• Adoption Update – A Better Line

    It was right around noon on Monday when our caseworker’s call came in. I was out and about, running errands in the rain at the time.

    Rainy Windshield

    Is Kevin with you?” Meredith delicately said, “this is going to be a kind of a hard call“.

    Kevin wasn’t with me.


    My brain immediately raced to the worst scenario.

    Meredith went on to (very gently) explain a possible change in our adoption process, and in an instant, my windshield matched my cheeks. :-(

    It wasn’t the worst case scenario that had flashed into my mind, but bottom line: we’re *probably* not going to Haiti any time soon.

    On Monday, I couldn’t focus on anything but the bottom line.

    I really believed we’d be booking our 2-week socialization trip in the next couple of weeks, and I felt so sure we’d be snuggling with him at the orphanage soon.

    Kids Room | Boys Room | Cable Knit Ottoman and Jenny Lind Bed and Rope Table Lamp from Land Of Nod | Bedding from Schoolhouse Electric

    But God has really redirected my focus over the last couple of days, and I’ve got a whole new perspective today. It wasn’t about the bottom line, it was about a (potentially) better line (in the long-run).

    Kids Room | Boys Bedroom | Gray Ottoman Jenny Lind Bed and Teddy Bear from Land of Nod | Bedding from Schoolhouse Electric

    So today, I feel encouraged to know that he’s in very Happy hands in the meantime…

    …and, with a click of that play button, I feel re-encouraged to focus on the Wonder…not the wait. :-)

    Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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