• Adoption Update – Referral Page

    “She woke each morning with a glow of hope,
    not because a new dream had been born,
    but knowing the one she carried
    inside her heart would last.”
    -Jodi Hills


    They came bearing desserts, y’all. :-)


    They swooshed right into my living room, with their sweet desserts and sweeter hearts, and they helped me pack up t-shirts all the livelong (Tues)day. :-)

    T-shirt Packing Party

    Some of them are friends from church, and some of them are friends from the neighborhood, but you better believe I checked ALL of their backs for wings when they left our house that day. ;-) #angels

    Kevin’s mom came back the next day to help us pack up the remaining shirts…

    The Lettered Cottage | Tshirts

    …and I’ve been making 2 trips a day to the post office ever since!

    The Lettered Cottage | Tshirts | Cow Doorbell

    I’ve got 4 hamper-loads to go, but for those who ordered, you can expect to see a package from me in your mailbox soon! Thanks SO MUCH again to everyone who placed an order! XO


    Okay. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share one, but are you ready to hear about our latest adoption update? :-D

    It was such a fun one last week!

    Our caseworker, Meredith, called around 10am. Kevin and I were eating drive-thru breakfast in our car in the parking lot next to Dillards at the time. It’s kind of our thing if we’re out and about. We choose our (warm) car over (always freezing) fast food joints almost every time. We usually park somewhere scenic, but that particular day we were in a bit of a hurry, so an almost-empty Dillards lot next to Chic-Fil-A it was!

    I mashed my speakerphone button with a quickness and in leaned a little closer to Kevin. Meredith told us she was going to send us an email, and asked if we wanted to stay on the phone with her while we checked it, or if we wanted to check it and then call her after we had read it. We decided we wanted to check it and then call her back.

    A few seconds later, and a few seconds apart, these all-caps words popped up at the tops of our email feeds:


     If you’ve adopted a child you know exactly what those words mean. If not, in short, a referral page is a document that includes photos and information about the child you’re adopting. Kevin and I have heard about these things called “referral pages” ever since we started our adoption journey, so to see those capital letters staring back at us on Friday (April 4, 2014) was so surreal! We already knew most of the information they included on our boy’s referral page (it was very basic info: name, how he ended up at Three Angels, how he’s doing developmentally, and a tiny bit of medical info), but it was so neat to have it all laid out on paper. There are three photos of him on the page- two we had already seen on Three Angels Facebook page, and one we had never seen before. Needless to say, we’ve been staring at that one A LOT since Friday! He is just SO sunny, y’all! :-D

    We called Meredith back, and after a fun chat about our boy, she went on to tell us that she had received word that a decision has been made by IBESR about how to proceed with consentment letters, but that she didn’t know what that decision was at that point. So, our prayer this week is that the in-country orphanage director at Three Angels will have a successful, information-filled meeting about how they’ve decided to proceed with consentment letters, and that Meredith will hear from him about that this week. 


    Until then, each morning continues to bring with it a fresh glow of hope. A hope that encourages me to focus not on the when, but on the Wonder. :-)

    PS- To follow along with our adoption timline click HERE, and for adoption updates between posts, join me over on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram!

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