upside down in furniture…

  43. Nichole Johnson says

    YEAH I love discovering new blogs! AND I love the little end table!

  44. Betsy Heckel says

    Such a cute little side table! Would be a great addition to my home. Heading over to her blog now :)

  45. betsy says

    LOVE at first sight!!
    i know the PERFECT place in my house for this beauty!
    thanks, layla!!

  46. Linda says

    THANK YOU for introducing me to Shaunna’s blog! Neat lady and neat stuff. I would love to win that lovely little side table!

  47. Rachael says

    I know right where I would place it if I could be so lucky!! Love it and love TLC!!!

  48. Dorothy says

    What an adorable little table. I would love to win it. Thank you for your generosity and for letting us know about the blog!

  49. Rebecca says

    I love both blogs and look forward to reading each every day! I also LOVE the little table! I have the perfect place for it!

  50. Joanne says

    How pretty! I love everything I see on your site….. I am starting over at 55 and am using your site and the sites I have found through you to redo my place as my very own. This would be the PERFECT addition.
    Keep the beauty coming….

  51. says

    Wow, I think that is mighty generous of Shaunna! It is an adorable side table! Who wouldn’t want to win this great give-away. . . I sure do!

  52. beth says

    Clearing space right now so I can put my winning little end table right next to my bed. It will be most perfect there, I can tell you right now!

  53. Marla Payne says

    Hi Layla,
    I loooove your style and website/blog! This is an adorable end table. I would love to win it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Eva Reynolds says

    I would LOVE to win this. I’m trying to slowly lighten and brighten up all my furniture :o)

  55. Rachel Beal says

    The table is soooo cute, I have the perfect spot for it!! :P Thanks for the chance to win. Your blog is so very awesome, love all your ideas.

  56. Lynn says

    :) I love it!!! It’s so cute with the yellow knobs … I would love to win it!!!

  57. Lisa Hartman Holmes says

    Look at me, I figured it out! Thanks, Layla! I just LOVE this table & hope that I win! I know whoever does win, will have the perfect spot for it! It is TDF!! :)

  58. Susanne says


    Your blog is always full of beautiful and creative ideas! This is an amazing give away! Thanks!

  59. says

    Love the table! Would go great in our new house. And I am now obessed with Perfectly Imperfect blog. But as we all know, imperfections ARE perfect!!! :)

  60. Sheila says

    I love imperfect furniture. This would look great in my “imperfect” house. I hope I win! :)

    I love your blog. I have been following ever since I discovered “blogland.” You are talented. I truly crave the same look that you are so good at creating and I have one or two items that are similar. Once I was checking in and I was wearing the same shirt. My daughter and I thought it was so funny. Have a great day.

  61. Meg says

    That little table is just delightful. It’s exactly what I need in my room, a little pick me up. Since having to move back in with my in-laws I am limited as to what I can decorate. But that little treasure I could call all my own.

  62. says

    Absolutely would love to win the adorable end table. Adore and love your website and blog. Thanks so much for the contest. I just checked out your facebook page & I joined it.

  63. says

    I would LOVE this cute table! We are about to start a big addition to our home… and I’ll be needing furniture to fill it!!

  64. Keri says

    Love, love, love this table! Would love, love, love to win it!!! Also, love her blog and yours, Layla!

  65. Jody says

    Hey fellow MN gal – love your blog, (still..even tho you didn’t pick my sister in MPS! bummer – but I enjoyed the makeover you did do…) This table is adorable. I’m off to check out her site…

  66. says

    The table is very cute! I could use some side tables in our guest room! Going now to check out her blog.

  67. Rachel Stoltzfus says

    OH WOW!!! i would LOVE to win this sweet looking table. Thank you!!

  68. sarita says

    went to shaunna’s blog and learned the difference between whitewashing and dry brushing! and another blog is added to my “favorites”!!! thank you shaunna’ for the great table giveaway! how generous! thank you Layla and Kevin for ALL of the info on your blog! just a big shabby chic thank you!

  69. ann says

    What a fantastic lookin’ table! Thanks for the giveaway to both you and your friend, Shaunna.
    The Tattered Tassel

  70. Jennifer says

    I really love the side table! Wonderful work…esp love the knobs :) Very pretty paint color too.

