Adoption Update – We Got Our Letter!

AAAAHHHH! I have looked forward to writing this post for so long I can hardly type fast enough! I have two GREAT adoption updates to share with you today! :-D

First, remember this photo of all the kiddos currently living at the orphanage our adoption agency is partnered with?

Angel House Kids

And remember when I blogged about meeting Amanda who lives a few hours up the interstate from us here in Alabama, and is also in the process of adopting through Lifeline and Three Angels?

Kevin and Layla Palmer

She and her husband started their adoption process in December of 2011. They wanted to adopt a little boy, but as that first year of their adoption process went on, Amanda and her husband kept feeling like God was leading them towards twins. They talked about it with friends, and they even shared it with their case worker, but they still weren’t sure about why they were hearing that specific calling.

Their application was accepted by Three Angels on August 14, 2012, and like us, they were so excited to discover their Facebook page where they could see pictures of the babies currently living there:

Angel House Kids 2012

She continued to check their page for updates over and over throughout the next week. Then on August 22, 2012, she decided to scroll waaaaay back. Knowing that one of the boy’s in that collage was going to be her son, she wanted to soak up as much info and as many photos as she could. She scrolled back through June’s posts, then May’s, and when she got back to April’s, her life changed forever:

Three Angels Childrens Relief

Kevenel and Kelly were twins- she just didn’t realize it because they weren’t identical!

Three Angels Children

Isn’t that Amazing!? She told me she still gets goosebumps when she scrolls back to that post. :-D

She’s going to be sharing more about their entire adoption story on the Three Angels blog soon, but I am so excited to share this exciting update with you:

The boys are coming home in June!!!

We’re going to meet them at the airport when they fly back to Alabama, and I cannot wait to share that experience with you, too. I told Amanda, seeing her boys come home with them is going to be like chicken soup for my soul!

And speaking of that, are you ready for adoption update #2?

Kevin and I also got a phone call from Meredith on Friday. :-)

We were hanging out with our friend Josh at the time. The phone rang and I jumped up like I always do when I see the word “Lifeline” pop up on the screen. Meredith said she had exciting news, so I put her on speaker and smiled for the rest of the phone call.

Kevin and Layla Adoption

That piece of paper we’ve been waiting on (for 3 months) has been signed!!!

We are one huge step closer to booking our socialization trip, and we are so thankful for y’all’s prayers about that letter! We just need one more signature (or stamp, or seal, or something like that) and then we’ll be able to purchase our plane tickets. There’s no telling when we’ll get the next call (it could be a week, a month, or more) but we are getting verrrrry close now! :-D

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  1. says

    Layla and Kevin, what wonderful news! I’ve been thinking of you each day and hoping that we would hear great news very soon. Isn’t it amazing to look at all of the sweet little ones, and know that you have taken another huge step as a family! So many blessings! ♡

  2. Amy Y. says

    So very exciting!
    I always say, “timing is everything!”
    God is always right on time. Never late and never early.
    He is growing your hearts and preparing them for meeting your little one.
    Like I said earlier, “so exciting!”

  3. Katie Smith says

    I cried when I read this post. I was adopted and it touches my heart to the very core when I read this post. I am praying for you and your child will be so blessed to have you two as parents. Good luck!

  4. Brenda Finney says

    So happy for you both, and praying that the last signature is quickly secured….my sister adopted her son from Korea and he is a delight to behold…I remember how hard the waiting period was for them and us!!!

  5. Reba says

    This just brings me to tears this morning! The twins are just adorable. I am so happy for that family….they will be blessed with love beyond description. And I continue to pray for your baby boy that soon he will be in you home. God bless you and your husband.

  6. Trish says

    Thank you for sharing your update!! Not knowing you or Amanda personally, I still read this with tears of joy in my eyes! I truly believe you are doing what you are meant to do and that everything will work out! You and your husband will be amazing parents and I look forward to reading and “watching” your story unfold.

  7. Beth G says

    So happy for you! Just sittin’ here in my “Don’t quit your day dream” shirt, thanking the LORD for His love and tender mercies for your family!

  8. Janet says

    Great news ! So excited for you. And so sweet that your sweet babe will have friends not far away in Alabama!

