Adoption Update – A Better Line

It was right around noon on Monday when our caseworker’s call came in. I was out and about, running errands in the rain at the time.

Rainy Windshield

Is Kevin with you?” Meredith delicately said, “this is going to be a kind of a hard call“.

Kevin wasn’t with me.


My brain immediately raced to the worst scenario.

Meredith went on to (very gently) explain a possible change in our adoption process, and in an instant, my windshield matched my cheeks. :-(

It wasn’t the worst case scenario that had flashed into my mind, but bottom line: we’re *probably* not going to Haiti any time soon.

On Monday, I couldn’t focus on anything but the bottom line.

I really believed we’d be booking our 2-week socialization trip in the next couple of weeks, and I felt so sure we’d be snuggling with him at the orphanage soon.

Kids Room | Boys Room | Cable Knit Ottoman and Jenny Lind Bed and Rope Table Lamp from Land Of Nod | Bedding from Schoolhouse Electric

But God has really redirected my focus over the last couple of days, and I’ve got a whole new perspective today. It wasn’t about the bottom line, it was about a (potentially) better line (in the long-run).

Kids Room | Boys Bedroom | Gray Ottoman Jenny Lind Bed and Teddy Bear from Land of Nod | Bedding from Schoolhouse Electric

So today, I feel encouraged to know that he’s in very Happy hands in the meantime…

…and, with a click of that play button, I feel re-encouraged to focus on the Wonder…not the wait. :-)

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  1. says

    Oh sweet Layla. It kills me that this has to take sooooo loooooong. I’m so glad you’re resting in the Lord. His timing is perfect.

    Happy Easter!

  2. says

    Aww, I am PRAYING for you guys. I know this waiting time is hard. It isn’t wasted time. God already knows the moment that you will scoop your little man into your arms for the first time. <3

  3. Meghann says

    I don’t usually comment but this really is something that The Lord has taught us. Things look like they are going along swimmingly then something happens or does not happen. While I’m in these situations it’s hard to remember that HE loves us more then we know and that he is preparing the way…. The best way. When I’m farther down the road of life I can look back and see his hand in it all….even when I thought it was the worst news or timing or whatever it could be. Please be encouraged in all things. Our Heavenly Father is just that….he is a daddy who loves all his kids and wants the best for us. Thinking and praying for you all. Xo

  4. says

    Though I have been following you for some time, and have enjoyed your posts,(especially those involving your future adoption), I have never posted a comment. After reading this one, I simply could not move on without telling you how much I admire your courage, faith and amazing strength. I cannot imagine what you and your husband must be going through right now, but please know, my thoughts and prayers are with you both. I truly believe God has a plan for the two of you, and very soon, you will have the chance to be the wonderful parents you were always meant to be.

  5. says

    You will be ‘training up a child in the way he should go’ before you know it. Praying for you all about the wait and thankful that when you get your little fella, he will be raised by a mamma who puts her faith into action in the hard times. Blessings to your family as you wait for your blessing!

  6. says

    Blessings as you continue on your journey. You are correct God has your heart in His hands and His plans are laid for you. Sending you prayers and well wishes!

  7. Tiffany says

    Oh, Layla. As I read that last line of yours, “focus on the Wonder…not the wait,” right here in Starbucks my eyes welled for you. It’s so true though. Drawing near to Him is exactly what he longs for. And how rewarding. Thanks for the reminder, Layla. I’ll continue to pray for this journey you’re all on.

  8. Wynne says

    oh friend, that’s hard. but yay for perspective changes. the wait between knowing and going is SO hard. i’ll be praying for you and believing that the time is SOON!

  9. says

    Friend. I’m so sorry.
    Adoption can be such heart-wrenching business. But God is in this right here. I’m praying He gives you extra grace today. I’m praying for YOU and your babe.

  10. Robbie Wagner says

    That happened to us in our adoption journey. Russia totally closed it’s doors to adoption after our dossier was sent over. The beauty of it all is that our precious son was not even in the region our dossier was originally sent to and had it not been for the shut down, we would have been matched with another child. God orchestrated it all magnificantly, although it didn’t seem so at the time. He knows what’s best and will bring it to fruition at the right time.

  11. Audra says

    I just wanted to share a scripture that carried me through our own difficult time before we could hold our children. “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.'” – 2 Corin. 12:9. I felt like the Lord gave me this scripture at a crossroads when I could have turned down the path of asking the Lord “why?”, “why, us?”, “why not now?”. Instead I clung to this scripture and chose to hold onto His grace. It is so good to know our God cares and He is in control. I will be praying for this season of waiting to be filled with His grace and peace.

  12. says

    i am so excited that you are adopting from haiti. i am more excited for the little guy who will be joining your family. i am in love with the little children of haiti and i am happy, happy everytime i hear that one of them will have a home soon. a few years ago i sat on the opposite side of a swimming pool at a small but clean hotel in port-au-prince and watched adoptive parents play with their soon-to-be-adopted-son. he was tinier than most 2 year olds here in the states but precious and laughing and happy. he had only known this couple a day or two but i think he knew, somehow, that life was about to get a lot better. he smiled and cooed and even ran to them for “safety” when we approached to talk to the parents. it was sweet and so satisfying to know that even one precious haitian baby was going to have a better life. i’m so excited for all 3 of you and cannot wait to see pictures of your little guy safe and sound and well fed in your home. i don’t know if you have been to haiti before but it is quite an experience and you will fall head over heels for all of the children there – they are so sweet. you will want all of them – don’t say i didn’t warn you :)

  13. Paige says

    We had a similar phone call when we were in the final weeks before adopting my son from Russia in March 1997. We were in the “any day now” part of the wait to meet him, when we got a call saying we would have to wait 6 months. Talk about devasting! We’d been through so many disappointments already but this one was the worst! I cried for days.
    Eventually things were worked through and in April we brought him home. I truly felt God’s presence in the room when they handed him to me. All of the bitter disappointment of 13 years we spent trying to become parents suddenly made perfect sense to me. It was so I could be right there in that orphanage at that very moment.
    God has a plan for you. Hang in there!

  14. says

    Now that we are becoming a Lifeline family I totally understand why you love Meredith. She truly is so wonderful! :)