  71. Jackie says

    I Love the pretty side table! The knobs remind me of pumpkins! :) Would love to win! :D

  72. Dianne says

    Oh.My.Gosh. First, let me say how much I love, love, love the new blog design! Gorgeous. Second, I need that table. Need, need, need it! My only daughter just moved out on her own to Chicago so I have one totally empty girly girls room. I suppose it isn’t totally empty because of all the wonderful memories I have of my “dolly” doing her “growing up” in this room. The new design in this bedroom needs to be adult-like, sophisticated and beautiful. This gorgeous table would be the perfect piece to start with and to design around!

  73. says

    i love the gray with the yellow knobs….sweet!!!! i have been following shaunna for a while know… love the attic redo!!

  74. says

    I recently found this wonderful blog–I love to restore crummy furniture into something special and fun. I’m also a stager and this darling table would be awesome. And Layla and Kevin, you two are soooo talented. Absolutely love your blog. Thanks Shaunna for giving away this special table!

  75. Steph C. says

    Oh what a pretty little table! I am in love with those turned legs! I have been on the hunt for new furniture since we are in a new house and have to redo so many things (rooms) b/c of old furniture not fitting and we donated almost half of what we had to Goodwill before the move. Plus, needing to find a lot of storage pieces too for this smaller house we are in with tiny rooms and even TINY-ER closets. Btw, I LOVE stripes and your blog! :)

  76. Amy P. says

    How cute is that!??!!! LOVE the stripes on the top! I hope I win!!!!!! PICK ME! PICK ME!

  77. says

    Oh, my. I’m nearly speechless. I’ve got a trio of pumpkins that would be gorgeous on the surface of that table.

    And the chalkboard I created out of a thrifted frame and chalkboard paint? Boasts a knob just like the ones on the side table I’m going to win. I’m not even kidding.

    It’s so meant to be!


    Thanks so much!

  78. says

    omg!!! How stinkin’ cute is that??!!
    love it- but not as much as you and shaunna’s blogs. :0

    oh, mr random generator……. pick me! pick me!!!

  79. Lindsay Seery says

    I love this table and the striped top is darling. I’m going to try and recreate this on a chest I have waiting to be refinished.

  80. Sandy Anderson says

    Love Love Love all of your blogs! Love Love Love this sweet little table! What a generous give away. Thank you. I can find more than one place in our home to place it.

  81. says

    We are finally moving into a home that we will stay in long enough to make it our perfect home. I’d love to start with a piece of furniture as great as this!

  82. Corrie says

    That cute little table would look great in the nursery I’m working on! I need a table next to the rocker!

  83. Pat Bakker says

    I follow your blog all the time – it’s in my Google Reader! Luv, luv, luv the table – it would be perfect in one of the bedrooms I am redecorating! Thanks!

  84. Lesley says

    came here from shaunna’s blog, can’t wait to check out your site now too. No wonder I can never get my own projects done, so many great blogs.

  85. Leslie says

    Hi, I love this side table and would love to put in my daughter’s bedroom. She is in college and we are finally working on a grownup room for her to come home too.

  86. says

    Oh I love her blog! That is so great you guys are friendsies. I saw her side table when it was first redone and loved it, and now am excited that she is giving it away! Yippee for us!

  87. Kris says

    Love your blog…..just found you a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. This table is too cute. My oldest just left for college and his room is in need of a serious redo….this would be perfect in there.

  88. says

    Love Shaunna’s blog! how did I miss the two of you were in the same area? Is it the nexus of the cottage chic universe? Maybe I should move to Alabama…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Andrea R says

    Wish I had the same skill and creativity to make such a unique table! I adore the stripes and knobs!

  90. amy says

    I would love, love, love this little end table. The color is perfect and the knobs are fabulous! I would be thrilled to give it a new home! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

  91. Tammy Hall says

    Pick me! Pick me! (Jumping up and down amongst the crowd, just like Donkey in Shrek)

  92. says

    I love that little table. The grey is so pretty! It would look perfect in my living room. I’ve been a follower of both of your blogs for awhile now, love them both! :)

  93. ~Laurie says

  94. Theresa says

    I love the end table, it’s so pretty. Thank you both for this opportunity!

  95. says

    WOW!! That is such a great piece! I would love to have that in my bedroom to replace the rickety old stool we are using as a bedside table :) So sweet of her to offer it up for a giveaway!!

  96. Karen Yang says

    love it! have the perfect spot for it, too. thanks to you both for making this happen!

  97. Heather H says

    I would love to have that table for my nightstand, or in my soon-to-be revamped mom cave!

  98. Ally says

    OMGoodness. LOOOOOVE her blog! It is amazing!! :) I also LOOOOOVE that table! Hope I wiiiin!

