Adoption Update – Invitation and Consentment

“Keep you best wishes close to your
heart and watch what happens.”
-Tony DeLiso

We got a call from our caseworker, Meredith, while we were at the Empowered to Connect conference on Valentine’s Day. She had a green light/yellow light update.

The green light/good news: our invitation from IBESR is signed and ready for pick up! (This is the invitation that allows us to go on our 2-week socialization trip so we can meet and bond with our boy for the first time!)

The yellow light/unexpected news: IBESR is switching things up a bit, and won’t release our invitation until we have something called a “consentment” now. (I *think* a consentment letter officially matches you with your child, but don’t quote me on that.)

We were all caught off guard by this new request because up until Valentine’s Day, you didn’t get your consentment letter until you were exiting IBESR…several months after you met him/her for the first time and closer to the time you are bringing him or her home. But like I mentioned in a previous post, the Haitian adoption process is changing (for the better) this year, and all the new rules are still coming together as we go.

Either way, Meredith is optimistic that the consentment will get signed within the next couple of weeks, and if so, that will (hopefully) help things move a little quicker in the long run.


In related news- I’ve now had the pleasure of e-connecting with the adoptive mamas of all but two of these precious kiddos at our little one’s orphanage…

Angel House Kids

…and since we’re now required to travel in groups, we’re excited to be able to meet a few more of them in person very soon. This trip will be so life-changing, and I imagine going through the experience with others who are in the same exact boat will definitely make it even more memorable. :-)

As for this week, we’ll continue to keep our best little wish close as we watch to see what happens! Like Meredith, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about getting our consentment soon, too….what with February 26th right around the corner and all. 😉

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  1. Rachael says

    Layla- We have never met nor do we have any connection but I just felt the need to post… I love your work and have come to learn of your journey building a family. I’ve been so touched by it. I wish you all the best. (Those sweet babies are adorable!)

  2. Sheila says

    Awww girl … how exciting for you and your hubby to be adopting !!! Thanks for the updates and remember you are in my thoughts and prayers. What a blessing to be able to adopt a child !!!!

  3. Lili Tankersley says

    I was at the ETC conference!! I have read your blog for years. I wish I had seen you there to meet you!

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