A Quick And Easy Way To Transform Your Curtains From Tab Top to Rod Pocket

We had a bunch questions about how we altered our master bedroom curtains on an earlier post, so I’m gonna give Kev the reigns today and let him show just how easy it was to transform them from tab top, to rod pocket. (Yep! So simple even a GUY can do it! Hee hee- just kidding!)
Take it away Kev!


Hey there, Kev here.

For the record, Layla showed me how to do the steps in this post. I always thought “tap top” had something to do with a soda can, and when she first referred to “Lenda” I thought she was talking about a new blogger friend. Ya know, Rhoda, Kimba, Linda, Shaunna. “Lenda” just kinda sounded like one of the girls.

Oops. My bad. :-)

First things first, we cracked open a fresh pack of Lenda’s from Ikea

We bought the ones that are 118″ long so that we’d be able to hang them up on rods mounted 6-8 inches above the top of our windows. (Lay taught me that little trick right after we met and man does it make a difference!)

118″ is a little too long though, so to figure out the right length, just drape the tabbed part of the curtain up and over your curtain rod. Then continue pulling down on the tabbed end until the bottom of your curtain panel just barely touches the floor…

Layla says if you want your curtains to “puddle”, don’t pull as much of the tabbed end over the curtain rod.

I’m still trying to figure out what a puddle has to do with a curtain panel.

When I think “puddle”, I think about Max.

And a wad of paper towels.

And then our Swiffer Wet Jet.

But I digress.

Once you figure out how long you want your curtain panel to be, use a safety pin to mark the spot where the new seam should be…

Then lay the panel out on a large, flat surface, and cut off the tabbed end, just below your safety pin…

Then (here’s the clincher) use some hardcore, washable, fabric adhesive to make your new seam and create a rod pocket!

(We bought ours at a local fabric store)

Pretty easy, right?
Hmmm…now what else can I use that Fabri-tac on…..


Big ups to my husbear for tackling those tab tops with me!
He may be more comfortable wielding a guitar,
but he’s become quite the DIY Guy over the past couple of years too, don’tcha think?

PS- Don’t forget to wash your curtains BEFORE you alter the length of them. They tend to really shrink up in the wash! And if your curtains have a rod pocket along the bottom edge of them, you could always flip the curtains upside down and cut the tab tops off. Ours didn’t, so we chopped from the top!


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  1. says

    mighty awesome timing there. I needed to do something about retaining the heat in the liviing areas with the kiddos during the day and thought I’d put up some curtains on a shower rod in a large empty doorway. They were tab tops and that made them just a bit too long. Enter your post- so I flipped them over and the edge on the bottom was big enough! So I flipped them and cut off the tabs. Perfect! and SIMPLE! Thank you!!

  2. Bev says

    ohhhh i wish i had read this before putting up my Lenda curtains….i didn’t wash them! ok, lesson learned. BUT what a great idea for the tabbed to rod pocket – for the next set of windows i was wondering how i would do that – THANK YOU

  3. orrobbins says

    Creepy – I just bought Lenda curtains this weekend, and am layering them with some floral sheers for my daughter’s room. The sheers have a pocket, and the Lenda has tabs, so I was going to convert the Lendas to pockets too. Thanks so much for the quick and easy tutorial! Great timing on this post!

  4. says

    So simple, yet so genius! I have tap top curtains sitting in the corner of my daughter’s room and have been trying to figure out what to do with them for six months. I can’t wait to try this and finally hang them up!

  5. Monica Karafotis says

    I am sure you must have the info here somewhere but I am wondering about the bamboo looking blinds on these windows… are they from Ikea? Somewhere else? What color/style are they? THX!