Adoption Timeline

12/5/12 – Sent adoption application to Lifeline Children’s Services in Birmingham, AL.

12/11/12 – Application accepted by Lifeline.

12/28/12 –¬†Fingerprinted for background checks.

1/2/13 – Mailed orientation paperwork and first agency fee to Lifeline. Mailed fingerprint cards and background check paperwork to SBCN (Security Biometrics Clearing Network).

1/4/13 – One-hour orientation phone call with Lifeline. (1st home study interview)

1/11/13 – Second home study interview. (In our home)

1/14/13 – Released the adoption song Kevin wrote (Love Collides) as a fundraiser.

2/7/13 – Third home study interview. (In our home. Individual interviews. Layla at 9:30am, Kevin at 11:00am)

2/13/13 – Physicals at our doctor’s office.

3/22/13 – Fourth and fifth home study interviews. (At the Lifeline Children’s Services office in Birmingham, AL)

3/22-3/23/13 – Crossings seminar at Lifeline Children’s Services office.

4/30/13 – Switched to Lifeline’s Haiti program.

6/24/13 – Finished home study!

7/2/13 – Mailed our I-600A form.

7/9/13 – One hour phone call with the International Adoption Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama.

7/17/13 – Psychological evaluations in Montgomery, Alabama.

8/13/13 – Biometric fingerprint appointment in Birmingham, Alabama.

9/6/13 – Spent this day getting our paperwork authenticate at the county and state levels.

9/9/13 – All paperwork sent to Haitian Consulate in Miami, Florida to get authenticated at the national level.

9/20/13 – Dossier arrived at Three Angels Children’s Relief in Haiti!

11/25/13 – Dossier submitted into Haiti’s adoption system! (Entered IBESR)

12/11/13 – The dossier of a 2 year old boy was accepted into IBESR along with ours!

2/14/14 – Referral letter from IBESR is ready to go, but (as of this week) we must receive a Consentment letter before traveling for our 2-week socialization trip. :-/

4/4/14 – Received information about our son via email from Lifeline. It included 3 photos, a little info about how he ended up at Three Angels, how he’s doing developmentally and some medical information.

5/23/14 – Received our Consentment letter which states our son is legally adoptable!

?/?/14 – Received our Referral letter and booked our Socialization trip!