• Adoption Home Study #4 and 5

    Kevin and I drove up to Birmingham this afternoon.


    We’ve got our last two home study interviews at the Lifeline office here tomorrow morning, and then we’ll be attending a 2-day Lifeline-sponsored seminar called Crossings.

     photo Crossings_Adoption_Seminar_zpsafc3694b.jpg

    Crossings was created “to┬áprepare and equip families for the joys and challenges that come with the journey of international adoption“. Some of the topics they’re going to cover with us are: understanding development, behavioral effects of trauma, neurochemistry changes, sensory processing disorder, parent attachment styles, behavioral changes, and healthy attachment.

    We’re looking forward to soaking it all up, and we’re feeling very grateful about the chance to spend time with folks that are also in the process of adopting through a special needs program, as well as some people who have already gone through the adoption process.

    I’ll be back soon with an update about how it all went, and in the meantime, I thought I’d share a fun adoption video we found online. (Email subscribers and Google Readers, you’ll need to pop over to our blog to watch!)

    What an inspiring bunch!

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