  99. says

    I’m ATTEMPTING to decorate my master bedroom right now & have zero budget, so I have been trying to find things throughout the house that will work,etc. I’m doing blues & greys & that piece of furniture would be PERFECT in my room. Please….please…please pick me! ;)

  100. Jen says

    That is a fabulous table, thanks for the chance to win.

    Layla, i love your site. visit daily looking for inspiration. thanks for all you do.

  101. Carole says

    Love the table! Have just the perfect spot for it. I look forward to reading your and Kevin’s blog ever day to see what wonderful things you will do next. I hope both of you continue to follow your dream.

  102. erica jenkins says

    what an awesome giveaway! would be perfect in my little girl’s “new” room!
    thank you!

  103. kathy T says

  104. Faye says

    I am a recent follower of your and the Perfectly Inperfect blog. What an amazing concept, that things don’t have to be perfect. I love both blogs and I would love to win the table.

  105. Angela Bushatz says

    LOVE the side table and love her stuff. Went to her site and started looking around yesterday when you posted that this was coming.

  106. says

  107. leigh says

    aww, that table is so adorable! i just love the tone and the stripes!
    your friend has a good eye… i just love repurposing “hum-drum” things… that’s awesome.

  108. Jody says

    Love it — thanks for the chance to be entered in the give-away! I’m heading over to Shaunna’s blog now :)

  109. Lora says

    This is so cute! I love Shaunna’s blog! And now I can’t wait to keep up with yours!

  110. Lindsay says

    I’ve been following Perfectly Imperfect for quite some time now!!! I was SO excited to see her post about you and vice versa :) What an ADORABLE side table!

  111. Kirsten says

    Such a BEAUTIFUL piece! I sooo need a pretty table like that for my living room.

  112. JennyM says

    I’ve been looking for a side table for my new (tiny) living room — that one is adorable! Even if I’m not the lucky winner, I may be a copycat….

  113. Vanessa says

    Umm that is simply an incredible peice of furniture for any home!! Would love to take it home :)

  114. Barbara Allen says

    Absolutely love this table! Love your blog too! You video about the car lights and windows going up, down, off, on had me laughing out loud at work! Everyone wanted to know what was so funny and so I had to share! Thanks for brightening my day with your posts!

  115. says

    what a cute table!!! And I Love Shaunna’s blog~added to my bloggy bookmark ;) thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!!!

  116. kristy arden says

    Wow! What and inspiration her web site is to me. She is very talented and creative. I would so love to win this sweet little end table, it would look adorable in my daughters room. Ihope I win, but even if I dont win I have still been inspired. Thank You!

  117. Tammy says

    Oooooh …I love iit! Ive been following Shaunnas blog for about a year now! Shes the best. I would love to
    have this for a B-day present…. which is in a couple days. Ha 8) Thanks Layla and Shaunna!

  118. Linda says

    So very perfect for my granddaughter’s room. You really inspire me to repurpose and create.

  119. Kathy says

    I love this table!!! What a great project. I would love, love, love to win it! Love TLC and it inspires me on my projects.

  120. Shari says

    The side table would be beautiful in my daughter’s room. She loves things that are re-loved and it would fit perfectly with the existing theme-especially since she is using a basket for a table now!

  121. Carla says

    Sweet!! I just bought a new house, and this would go perfect in my new bedroom!!

  122. Cyndi says

    I LOVE that table. It would go great in my new bedroom!! Thanks for the give away Layla!

  123. says

    I would love to gift this to my son and his new wife for their home. Perfect. They are in the process of taking an older home and making it “theirs”. They would love this!

  124. says

    Hi Layla & Kevin, what a cool giveaway! Love your blog and all your style inspirations…also love Shaunna’s style.

    thanks –

  125. says

    She’s giving it away!?? That is just beyond generous! We just gave our master bedroom a “makeover” and I’ve been on the hunt for something like this:)

  126. Angie says

    Just the perfect piece for our new beach cottage family room, overlooking the beautiful Puget Sound. Thanks Layla! Big Fan of your blog!

  127. Tina Johnson says

    Stunning! I checked out her blog. Her door daybed is truly lovely! would love too win!

  128. Brett says

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year. I love your style and that table would work perfectly in our guest room!

  129. Joy says

    I am so glad a friend told me about your website! I would love to win that beautiful table!!

