• Adoption Update – Three Angels

    We finished our adoption home study on June 24th!

    Lettered Cottage Adoption

    We couldn’t stop smiling, and we celebrated with the sunset that night. I saved a little video snippet of it on Instagram so that we’d always be able to go back to it:

    Lettered Cottage Adoption Home Study Sunset

    (Click on the photo above if you’d like to view the video. Email readers will have to visit TheLetteredCottage.net to click through.)

    Our (home study) social worker, Beth, was so much fun to work with, and we sure did enjoy getting to know her over the past six months. The average home study takes 3-4 months to complete, but ours ended up being about 6 months because we were still praying about which program was the right fit for us during the first half of it. Around the four month mark, it became crystal clear that the Haiti program was the one for us, and we’re so thankful for the Peace that came along with making that huge decision!

    We just entered into the Immigration phase of our adoption journey, and our agency (Lifeline Children’s Services) tells us this step is usually about two or three months in length. Our caseworker’s name is Mallory, and she’ll be with us the rest of the way! We’re excited to get to know her more too, and we’re very thankful to have her helping us along as we continue to gather documents for our dossier. (For those wondering: a dossier is a (giant) set of legal documents that foreign countries require when adopting a child from their country. It’s usually made up of your home study, marriage & birth certificates, immigration forms, etc. etc. etc.) We’re hoping our dossier will travel to Haiti sometime this September or October, and that we’ll be matched with a child from Angel House Orphanage sometime next year. It’s part of the Three Angels organization, which had to be completely rebuilt after the massive earthquake in 2010.

    Here’s an exterior photo of (one side of) the new Three Angel’s property:


    On their property you’ll find the Angel House Orphanage, the Three Angels Christian Academy, and a small medical clinic.

    They’ve been providing care for abandoned children at the orphanage since 2003, and they work with Haitian authorities to admit children who have no other family option in Haiti. These are the little ones currently living at Angel House:


    We’ve still got a long ways to go, but Kevin and I can’t help but wondering if we’ll be blessed with one them in the future? :-D

    Three Angels also created an Orphan Prevention program which allows them the opportunity to walk alongside families, in their effort to grow their relationship with God, and maintain things like good health, sustainable income, safe dwellings, etc.

    At the Three Angels Christian Academy, their mission is to provide students with education, medical care, a hot meal and a safe place to spend their day. It’s primarily student sponsor-funded, and they’ve even been able to offer scholarships for advanced education.

    At the medical clinic, staff members provide ongoing community training to help stop the spread of cholera and other life threatening diseases. They provide regular check-ups, vaccinations, prescription medications, emergency care, dental care, and even surgery when a specialist is visiting. (Hey, that reminds me- their website said they are always looking for medical volunteers, so if you’re interested or know someone who may be interested in visiting them- here’s the contact email: [email protected]).

    I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) meeting the staff (and our babe!) at Three Angels in person next year, but we’ve made a pact to be super patient with this process. From what we’ve been told and read, it’s going to be a slow-go as Haiti’s government is still trying to get things back on track post-earthquake, and is moving towards a better adoption process through the Hague Convention. We knew that going in though, and I think just fully accepting that it’s going to be a very long and rocky road has already made a difference in our journey. We look forward to making the most of our wait time by learning more about little ones, Haiti, and as always- each other!

    Lettered Cottage Palmer Adoption

    (Snapped that one the day we sent off our I-600A immigration form!) :-D

    PS- If you’d like to visit Three Angel’s on Facebook, just click on the photo below…


    …and here’s a video I found online that shows a little bit more about what the work they’re doing in Haiti. It was shot before the new Three Angels was constructed:

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