• Adoption Update – Psychological Evaluations

    Happy Wednesday!

    It’s been a busy work week so far, but Kevin and I are still plugging away with our Immigration-related appointments and paperwork, too. We got to take part in psychological evaluations as a part of our adoption process recently, and we should be getting the results back from those soon.

    This is where I sat when I took the 567-question MPPI test that day:


    They were all true/false questions, and Kevin and I still find ourselves playing a lot of, “How did you answer this one? How did you answer that one?:-)

    - I would like to work as a librarian.

    - I almost always experience muscle spasms.

    - I am terrified by wind storms.

    - I am comfortable speaking to a group of strangers about a topic that I know well.

    - I have disturbing dreams on a regular basis.

    - If I was a journalist I would want to cover sports.

    - Most people are dishonest.

    - I’d like to be a singer.

    Totally random questions to us, but I’m sure they’ve got a method to their madness! :-D

    Next up, we’ve got another biometric fingerprint appointment in Birmingham, AL on August 13th. After that, we’ll continue to gather up more paperwork, and get things notarized so that it can all be translated to French and sent off to Haiti!

    In the meantime, I’m off to the World’s Longest Yard Sale with some of my favorite girls in the galaxy today, and I look forward to sharing photos and info about our trip with you when I get back home!

    PS- for Yard Sale pics between posts, join me over on Twitter, Facebook and/orĀ Instagram!

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