  130. Beverly says

    I love her work! I know exactly where I would put this little table. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  131. Dondra Houlditch says

    Wow how sweet of you and Shaunna! I’ve been systematically working my way through all the links on your site…..her’s is next! Of course I’d be tickled to win, but it’s good to know that Shaunna is nearby (I’m in Montgomery) so I can easily purchase from her. Thanks for all you do! LOVE IT!

  132. Glenda B says

    OOOOOhh! So pretty! That would look so good in my sister’s new bedroom. She doesn’t have time to read blogs, so I’ll just enter for her! Thanks for the chance! :-)

  133. Pam Yandell says

    Love love love this little table. The stripes are really an unexpected touch. I’m thinking of doing a chest
    with stencils.

  134. Angela says

    Love love love that side table!! So cute! She’s got some pretty great stuff on her website too.

  135. tb says

    This is overdue. I was looking for The Perfect Blue for a room and i discovered your blog which has become my go to for anything i want to try. Since reading it i have PAINTED THE WOOD PANELED DEN!!!!! I KNOW! I can’t believe it either! We no longer walk into a time warp because i showed my husband your before and after pictures and also that poor woman who had a wood paneled everything, and he caved in. Because the den got painted, we had to get rid of the SHAG carpeting in burnt orange, (yay) the medium oak tables that exactly matched the OLD walls got to be painted black, (YAY) and NOW we are working on framing in the fireplace and wall above the mantle and painting it the linen woodwork color. If i could sculpt i would make a little statue of you and stick it on the mantle with candles. You are my patron saint of “Look Hunny, OTHER People Do This-ness.”

  136. Stephanie Walker says

    Love her furniture! Thanks for “introducing” us. That table would be perfect in my house, too!

  137. Amanda says

    This table is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I have half a basement of furniture to re-do and never the time. A finished piece would be great!

  138. Alisha Sims says

    I love it!! :) I’m recently married and decorating our new house and this would look GREAT :D :D

  139. Marina Lawing says

    Wow, some of the pieces you see at the GW could look like this! I wish I had an eye for furniture…Which is why I read your blog to see someone else make me think of an ‘ugly’ piece or awkward piece of furniture in a different light!

  140. Alexandra says

    this end table is wonderful! the stripes add just the perfect unique touch!!

  141. says

    Oh, I love it!!! It would look so great in so many different rooms in my house! And would that ever be a fun delivery to receive!! thanks so much for the opportunity to win this great giveaway! :)

  142. Martha says

    Love the table, it would be perfect in our guest room! Heading over to check out Shaunna’s blog!

  143. says

    Love your blog, Layla, and of course I love this little side table! It would go perfectly in my guest bedroom!

    Fingers crossed. Thanks!

  144. Pam McCormick says

    Recycle,Redo,Reuse . . . . or go without! that is the spirit of strong self reliance and it seems I see more and more progressive folks doing MORE! the night stand is darling love it and a strong nudge towards that CAN DO spirit.Regardless if I win NICE JOB XO Pam

  145. LeslieB says

    I would LOVE to put that table in my guest bedroom! So cute! Love the little details!

  146. Kristy says

    I love your blog. So inspired by it. We just moved to Michigan from Arizona and we are looking for a house. I can’t wait to start decorating. This table is so pretty, would love it.

  147. Christina Kmiec says

    I would love this gorgeous side table. I actually just decided to paint my bedroom a beautiful purple color for a purple and silver motif. ::raises hands wildly:: OOH OOH! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!

  148. Allison says

    I love Shaunna’s blog! She does beautiful work. I adore this side table with the stripes and the fun knobs. It would fit right into our master bedroom. What a generous giveaway!

  149. Annie L. says

    Happy Birthday to me! This side table would be perfect in my home- I love her work!!

  150. says

    It’s adorable and would be perfect for GGC#1 due in April. I’m just getting interested in repurposed furniture. We have a 1940 Deco bedroom suite that I’d love to ‘fix’ someday. Thanks

  151. Amy says

    Lovely! My husband is in desperate need of a nightstand. But I’m afraid that if I win this I’d have to keep it for myself and give him my old one.

  152. Heather says

    What a beautiful little table! It would go perfectly in my newly renovated master bedroom! :)

  153. Brittany Davis says

    Love this! I love the stripes and the knobs! And (being a newlywed) I have basically no furniture. I would love this piece to add to my little nest. :) Thank you for this giveaway!

  154. Rebekah says

    I would love to win this gorgeous table! I can already envision its home beside our bed! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  155. Colleen says

    That little table is so cute! I would love to win it and I am heading over to check the website out now!

