A Sunday Stroll to Small Town, Alabama

Happy Sunday to you! :-)

I’m meeting some of Kevin’s relatives for the first time today.

They live in a small, country town in the types of houses you see in movies like “Gone with the Wind”. Wrap-around porches, wind-planked floor boards and tall walls lined with tall, old wavy glass windows.

When Kevin’s “Mama Gustie” passed away, one of his relatives moved her old house from the town we’re visiting today, to another. Apparently, it cost just $3000 to pick it up and move it to its current location. (Does that mean Kevin and I could buy an antique house someday for really, really cheap and move it to a lot we love? Hmmmm…..)

A tall, old, tumble-down home that whispers stories of days gone by is the type of inspiration we dream about. The kind that sits where silence is only broken by birdsong and the squeak of a porch swing. The kind that just needs a little love and laughter for it to feel alive again.

Someday, when our work is done here, we’ll begin our search for “the one”.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream, right? 😉


I thought I’d share this video about a sweet, simple couple from Texas today.

“For Dick Cain, a West Texas sunset is money in the bank.
For Bonnie, a happy home is all the insurance she will ever need.”

Although Kevin and I don’t want to live quite that far from civilization, we are inspired by their love for each other and their ability to find happiness in simplicity. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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