• Adoption Update – We Got Our Letter!

    AAAAHHHH! I have looked forward to writing this post for so long I can hardly type fast enough! I have two GREAT adoption updates to share with you today! :-D

    First, remember this photo of all the kiddos currently living at the orphanage our adoption agency is partnered with?

    Angel House Kids

    And remember when I blogged about meeting Amanda who lives a few hours up the interstate from us here in Alabama, and is also in the process of adopting through Lifeline and Three Angels?

    Kevin and Layla Palmer

    She and her husband started their adoption process in December of 2011. They wanted to adopt a little boy, but as that first year of their adoption process went on, Amanda and her husband kept feeling like God was leading them towards twins. They talked about it with friends, and they even shared it with their case worker, but they still weren’t sure about why they were hearing that specific calling.

    Their application was accepted by Three Angels on August 14, 2012, and like us, they were so excited to discover their Facebook page where they could see pictures of the babies currently living there:

    Angel House Kids 2012

    She continued to check their page for updates over and over throughout the next week. Then on August 22, 2012, she decided to scroll waaaaay back. Knowing that one of the boy’s in that collage was going to be her son, she wanted to soak up as much info and as many photos as she could. She scrolled back through June’s posts, then May’s, and when she got back to April’s, her life changed forever:

    Three Angels Childrens Relief

    Kevenel and Kelly were twins- she just didn’t realize it because they weren’t identical!

    Three Angels Children

    Isn’t that Amazing!? She told me she still gets goosebumps when she scrolls back to that post. :-D

    She’s going to be sharing more about their entire adoption story on the Three Angels blog soon, but I am so excited to share this exciting update with you:

    The boys are coming home in June!!!

    We’re going to meet them at the airport when they fly back to Alabama, and I cannot wait to share that experience with you, too. I told Amanda, seeing her boys come home with them is going to be like chicken soup for my soul!

    And speaking of that, are you ready for adoption update #2?

    Kevin and I also got a phone call from Meredith on Friday. :-)

    We were hanging out with our friend Josh at the time. The phone rang and I jumped up like I always do when I see the word “Lifeline” pop up on the screen. Meredith said she had exciting news, so I put her on speaker and smiled for the rest of the phone call.

    Kevin and Layla Adoption

    That piece of paper we’ve been waiting on (for 3 months) has been signed!!!

    We are one huge step closer to booking our socialization trip, and we are so thankful for y’all’s prayers about that letter! We just need one more signature (or stamp, or seal, or something like that) and then we’ll be able to purchase our plane tickets. There’s no telling when we’ll get the next call (it could be a week, a month, or more) but we are getting verrrrry close now! :-D

    PS- For up-to-the-minute adoption updates, join me on Instagram!

    Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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