  156. beth says

    You are ALL so talented and we are ALL so blessed to have sites like yours!
    Love this cute little stripped beauty! She will look right at home in the spot I am preparing for her! Thanks.

  157. says

    Wow, what a generous person! I would love to win, but even if I don’t, just seeing what she can do is inspiration enough to fix up some of my old stuff!

  158. Florence Fong says

    Hello…this is my very first post on your website. I am a first time homebuyer and I’m pretty excited to revamp the inside of the house I just bought. That is how I came across your website. You have an awesome website and this table is adorable! The knobs are very cute! Thanks! Cheers!

  159. Sarah says

    What a FABULOUS table! Makes me want to go paint stripes on something right now….

  160. Laura says

    I know this table could be very happy living here with us! Thanks for all your fun posts!

  161. Diane says

    i would love, love, love to win this beautiful night stand.
    her blog is extra cute, just like yours :)

  162. Kristin says

    This is fabulous! I just bought a new home and could definitely find a place to put this :)

  163. Vicki Fletcher says

    It would be great to win the table–very cute. I love your blog. You are so creative!

  164. Kristen says

    the end table is PRECIOUS! Perfect for the new nursery I will be fixing up for surprise #3 :)

  165. Brooke Williams says

    Oh my word! Shaunna is one of my friends from Faulkner and I just recently found out she was doing this!! I am ADDICTED to her blog! She does such awesome work…and she is pretty stinkin awesome herself! I need this table! :) Good luck to everyone in the drawing!

  166. Stacy Blalock says

    Oh Oh Oh! I live in the desert and everything around me is southwest decor but my heart and soul is country cottage! I would sooooo love to have this side table in my “dream home” that we are planning!
    Thank you for the opportunity and yes I absolutely love Perfectly Imperfect. I’ve been following her for a little while now. God Bless Ya’ll!

  167. Mike says

    This would have a special spot in my little girls room. My mother turned me on to TLC about 2 months ago, and i’m addicted to seein what you have created with your home. I’ve also noticed that i might be the only male follower on this site, but i’m hooked! i’ve already started repaiting furniture in our house to get the look that my wife and I have always wanted, but could never afford. Now i realize that i dont’ have to go out and buy it, i can make it!!!! Anyways, here’s my entrance for this enchanting little side table that would be perfect for our home! Keep up all the inspiring work!

  168. Joy says

    What a pretty table! It would be perfect for my guest room which is gray and yellow.

  169. Trish says

    Just love the side table! It would be perfect for my bedroom redo. Visited Shaunna’s blog and love her DIY mercury glass project!! Layla I love your blog and your little vdieos are the cutest!

  170. Michelle Mitchell says

    Please enter me in this awesome giveaway. That is one beautiful table!

  171. NATASHYA says

    Love love love this cute little table! The knobs are to die for. I saw it the first time she posted it on her blog and wanted to take it home with me!

  172. Jayme C says

    Wonderful giveaway! I love reading the Perfectly Imperfect blog so I’m really excited you’ve both teamed up for this giveaway! I’d love to win and it would be awesome if I did because it would be one awesome birthday for me!!

  173. Kathy :) says

    Hi Layla…

    Wow what a giveaway !!! Pls enter my name, thanks so much :)

    Kathy :)

  174. 6kids9gkids says

    love the table !!!! how nice it would look in my home
    thanks for all the good idea’s on your blog Layla !!!!

  175. says

    I love this! She definitely has a talent for breathing new life into old pieces. Not to mention the fact that this would be PERFECT in our master bedroom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. Kate says

    Hi there! I love your blog, and look forward to learning everything you so generously share about decorating!

  177. ~L~ says

    Winning this would give me the push I need to start switching up the decor around here.

  178. maggie says

    I have the perfect place for that little table!! I just absolutely adore tables of all sorts….what a great giveaway!
    Off to look at Shaunna’s site!

  179. nancie says

    love the table!! i’m wondering where y’all live…
    i live in alabama too….but i’m south of you – in a teenie tiny town in between mobile and montgomery…
    i wanted to get to your yard sale….was bummed that i couldn’t get away that weekend.
    hopefully though i’ll make to an event of yours one day…
    in the meantime i’ll keep reading your blog…..and getting inspired!!

  180. says

    What an adorable table! My husband and I are moving into a new house and our guest room is beachy chic – this piece would be perfect! Love your blog, keep up all the good work. :)

  181. angie says

    I love the drawer pulls! I’ve recently begun my own little foray into refurbishing old furniture and so far am loving the experience!