  9. Sarah "SophieBugsMom" says

    Wow! I get goosebumps reading this! I so remember every time my phone showed my agency’s number calling… it felt just like those times that I first felt a baby kicking in my tummy… except it was my heart beating out of my chest!!

    Congratulations and I hope you are traveling to meet your little guy very soon!

  10. Laurie says

    Precious beautiful-on-the-inside-and-out Layla… you will be such a beautiful radiant wonderful mama!! Your little boy will be so blessed to have y’all for parents. So excited for y’all and Amanda and her family and those precious little boys!!! May Jesus bless your family every step of the way.

  11. Kaye Chastain says

    Could not help tearing up when I read your post and saw the pictures of those beautiful, beautiful twin boys!!! When I think how miraculously God works things out in His own time, I am simply in awe. Having followed your story for many months now (and having lived in Montgomery for three years and can recognize the places you name), I can’t help feeling emotionally invested in your journey to parenthood. Will be praying for all of you!

  12. Lisa says

    This brought tears to my eyes. Bless you for being the Christian couple that you are. You will be (-already are, really-) amazing, Godly parents!

  13. Linda says

    So excited for you! Prayers going up for a smooth and fast process to the beautiful end when you will have your little one home!

  14. Penny says

    First of all Layla the fact that the boys were twins is amazing and just goes to show us that what is meant to be, will be.

    And I’m so happy for you and Kevin that I am literally speechless….

    Thank-you so much for this bright spot in this day….


  15. wordshipper says

    Our daughter adopted from Korea. The wait seemed endless, but when he finally came home to us, it happened so quickly!

  16. Lisa says

    Reading your post brought me back 9 years and I felt it in my heart as if it were yesterday! We got our call in March of 2005. One of the best days of our lives!


  17. says

    So happy for you, your family, and your friend’s family!!!! What amazing news. God doesn’t forget about any of us and his plans are so beautiful and true!!

  18. Sheila McClamma says

    OH MY GOSH!!!! Congrats to you and Kevin. I am so happy for you.
    I have been following your blog for several years and your facebook page for a while. I love reading the updates on you adoption.

  19. says

    I was so excited when I saw the title that I could hardly READ this post fast enough :) Sooo happy you finally have the letter you’ve been waiting for and I hope the last signature comes through soon!

  20. brenda says

    thank you for sharing yours and Amandas good news. I am so glad to be receiving your letters once more just in time for this good news. praise Him.

  21. Ann Weisman says

    As a preschool teacher who has worked with little children 25 years, I can just tell you both will be just wonderful parents. What a lucky little boy. I know a God has been taking care of him just waiting for you. Very best wishes that everything goes quickly so you can soon be a happy family

  22. says

    Congrats to you and Kevin — I said a prayer to St. Anthony (I’m Catholic!) that he ‘find’ that you get the call SOONER, rather than later. ;) Also, it was very nice of you to tell the other lady’s lovely story first (re: the twins), before your own. Good karma is coming your way.

  23. Laura says

    I was just thinking about you out of the blue, today, Layla. For no reason at all. And I thought I should come here tonight and post some encouraging words like, “Still thinking and praying for you guys. :) “… when I find this WONDERFUL post! So happy for you. :)

  24. Linda says

    Oh, Layla and Kevin I am thrilled for you both…I pray you can bring your sweet boy home soon too!!!!! xoxo

  25. says

    Layla, I have been following your blog for years, and have loved every post but until now I have not commented ( nor have I commented on any of the other blogs I read –bad me) Your news about getting your adoption letter has changed all that !! I had to let you know that there are people out here in Oregon who are celebrating with you and Kevin. I just knew our God was not going to make you and your little one wait too much longer. The blessing that you and your little one will be to each other is immeasurable !! Bless you all.

  26. Sunny says

    Oh Layla and Kevin,
    Such a wonderous story…and how we have waited for this good news for you…thank you for letting us share in your joy.
    God is amazing…what a story to tell Sweet Pea one day.

  27. Lisa W. says

    aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO happy for you and Kev, AND for your friends bringing home their babies. Wonderful news!!! Will be praying you get to book that trip soon!!!

  28. jennybc says

    how wonderful! little does that young boy know but his entire family heritage is about to change with his adoption. makes me weep with joy for all that little guy will have in a loving family. praying for the next signature soon!

