Accessorizing- Traumatizing, Mesmerizing

Do you have a “fear of accessorizing”?
Do you pick up, and put down, and pick up, and put down accessories at the store, afraid to commit because, while it looks so pretty there on the shelf, it might not work in your house?

Have you ever driven all the way back to the store because when you got home, you realized that thing might just work after all?

Did you pray the whole car ride back to the store that it would still be there when you arrived?

Have you ever driven all the way back to the store, the NEXT DAY, and it was gone and you’re still thinking about that thing to this day?

I think one way to conquer a fear of accessorizing is to look to those who accessorize best.

Photo Stylists.

After all, they’re the ones responsible for making us swoon, page after page, while flipping through the pages of our favorite shelter magazines, right?

Take the photo above, for example.
What a wonderfully accessorized, calm little corner.
The whole vignette could be put together pretty inexpensively too.

To achieve this exact look, search for:

1. A small, flea market find, dresser.

– Choose a dresser that’s the same tone as the window blind.
– The use of one, consistent wood tone really reinforces the feeling of calm this photo evokes.

2. Two, 16×20, thin black frames.

– You can find frames like these at Michaels for $7.00 a piece. I like to use frames that look skinnier on the front, and have a thick profile, on the side. Since there isn’t much horizontal space here, hanging them on top of each other really takes advantage of the vertical space, and fills up this corner nice and symmetrically.

3. Two, 16×20, white mats.

– Looks like they used two 16×20 mats, which hold one 5×7, and one 8×10 photo in each of the frames.

4. A table lamp.

– Make sure to choose one that is the right scale. The one in this photo doesn’t have a big, chunky base. It is small enough in size to allow you to see the picture frame behind it.

– Also, choose one that maintains that sense of calm. This lamps silver tone is visually “light”. If it was black, for instance, the corner might feel less airy than it does because its polished silver and reflective. It also pops against the black of the frame.

5. A small, round basket.

– Again, similar in color to the window blind and dresser, this
basket works so well here to create yet another texture.

– Size-wise, it’s low in profile. Perfect. Even with flowers in it, it still allows you to see much of the framed print above. If you can’t afford to keep real flowers in it all the time, use faux ones, until you have company or a special occasion, then replace them with real ones. Another idea would be to fill it with large, white seashells, to achieve a similar look.

– To give it some European-inspired appeal, use a stencil, taped onto the basket, and paint on black letters and numbers of your choice.

6. A miniature, wooden stool.

– The smallest item on top of the dresser, this little guy offers up the most visual pop. It helps ground the whole ensemble and adds a touch of whimsy and eclectisism to an otherwise pretty grown up selection of accessories. It also ties in nicely to the color of the frames, for a well-rounded look.

7. A chair.

– The chair in this photo has an open back, which lends to the light and airy feel of this corner. Brilliant.

8. A box-shaped, lidded basket.

– The use of a basket that has a lid is crucial in this situation, since this particular basket is placed low enough to see it’s contents as you walk by it. It will also provide storage and will guard the seat of the chair from accumulating laundry. (ha ha)

9. An upholstered ottoman.

– Again, this could be a flea market find that you reupholster

– Pay attention to the wood tone of the legs, making sure it’s similar in color to the other wood tones.

– Reupholster it in a creamy fabric that will really make it stand out in front of the dresser.

10. Floor lamp.

– Something skinny, but dark, to speak to the
picture frames is perfect. It’s feminine lines suggest a
warm and cozy vibe. A straight, rod lamp base wouldn’t have
the same appeal.

And there you have it! Easy, breezy, Covergirl!

Now, tell me I’m not the only one that’s driven back to TJ Maxx for something the next day!


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