  182. Dawn Eshnaur says

    Layla~I love your blog! I would LOOOOVE to win that adorable table! I am in the process of collecting things for a “Mom room” for me. I live in a household with a husband and three sons so I decided to make a girly room just for me! This little table would be perfect in my room!

  183. Julie says

    Oh my goodness, I have been looking for an end table and this one would be perfect! Pick me Pick me!

  184. alison spangler says

    CUTE. love the stripes, love the knobs. that table would be cute anywhere.

  185. says

    How cute is this table!! Shaunna was the very first blog I read and I have been a fan of her’s ever since!!

  186. Elaine says

    Count me in on this one! I have never won a giveaway thus far, but maybe luck will swing my way this time :)

  187. TAS says

    Yours and her blogs have been on my favorites list for ages. :) You both are so inspiring!

  188. Ann says

    What can I saw? I love the table and it would be the first official piece of furniture for my yet-to-be-purchased beach house! I love your blog and I’m so excited to now know about hers!

  189. Danielle says

    I absolutely love seeing the vast amount of talent featured on this blog. TI have been inspired! The table is amazing!

  190. says

    Oh the table is exactly what I need in my house! Shaunna is an inspiration to us all in her ability to make sad furniture into happy furniture!

    And thank you for hosting this fab give-away!

  191. Melinda says

    I love the table and Shaunna and Layla! Thanks for all the design inspiration…you have been a big help to me in decorating my own home.

  192. AMBER says

    Pick me, Pick me!! Been hunting for end tables for MONTHS!!! This one would be great!!

  193. Susan says

    Love it, Love it Love it! Thanks for adding another great blog to my “must read” list!

  194. Patricia says

    What a beautiful table! I am absolutely obsessed with keeping up with your blog. I am finding so much inspiration for my own home. Thanks for sharing!

  195. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    This is such a cute little table! Love the color, the stripes and the knobs. Big fan of Shaunna’s work!

  196. Sarah Jane says

    Such a cute table! We’re redecorating the WHOLE house, this would be a great addition!!!

  197. Emily says

    Oh I love this little table! We’re so, so, so broke right now…we’re not decorating on a shoestring budget, more like a velcro budget (or whatever budget’s tinier than a shoestring budget). Anyway…love the blog and love the table!


  198. Shellie Smith says

    SO SO pretty would love to win :) I dont have a blog but I am thinking about creating one. Ive been so inspired by lots of great blogs, I started working on furniture myself and have done 5 pieces so far, and Im sure many more to come. You have a great blog!!!!

  199. says

    I would LOVE to win that side table! I can just imagine it taking up residence in my living room – adding to the array of furniture I currently have and very possibly inspiring a paint job (or two) for my current furniture!

  200. Erika H. says

    lovin the table, thanks for a great giveaway! i’m another follower on a teeny tiny budget, please pick me random number picker :) !!

  201. says

    Oh my! What a fun blog! I came over here from Shaunna’s to enter the contest, but am leaving with a new blog on my Reader. Thanks!

  202. says

    Since I have an addiction to painted furniture I can’t pass this opportunity up! I love the way she striped the top and added the fun little knobs giving it a character all its own. I’d be thrilled to offer it a new home! Off to visit her blog now…

  203. Lauren says

    Her site should be called Perfectly Inspiring! I am ready to get out my sander and paint and go to town on something boring! Love it!

  204. Violet says

    Wow. It’s a beautiful table. I’ve been watching and learning from the work that you and Kevin have done since I discovered your blog several months ago. I’ve been so inspired by you and by the blogs of others I have learned about from you. Some day I’ll have enough confidence to even try out some of your ideas on my home! Thanks for the inspiration.

  205. Stacy says

    I love this table – it would look darling in my daughter’s room! What a great giveaway:)

  206. says

    I found your blog about 3 months ago and have told every woman I know about it. One of my sisters is obsessed and has started redoing her house TLC-inspired! Love what you do!

  207. Ruth Anne says

    Suh-weet! Love the end table! And it looks big enough to hold my stacks of books! Score!

  208. says

    Oh I would love to have this table in my spare room. I also went to Shaunna’s blog and I am so excited to have found it. I love her style. Thanks so much for sharing. I also vist yours often for inspiration.