  29. Susan says

    I’m usually a silent reader but must say how exciting this is for you two! I’ve tried to guess which little boy will come home to your beautiful house.Hopefully you can share that soon!
    On a side note: I’ve been listening to Kevin and Josh for two days now, teaching me about taking pictures .I’ve got to spend several more hours with them because I can absorb only so much at one setting. I have learned SO much! I hope to take some great shots at the beach next week.

  30. Ter'e says

    God Bless Your Hearts.
    I couldn’t even read your post because my eyes were dripping with tears. What fabulous news.
    I loved reading Amanda’s story………I tell you………sometimes we just have to be quiet and listen to God’s message. What a beautiful story of faith……….for all of you.
    GLORIOUS news!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxox

  31. Jess K says

    Hang in there guys! You are so close to your little fellow. I am praying for you and super-excited to hear your good news.

    ps. Still love the house stuff you post too.

  32. Valerie J. says

    God bless you! Tears coming down and more prayers are being sent your way! This is wonderful news!

  33. Susan H says

    Lalya and Kevin,
    Oh, the power of prayer! It is truly amazing what God has in his plans for you. I’ve prayed for your journey in becoming parents, and am continuing to pray for all three of you. Savor this time, God has huge plans for you! Also, someone in Mount Juliet TN is praying for you! Susan

  34. Amanda says

    First time commenter… tears of happiness for your family. I was so happy to see this update this morning.

  35. Christie says

    That is great news! So happy for you two! Continued blessings and may your Sweet P be in your arms soon. :-)

  36. Jilian Sullivan says

    I’m so thrilled for you both!!! I’ve got tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms…Congratulations!!

  37. says

    Congratulations on getting over one more hurdle! I look so forward to the day when I will come to your site and see a photo of you and your little one all together at home!

  38. Julia G. says

    So happy for you and Kevin and your Sweet P!! He will have friends close by to play with. Praying for the next step of your journey to come quickly.

  39. Marianne in Mo. says

    Great news! Funny, when I would look at those sweet faces at the orphanage, I always zeroed in on Kevenal and Kelly, Yervens, Stevenson and Samuel for some reason. I had convinced myself that one of them was coming into your life. Guess in a way, two of them are, just not in the way I expected! I cannot wait to read the post when you are able to say “we are the proud parents of….” ! Congratulations to Amanda and her family!

  40. says

    Yahoooooooooo!! I was so excited when I saw this on IG. And twins for your friend ~ NEXT month ~ so much love ~ so happy for all of you.

  41. Sarah says

    I remember that call we got saying…”she’s coming home”. So happy for you. It is a great joyous time for you. Blessings.

  42. says

    Congratulations Kevin and Layla!!! We are waiting for a match for our adoption. What an incredible story about your friend!!

  43. Deborah D says

    Layla and Kevin, I am beyond excited to here this. This call is what we all have been praying for you. Still praying God’s perfect timing in this matter. Know you both will be great parents.

  44. Tera says

    YAY!!! I was reading this at work yesterday and was trying so hard not to squeal! I’m so happy for you guys and can’t wait for more news!

  45. says

    The way of the Lord is Wonderous! and it is for us to enjoy!!
    Soon these babies who have grown so much, will be in your homes.
    Sending prayers and waiting to read the latest news!!

  46. says

    Congratulations on getting your letter! I have been following your adoption journey and am so touched by all you are going through. I hope you and your little one are united soon. Prayers and best wishes for you all.

  47. Tiffany says

    Congratulations to you both! I have been following your blog and have so appreciated your heartfelt posts during your adoption process. May God bless you richly as God prepares your family to grow!

  48. Ally says

    Just discovered your blog and what a beautiful post to begin with. All the best to you from Brisbane Australia.

  49. Jenna says

    So happy for you guys!! That picture is so sweet of you guys when you’re on the phone. What a joyous moment someone captured for you :)

  50. Cath says

    I feel such overwhelming joy for you, Kevin and your friend Amanda and her husband.

    I hope it is only a short time until both families are holding and loving on their babes.

    Please keep us posted.

  51. Deborah says

    My heart fills with you every time I read about your progress on your adoption. Blessings to you and the little ones too…

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