A Sofa Table With Shelves

This is the first blog post I’ve ever written in WordPress, so forgive me if it looks funny!

(Pssst! If you haven’t seen our new blog ’cause you’re reading this in a reader- come on over to TheLetteredCottage.net and check it out!)

We’ve got a LONG ways to go, but I’m excited about how things are lookin’ so far.
(FYI- We’re working with Shannon from
EightCrazy Design again, and she is wonderful!)
When all is said and done, everything will be more organized, and there’ll be some fun, new sections on the site too!

One of the sections we’re adding will be called “Before & After”, because who doesn’t love a good Presto Chango, right?

And speaking of Presto Chango’s- we moved the neon green wicker console table out of the Mess Hall yesterday…

…and brought in a neat old, wood sideboard instead…

It was absolutely lovely to begin with (and free!), but I really envisioned using something with shelves or doors, and there just weren’t any on Craigslist that quite fit the bill (or budget!).

So my friend Jane put me in touch with a handyman named Baltazar, and he came over and added a couple of shelves for us…

(I staged it “dining room style” for this photo, but the pretty drawer and the TV & electronic components will make their way back onto it before we head home.)

While Baltazar worked, I played with his ADORABLE daughter, Ashley…

We looked for alley cats together, we listened for the ocean in seashells together, we drew pictures together…

We ate banana bread together…

We hung our pictures on the fridge at the Mess Hall together…

She spoke Spanish, so it was a bit of a challenge for me to understand her (and vice versa), but ya know what?

It didn’t matter one bit.

When Baltazar was done, she helped him pack everything back into his truck…

What a doll!

I’m writing an article for HGTV.com that explains/shows Baltazar’s step-by-step instructions, and I’ll post it here on our new blog as soon as it’s published and our “How To” section is finished!

In the meantime, have a marvelous Monday!


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  1. Annette Taylor says

    love the new blog design. It looks great and easy to manuever around!! and love the table and the little girl!

  2. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    Love the redo of the sideboard! I love the dark of the wicker baskets against the white and the added shelves! Those will hide those annoying cords from the TV!!! Great idea!

  3. Crystal says

    Love the table…I know you will do a run down of where you purchased all the items once it completed (or atleast I HOPE you do!) but where did you purchase the baskets for this project..would love to get my hands on some very soon. Keep upthe great work as always ;o)

    • admin says

      Hey there! We’re sooo excited to be able to post responses to comments/questions left for us here with our new layout. Kev picked up the baskets at the local HomeGoods- didn’t he do a great job!? :-)


  4. says

    Oh…I love it!!! I’m excited to see how it was done…I’ve been wanting to do the same with an old table in my kitchen!

    Love the new blog design!

  5. says

    Welcome to Word Press! I’ve been using it since I began blogging and love it. Your blog is looking great. Adding shelves and baskets to the table was a wonderful way to add storage and hide the ugly wires that come with electronics. (Can’t wait till everything is wire free!) What a cutie-patootie that little one is. Easy to see how she stole your heart. Check your email.

    Your Friend,

  6. Kim says

    Love everything! Can’t wait to see the finished beach house. Am working on my own office remodel right now.

  7. says

    Love the new look, the decor and ASHLEY! What a face! Can’t wait to browse around and see everything that’s new! :)

  8. geri says

    Baltazar’s wood working is almost as beautiful as his daughter Ashley.
    I bet she adored the day with her new friend Layla.
    Her age is so fun and innocent and free.
    b(by any chance would Baltazar travel to Ct. to redo all my furniture)
    Love, Love, the table/buffet and the new look. geri.

  9. gina says

    Love the sideboard. Where did the green wicker piece go? Can I have it??? Can’t wait to see the Mess Hall when it’s done!

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey Gina!

      Pam gave the green wicker one back to the previous owner. Glad you like the new sideboard, and we can’t wait to see the Mess Hall done too!

      Layla :-)

      • says

        I think the green wicker table ended up on the Seaside Sisters covered deck in front of the shop!
        Love Ashley’s pink shoes, so adorable is she! The cottage is looking great!

  10. Amber says

    Love the new format. the new console is really pretty-LOVE the lamps that she has in the cottage-beautiful pops of colour against the white background. dying to see the rest of the re-do! DYING to see your master bedroom re-do also!!

  11. kathy h says

    I love your new look. But.. I am trying to “follow” this new site by pressing on the Reader button. It just clicks, but doesn’t take me anywhere. Sorry…I’m not very blog savy. Is there something I am missing. Oh, I think it said my google toolbar is blocking it.

    sorry to be such a ding dong!

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey Kathy!

      We’re still workin’ on the “Follow” widget…should be fixed and up within the next day or so!


  12. Amy Furlong says

    I love Ashley’s pretty pink shoes. I can’t believe the change in the console table! Remarkable. Doesn’t even look like the same table!

  13. Deb-IL says

    Layla I’ve been a follower for a while now (no, I did not say stalker) and have written many a comment in my head but never actually typed them out. I’m probably more like your mom’s age and though you an Kevin are older than my sons (25 & 21) I kind of think of you as ‘my kids that I read about’ (Again, don’t be frightened, I did not say stalk!) My boys are musicians and the oldest is a total nester/re-purposer/thrifter – and cook – so I’m trying to get him hooked in here (the 21 yr old is too busy with school and snowboarding!)

    It’s such fun watching you work together but your post News and a Thank You will always be my favorite. I hope someday my boys each have a partnership like yours, your spirit of adventure, your heart and passion for doing what you love – it doesn’t et any better.

