A Saturday Story and Fab Fabrics

I love Saturday morning, in bed, with my laptop. Well, I love every morning in bed with my laptop- but there’s something extra special about a Saturday morning. Maybe it stems back to being a kid, and the feelings that go along with knowing that you don’t have to do anything but play on this day. Maybe it goes back to being a college student, and the feelings that go along with knowing you can sleep in on this day. Maybe it goes back to being a twenty-something, and the feelings that go along with knowing you have the day off today. Or maybe it has something to do with being a thirty-something, and the feelings that go along with knowing that you can spend part of this day at a flea market or yard “saling”, or taking pictures, or watching college football, or dreaming up plans for the future– none of which I thought about too much when I was a kid, a college student or a twenty-something. In my thirties, weekdays seem to be more “go, go, go” than ever- but on Saturday, I think it’s important to reserve the right to slow down and soak up some good ol’ fashioned life.

It’s just after 6:30 a.m. right now, and the sun hasn’t quite poked it’s head up over the horizon, so the way the room is lit (or should I say not lit) is perfect for laptop viewing.

Max is securely nestled under three layers of blankets between Kevin and I, and we’re all sharing one side of our king-sized mattress. There are three pillows on the bed, and about six on the floor. I guess we must get a little violent in the middle of the night. :-) I keep a fan on, to drown out any noise that could potentially wake me up, but I can still hear Kevin breathing. The sound is as comforting as the feeling of Max’s little paws twitching against my leg right now. He must be running in his dream. :-)

Last night, right before we went to bed, Kevin uploaded a few photos of some of the fabrics I chose to use in the master bedroom we’re re-doing for the homeowner in Virginia Beach. It’s been quite a challenge balancing designing, shopping, and researching for the segments we’re doing while working on everything that needs to be done around here. (blogging, design consultations, cleaning, emailing, juggling bills, finishing my e-book, keeping an eye on Kevin’s progress in our guest bathroom, etc.) I have a whole new respect for those folks on “Extreme Home Makeover”, and all the other shows that cram 30 days of work into a few days.
(Maybe this experience will determine whether or not I try out for Design Star again.(?) Kevin still thinks the experience would be too rough.) :-)

Here is a sneak peek at some of the fabrics I’ve decided to use in the homeowners room:

There will be a few others as well, but I had them shipped directly to the homeowner, so I won’t be able to photograph those until we’re there.
One is this solid-color, ink blue, pick-stitch quilt:

It was on clearance at PotteryBarn.com, so I was able to scoop it up for $49.99. (It was originally $179.99) It, and it’s fantastic price, was really the inspiration behind the creation of the palette I’m using in the room. That’s all it takes really- one piece that you absolutely love, and you’re destined to create a room you love too!

The dark blue ticking stripe fabric (second from the bottom) will be seen in the form of a duvet and a couple of pillow shams. I was able to get them on eBay for a great price.
The floral (bottom), it’s coordinating stripe (top), and the dark blue & khaki “grid” (second from the top) fabrics all came from a local cloth barn, and they were all very inexpensive because I found them in the “remnants” section.

I purchased a couple of “Kristine” pillow covers, like the one on the top of this stack, from a seller on eBay…

My plan is to use them on the window seat I designed into the room- which, by the way, will have a seat cushion covered in the khaki/blue striped fabric.

I purchased the rope trim to use on a blue/khaki grid-patterned lumbar pillow and on the edge of the window seat cushion…

The homeowners live in a coastal town, and one of their favorite places to vacation is Gloucester, MA…

Photo by Heather, the homeowner

…so they expressed interest in having me design a bedroom that had a slightly nautical feel. Among other things, I think using a little bit of the rope trim will add the touch of seaside charm they’re after. I would have LOVED to have found some braided jute trim, but this was the closest thing I could find. (If anyone knows where I can get some- I’d love it if you’d drop me a line at [email protected]!)

I’m having my sweet seamstress, Teresa, make many of the items and we’ll pick them all up from her in Atlanta when we drive through on our way to Virginia Beach.

I’m used to working with no money, and buying things one by one over an extended period of time. This time, I’ve had an opportunity to work with a budget, but I’m up against a very strict time line of one shop day, and one work day. It’s a totally different experience, but I find it equally as fulfilling.
(I feel compelled to mention that I think I had an out-of-body experience being able to actually spend money at PotteryBarn.com for once- thank you Heather and CBN) :-)
My goal is to stretch the budget as wisely as possible so that Heather and her husband are surrounded by a room that will inspire them to seize every one of their days. If I can do that, life will be good. :-)

Happy Weekend!

PS…Guest bathroom update coming soon!

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  1. KP says

    Hey LetteredCottage,
    I came across your post while searching the net (great stuff you have btw), and I was wondering if that is the velvet-linen pick stitch quilt PB has, or if it’s the linen-cotton version? I have the velvet one in sandalwood and love it! But unfortunately the linen has started to fray on the underside, I was going to just special order it again, but I really like the blue one you found so I am curious which it is.