  209. says

    This table is adorable! I’ve been looking for a bedside table so hopefully I will be a winner and it can find it’s new home next to my bed :o)
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  210. Kandace W. AKA: Nana Kandi says

    OH MY! You both have such WONDERFUL sites! It is so amazing seeing such wonderful things done by others, and getting some creative juices flowing in my blood now! Would SO LOVE to win the the table as I am disabled and spend lots of time in our living room in the recliner and need a table EXACTLY like this for “MY STUFF!”! Keep doing the nice job you do and tell Shaunna the same!!! I joined your Facebook page as well, and LOVE, LUV,<3 the name of your Blog also! Ta Ta for now! Nana!

  211. Debra says

    Kayla, love your blog…have been faithful follower for quite a while and have told several friends about it too.

  212. evelania says

    Awesome! I’m a fan of her blog and think this side table is so cute. By the way, call me crazy but is your new site feeding into reader? Mine hasn’t been updating. Just curious if I missed something.

  213. Shelby says

    so cute! i am giving my master a little makeover and need a side table and this table would go great :) thanks for the chance!

  214. Megan says

    I love the knobs on this little table. Please pick me and I promise to give it a good home!

  215. Kelly Z says

    This piece is lovely!! I love the grey color and the sweet yellow knobs…..what a great idea!

  216. Alicia says

    Wow! I would love to win that cute little table!

    I’ve enjoyed seeing the beach house makeovers and looking for ideas to steal!

  217. Alisa D says

    The stripes are great!! Thanks for introducing her blog. Fingers crossed… such an awesome giveaway!

  218. Maura says

    I really love that side table but I think that the knobs are super duper perfection! I’m crossing my fingers,

  219. Jessica says

    I have been a follower of Shaunna’s blog for a while now. Love it! And that side table is fabulous!

  220. says

    Oh my gosh her stuff is gorgeous! I would love to win one of her pieces. I am now following her and hope to purchase something of hers in the future :)

  221. Jen says

    Oh, what temptation! I may have to find some furniture in need of a makeover and break out the paint…

  222. says

    oh my, i can’t even say how perfect this is! we’re getting ready to redo our bedroom in gray and white with lots of pops of yellow and turquoise. this is truly PERFECT!!! *fingers crossed* :)

  223. Ericka says

    That table would look gorgeous in my living room! I would LOVE it! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  224. says

    LOVIN’ IT! What a great giveaway-you have some cool friends! I am due with our first in a little ove 7 weeks-YIKES that’s hard to believe-and I am thinking this would look really cute in the nursery. We are not finding out what we are having- so the room is nuetral with blues/grays and greens!

  225. teri says

    this is almost the same color that I’m painting the bedroom.

    I love the striped top.

  226. says

    I’ve been a follower of Shaunna’s for a little while now and her pieces are just lovely. This is a great giveaway. The knobs on the table are absolutely yummy!
    Thanks, Layla

  227. says

    Oh my is she talented and inspiring! Loving the striped top. She was quickly added to my growing list of must reads. Thanks for the chance to win and for introducing us to another super talented blogger.

  228. tina says

    how sweet! that would be the perfect little nightstand for my baby daughter’s nursery (and a decided improvement over the TV tray table we’re currently using). the colors would go very well with the grey, white and pink color scheme…

  229. Christine Aldinger says

    wow what a give away i follow her blog she does do some awesome work…..thxs for a chance!!

  230. says

    Wow. What a generous and lovely giveaway! I love the legs, the sassy knobs, and the unexpected stripes. Off to visit her blog now…

  231. says

    What a cute little sidetable! We could totally use one in our guest bedroom… I LOVE the knobs on it! Thanks for the great giveaway!


  232. Nicole Henley says

    Okay. Just fell out of my chair at work. It feels meant to be. I just made the decision to completely overhaul the color palette in my loft and this matches so perfectly I could cry. Thank you Layla and Shauna for such an amazing giveaway!

  233. says

    We’re closing on a house in a week and I need that table to go in my guestroom. Or maybe “my” room. I get my own in additional to sharing the master with the hubby so I have space for all my projects. He spoils me.

  234. Summer says

    Oh wow..everyone really loves this table.I can see why…it would match perfectly next to my bed in my Master bedroom that I am redoing. Hopefully I win so I don’t have to attempt to redo a side table myself:).

  235. Jenn says

    LOVE it! I know just where it would go in my recently redone guestroom! I may have to do it myself if I don’t win :)

    Awesome contest…thanks!

  236. Myrna B. says

    I love this! I know just where I’d put it, and just what it would hold! It’s gorgeous. Love the drawer pulls!

