Adoption Update – Psychological Evaluations

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a busy work week so far, but Kevin and I are still plugging away with our Immigration-related appointments and paperwork, too. We got to take part in psychological evaluations as a part of our adoption process recently, and we should be getting the results back from those soon.

This is where I sat when I took the 567-question MPPI test that day:


They were all true/false questions, and Kevin and I still find ourselves playing a lot of, “How did you answer this one? How did you answer that one?:-)

– I would like to work as a librarian.

– I almost always experience muscle spasms.

– I am terrified by wind storms.

– I am comfortable speaking to a group of strangers about a topic that I know well.

– I have disturbing dreams on a regular basis.

– If I was a journalist I would want to cover sports.

– Most people are dishonest.

– I’d like to be a singer.

Totally random questions to us, but I’m sure they’ve got a method to their madness! πŸ˜€

Next up, we’ve got another biometric fingerprint appointment in Birmingham, AL on August 13th. After that, we’ll continue to gather up more paperwork, and get things notarized so that it can all be translated to French and sent off to Haiti!

In the meantime, I’m off to the World’s Longest Yard Sale with some of my favorite girls in the galaxy today, and I look forward to sharing photos and info about our trip with you when I get back home!

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  1. Sharon Engel says

    I just wanted to tell you our adopted DD will be 26 next month. You will soon be celebrating birthdays and many special events. I recently worked for a Psychologist and one time I had to read the questions to a patient because he was dyslexic and would have taken him way longer. By the end we were laughing over the questions, but the MMPI usually is right on about the person, considering the strange questions.
    Sorry this is so darn long, but wanted to send encouragement to you re: the adoption.

  2. says

    I know that my answer to at least one of those questions would probably get me an F. lol Did you wonder at times “what answer “should” I put?”. I think I would have.

    • Layla says

      Hi Nancy! :-) The only thing that made me feel anxious that day was sitting in that liiiiiittle teeny tiny room with the door closed! :-( I definitely answered “TRUE” to the question about feeling uncomfortable in small spaces- LOL! πŸ˜€

  3. says

    You are one step closer! I love reading how God is bringing your family together step by step. (And what fun will that garage sale be! I still remember your post on another trip with Rhoda and all your fun finds.)

  4. Pamela says

    My husband had to take one of those tests for clearance to work in nuclear facilities (he is an engineer). The standards were based on midwestern USA men in the 1950’s. He grew up in Europe and scored outside the test parameters (never wanted to be a sports journalist). Fortunately, a personal interview revealed him to be a superior candidate. With people nowadays coming from culturally diverse backgrounds, lets hope standards have been revised.

    • Jane ROsen says

      The MMPI is NO LONGER based on midwestern men. It was revised in 1989 to reflect a more diverse population.

  5. says

    Those *are* odd questions! BTW – I am a librarian. Most days I love it, but some days I don’t want to “work as a librarian”! I wonder how that would be scored….

  6. ErinY says

    Well obviously the psychiatric evaluation comes from how well you can sit and answer that many questions and still keep your sanity! lol

  7. says

    I had to take the Psych Eval for our adoption process and I still giggle at the questions I had to answer too. My favorite though was the librarian one and even though I had never thought of it, I actually think I would enjoy it. LOL! Well done making such great progress. We are working on our dossier too. Love finishing up and can’t wait to get on to getting our baby!

  8. says

    Those are some very random questions. I am thinking the muscle spasm question is a backwards way of learning about your diet because they are usually caused by a mineral deficiency. But it really makes you think… wow, I wonder if I am suitable to adopt if I have muscle spasms on a regular basis, right? So weird…

  9. Lynn says

    Amazing what they put you through to adopt a child….when babies are born all the time to those who absolutely should NEVER be parents. Your little one is going to be soooo loved and blessed by you.

  10. Ellen says

    Congrats on one more step behind you!

    Do you have a good translator? We have a great gal here in Indiana who has done many Haitian dossiers, if you need a referral. She did everything by e-mail and is very reasonable.

  11. Alicia says

    I’m a professional counselor and had an entire course on these kinds of tests. There are no wrong or right answers! They just want to make sure you and Kevin aren’t crae-crae. :) If you are paranoid schizophrenia, it will show up on this test. And you’re not, so you both will be good to go! SO EXCITING!!!!!

  12. Summer says

    Hi, I have been following your blog for a little while and I love your style and particularly your Tybee Island photos. We vacation there every year and I am in love with Tybee. So low key and laid back! Anyway, my son, Liam, is adopted from Russia and has been home now 3 1/2 years and just started kindergarten! I adopted him as a single mom and he is the love of my life. I can’t wait to follow your journey. Everyone always tells me how lucky he is to be here but I feel like the lucky one! Adoption is an amazing and crazy process and I wish you the best of luck and will be happy to answer any questions or share my experiences. Love the dish towels with hooks!! I have been looking for an easy way to do that. My blog will be up and running so at Hope to talk to you again! Summer