    Best of luck to you both in your combined and individual pursuits although you are truly making your own luck every day.


    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey Deb!

      Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment! :-)
      I was just thinking about my “News & a Thank You” post this morning!
      YOU, and all the other friendly folks who have left encouraging/motivating/uplifting comments really are the best friends a girl (and her rocker hubby!) could ask for!


  14. says

    Love the new site and design!

    That little table is perfect! I can’t wait to see how he did it. I am looking for something like that for our tv!

  15. says

    Love the new “blog home”…it seems so organized.

    I’m having fun seeing how you transform the mess hall—you and Kevin are truly amazing artists.


  16. Allison says

    Will you be activating Feedburner so I can get your blogs in my email? I love that feature. Thanks.

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Most def!
      As soon as I figure out what Feedburner is, how it works, and where to put it- LOL! :-)


  17. says

    Well Layla, I’d say you did pretty great for just heading over to WordPress. I’ve been here for a few years and still work from a template. Good thing you have Eightcrazy Design. It makes a big ol difference!

    I have no idea how you get your cute signature and smiley in to your post but I still love it.

    As for writing “in” WordPress, I usually compose in Word and “publish as draft”. That way spellcheck has me covered!

    Now, I’m off to Craigslist for my daily search for a sideboard for my dining room. I want one with drawers too!

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey thanks Kristin!
      Writing in WordPress seemed very similar to writing in Blogger to me, but I’ll give Word a whirl and see how that feels too!


  18. says

    I love the idea of adding shelves. I have my parents bedroom set from the 60″ in a golden-orangy ugly maple finish. It has a long headboard with drawers and I can’t bear to part with it. I have wanted to make it something and now I think I have found it! I can’t wait for the tutorial.

    Thanks again Palmers.

  19. says

    Trying to sneak in a comment before bedtime for the kiddos, so I can’t gush as much as I would like…

    BUT — welcome to WordPress! The blog revamp looks great and I think you will find (if you haven’t already) WP to be a joy with which to blog.

    On that note, I must offer a word of thanks for taking us — your readers, that is — on your adventures! You have a wonderful gift for inspiring others and proving that simple, affordable things can be beautiful. I apologize if it sounds cheesy to use the word “ministry,” but I think your inspiring other people to beautify their corners of the world is a ministry no less than the builders of the great cathedrals. Beautiful surroundings elevate our thoughts by putting God’s beauty on display — thanks for encouraging each of us to do that within our homes!

    Best regards,

  20. Krista says

    Layla & Kevin,

    WOW….WOW….WOW. You have been my longtime most favorite blog to read! At first I was thinking, huh not to sure about the new site but now that it is as it is… I love it!! As always you rock! Can’t wait to see more. I am so in love with your photos also, I am hoping my hubby lets me order some soon. I even showed my hubby your hubby’s video…. he loves Kevin’s music! I really just can’t say enough.. you are both wonderful people! I can’t wait to watch you both dream some more, as we ALL enjoy everything you two do. Thanks again,


  21. says

    Love the sideboard and the baskets you used. I also love how you staged it for dining room use. Too bad the electronics will make their way back to it.

    We all need our own Baltazaar that we can call every now and then. Lucky you he was available. The addition of the shelving totally turns it into a new piece and you proved there are other things to do with it than just putting a TV and all it’s electronics on it.

    How cute is Baltazaar’s Ashley. Got flashbacks of my kids when they used to draw pics when they were little. If their pic made it to the fridge, it was a big deal. Soo cute.

  22. says

    Love the new look even though it about gave me a heart attack when I first logged on and got an Error sign. Tried again and here I am, safe and sound. I’m off now to see all that you two love bird, cutie, nesters have been up to. Blessings!

  23. says

    Hi both loving everything great admirer of you your style and all the fun filled times you blog about
    Thanks for sharing some fabulous ideas and great style
    Hugs Suz UK

  24. says

    The new site looks great!

    When I scrolled through the pictures in the post I thought you had managed to find two coordinating pieces for free! I didn’t even realize it was the same piece. Can’t wait to see the instructions…

  25. Emily says

    Who is the artist of the painting of the march in the mess hall photos today? That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors and would love to know who the artist is so I could possibly find them and purchase one of their paintings for my home!!

  26. Patti says

    Ooh I don’t usually stop by daily but whenever I do, I say oh yea, now I remember why I love this blog, cuz you guys are so gosh-dang fantastic! I’m in love with this tv stand, you gave me a great idea for my own. I’m definitely diggin the new look, super easy to use … but can I suggest one lil change … a bigger font size! The type is super-tiny! Ok, that’s it, Love you guys!

  27. says

    I LOVE this idea!! I just found a box of cards and postcards amoung my family treasures and I LOVE this.
    THank you, thank you, thank you for all you do to brighten my day. Your “eye candy” makes me smile!

  28. says

    I really like the new design – it’s refreshing and much less visually chaotic. One last thing to make it perfect and MUCH more legible – Left justify your copy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of legibility!!!

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey thanks!
      We diggin’ WordPress, and we look forward to playin’ around with the new blog more when we get home from Tybee.
      As for the left justification, well, I’m a centered text kinda gal. :-)
      I do want to figure out how to make the text bigger eventually though!


  29. jennifer says

    The sideboard looks great! Looking forward to seeing the how-to because I have a coffee table that I have been wishing I could put a shelf under for a long time.

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