  237. Lauri Thomas says

    Wow – i would LOVE to win this beautiful end table! Checking out Shaunna’s website now…

  238. Alexandra says

    That is a beautiful end table! I’m just starting out with my first (rented!) house, and this would be a lovely addition. Thank you for the giveaway!

  239. Leslie Garland says

    It was cute from the front, but the stripes made me say “oh la la”

  240. Dawn Moorehead says

    I love it!!!! Along with your other pieces….you make it look attainable!!! Thanks for posting hopefully someday I can at least try some restorations!!!!

  241. Courtney says

    This adorable little side table would look great in our master bedroom, which we are re-doing right now! hope I win!!!

  242. Chris P says

    A very talented friend! I love her end table and am adding her blog to my reader subscriptions! Great inspiration!

  243. April in CT says

    Woah, are you kidding me!!! I am in LURVE with that table and have a great spot for it! *swoon*

  244. says

    What an awesome giveaway! That little table would be cute in my guest room. Thanks for including me in the giveaway. Love & blessings from NC!

  245. Ellie says

    This would be so great in our house!! I love your blog. So much inspiration!!! Hugs from Long Island.

  246. Meghann P. says

    This table is gorgeous! It’s exactly what I need for my bedroom – it matches my bedding perfectly, and I’ve been patiently waiting to find the right side table.

  247. Lisa says

    I’ve been searching for an end table and this is perfect! Great giveaway and I am excited to check out Shaunna’s blog!

  248. Rebecca Miller says

    Love this table. Perfect fit for my guest room! Also love this site. Your so chipper

  249. Erin Brady says

    It’s gorgeous! I’m remodeling my house, and that would go perfectly!!

  250. Beth B. says

    So pretty! I love the knobs–they look like ones I’ve recently seen at Anthropologie.

  251. Betty says

    Great end table and would be perfect in one of my guest rooms. Thanks for the giveaway.

  252. Agnes says

    What a beautiful side table! It would look adorable in my daughters room, she’s always needing extra storage!!

  253. says

    Love that cute little table! Makes me want to get back out to my work shop and finish up some chairs that I got frustrated with! Thanks for some much needed inspiration!
    Love to see that cute table as my bed side table!

  254. Kathleen says

    I’m a part time nurse and after a stressful day at work, I love to come home,put my feet up and read your blog. It just relaxes me and really cheers me up. I was at Tybee Island a few years ago and really enjoyed that recent post and the one in the magazine too. I loved following photos of your’s and Kevin’s progress in transforming the cottage… was super. The great thing about your blog and Shauna’s too, is when you two blog about transforming a piece of old furniture into a one of a kind personal piece, or redecorating a room you give every little step with detail after detail… and PHOTOS! Nothing is left out…it makes it so much easier for all of us to attempt these transformations. I’m also a “lettered” lover.The first place that I ever saw letters for display and hanging was Ballard Designs, back in the 1990s. Their letters ( at first) came only in gold so I would have to spray paint them the colors that I needed. I had the letters GOLF on the wall in my husband’s den, my son’s name spelled on his bedroom wall and on and on. I also had been looking for white plates with black numbers on them, and couldn’t find dishes like that anywhere. Well, you can imagine how excited I was when I first saw your white platter with the black number on it and then when I clicked on Leen’s site from your blog and found I could order the vinyl numbers and put them on my own white display plates- it was like whooopeeee! Thanks again for the great blog……keep it up!

  255. Rae says

    Love her stuff and love your blog. You and hubby are sooooooo cute together…Great giveaway/

  256. Megan says

    This would go perfect in our room, and we REALLY need a second little table beside the bed.

  257. Debbie D. says

    love your website and Shaunna’s too….I’m currently on the lookout for some cool doors to make a daybed for my daughter’s room.

  258. colleen says

    awesome giveaway! I’d love to win. Those knobs are gorgeous. Thanks for turning us on to another great blog!

  259. Teresa T. says

    Hi Layla & Kevin, I so missed your Blog for awhile. Ihave been following Perfectly Imperfect for quite awhile now & enjoy Shauna’s style too. Thank you both for the giveaway!

    Always, Teresa

  260. Lara says

    I’m thinking about redoing our bedroom in grey. This would be a sweet jumpstart! Love your blog, Layla.

  261. Ann says

    I am just making it in under the wire here. I love Perfectly Imperfect blog. She really knows what she is doing about refinishing. It is refreshing that she doesn’t just slap paint on and sand it off. Ann