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Wow- this week FLEW! Chris Wiegand will be here tonight!

I’ve been following along with his travels on Instagram this week, and I can’t wait to see that Airstream come rollin’ down the road!


So far, he’s stopped at Mary Beth’s from Annapolis & Company:


(@annapolisandco on Instagram)

…Kelly’s, from Kelly’s Korner


(@mrskellystamps on Instagram)

…and Katie’s, from Skunkboy:


 (@skunkboycreatures on Instagram)

Seeing those photos sure makes me wonder what everybody’s talking about! It’ll be SO fun to see the finished film after all 50 of those Instagrams pop up in Chris’ feed over the next couple of months!

We’ve picked out a couple of spots for him to park the Airstream on, but I’m hoping they’re not too mushy- we’ve had an afternoon rain shower every day lately.


I have no idea what I’m going to wear yet, but I did get a few new pairs of earrings from Target the other day.


I posted this next photo on Instagram the day I got them because I was hoping that the words “nickel-free” meant that my ear lobes wouldn’t swell up and turn red (like they’ve been doing for the past 10 or so years):


They got a *teeny* bit red at first (probably just because I haven’t worn earrings in so long), but thanks to some friendly Instagrammers that shared a tip about coating the stems in Vaseline, that went away lickety split as soon as I did it!

Do you have sensitive lobes, too? I was surprised how many Instagrammers were in the same boat as I was all these years!

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  1. Laura says

    I let my girls (10 and 8) get their ears pierced this year. The younger one was the one who desperately wanted hers pierced, and her poor little lobes are so sensitive! We will have to get some Vaseline at Target when we get those earrings! She saw your pictures and declared your earrings “SO, SO CUTE”. My ten year old saw your blog header the other day and asked, “Did they get their baby yet?” Hoping and praying that soon the answer will be “YES, and Amen!”

    • says

      I totally saw your instagram photo, but didn’t realize that I have those earrings too! Just got them last weekend at Target! I hope you’re able to wear them more! I love the blue color!!!!

  2. MimiG says

    I’ve been painting the posts/levers/backs of all my earrings with clear nail polish since I had my ears pierced. They even coat 14 carat earrings with nickel, so I just paint them all. I have to redo about every 6 months, but just takes a sec.
    Those are some cute earrings, may have to take a stroll to Tarjay..

  3. Rosemary Palmer says

    I will try the vaseline. I did put nail polish on some nickle free but still couldn’t wear them. Even good earrings make my ears itch. At least they don’t swell up or turn red, but the itching is crazy. Caladryl or benedryl on my ears won’t do the trick either.

  4. gourmet goddess says

    Hi Layla , I have the same problem , so I decided to invest in a good pair of earrings with a white gold base and or platinum ,,,, problem solved. I know they can be a little pricey but just after the holidays you can get some good deals. Just pick a pair that goes with everything ,
    Hope this helps ,,,,, also patiently waiting for the half bath reveal ;-)) …. or have I missed it !!!!

    take care

  5. Joyce says

    My ears lobes are the same way. I didn’t know about Vaseline; I had always coated the jewelry with clear nail polish. Thanks for the tip.

  6. says

    I HAVE to wear nickel-free. Everything from stainless steel, to silver, to gold jacks my earlobes up. I mean, red, sore, swollen, you name it. Nickel free is the only one that can do the trick. Thank goodness Target sells plenty :) I hope it works for you! Life’s too short to not wear cute earrings!!!

  7. Carole says

    Rather than using Vaseline, try Neosporin ointment. It helps prevent infection.

  8. says

    So excited for you and your cute earrings to be in this video and can’t wait to see the finished product – we will get to see it right?! I will also check out some of the other blogs you have listed – can’t believe I haven’t heard of all of them!

  9. shar y says

    My friend, a jewelry sales person, told me to coat stems with neosporin. Works like a charm, slide right in and never irritated! Have fun with Chris!

  10. Laura says

    Thanks for the tip about vaseline! I got my ears pierced two years ago before my wedding and had waited so long because I knew my earlobes would be very sensitive. So far I’ve passed by a number of cute earrings, but hopefully this will help. The earrings are so cute! I might just have to swing by Target tonight!

  11. says

    You must be so excited. I hope I manage to see the finished film.
    Thanks for the vaseline tip – I wear very little jewellery but always wore earings until I had my kids and have developed really sensitive ears since then! No idea why. My ears seem to close around the stem making them difficult to get the earnings out – occasionally my ears have bled a little. I’m definitely going to try this.

  12. says

    I am so glad you posted this! I never wear fun earrings because of this, just always wear my gold diamond studs. I am going to try that trick of Vaseline! Thank you!

  13. Margaret Lindstrom says

    Hi Layla,
    So excited to hear/see that Chris is coming to your place! I love his sweet wife, Casey. Used to work with her private Christian school. They are both soooo creative. Precious couple and tho’ I don’t know you personally (feel like I do – been followin’ your blog for years) I told Casey she would really like you and Kevin, too (whenever you meet). Have a blast!

  14. LauraBC says

    very allergic to Nickle here, in fact I was allergic to my own wedding rings!
    who knew that some jewelry designers/makers use nickle to make yellow gold white so for 4 years I was living with dry, itchy, red and bubbly skin under my rings… “oh shame hunny, the doctor said I HAVE to pick out something platinum” 😉

  15. says

    Layla!!!! Thank you for making my day and mentioning me here on your beautiful space. Chris told me he was headed to Alabama to stay on your property….and I was maybe freaking out a little that you were going to be in the film too. Ok. A lot of freaking. But, you were one of the first blogs I discovered and it is so cool to be a part of the blogging community. Lots of love being sent your way. Have FUN tonight!

  16. Marianne in Mo. says

    Got my ears pierced when I was 22, which was over 3 decades ago. Every pair of earrings I tried didn’t work. A jeweler told me even 14karat was applied to a nickel base, because gold is too soft to be a solid piece. HUH! Anyway, I gave up and envied everyone I saw with pierced ears. I can’t even wear a watch, because the back of the face breaks me out. No, can’t wear costume jewelry, like the cute things on Etsy either. Truly envious of the great majority! And I love the earrings you got. Have fun filming!

  17. Nancy says

    I too am allergic to nickel and have issues with necklaces, watches, belt buckles, metal buttons and even rivets on jeans. Stainless steel, sterling silver and gold are usually fine and everything else has to be coated with clear nail polish. I’ll have to try the neosporin trick for earrings which have been bothering me lately.

  18. says

    I almost bought those at Target the other day! They look very pretty on you. :) I did not know that about Vaseline. Will have to remember that! I don’t have super sensitive earlobes, but I do have a few pairs of earrings that always give me trouble. Thanks for the tip! Can’t wait to see the American Blogger movie. Have fun!

  19. Liz says

    I hardly ever wear earrings because my lobes swell and turn red–it gets painful! I have never heard of the vaseline trick! I will have to try it! Thanks for the tip!

  20. says

    Yes, I have sensitive earlobes too… Earrings I wear have to have some gold, silver or be nickel-free for me, too. “Fake” ones last a few hours and then they get itchy and then red & sore. Funny thing!
    Have fun during your interview, Layla!