A Fun New Friend And Her Fabulous Old House

I had the pleasure of spending a little time inside this brick beauty yesterday…

European style brick house | Hog door knocker

It belongs to a fun new friend, and it was such a treat to meet her and her house!

European style brick house | Hog door knocker

I couldn’t resist taking some photos while I was there. I had my camera in the car, but no tripod, so I apologize in advance for the grainy interior pics!

Foyer with cathdral ceiling and open banister

Formal foyer | Open staircase

Redwood Beamed Cathedral Ceiling

Wood Beamed Cathedral Ceiling | Redwood

Arched doorway | Faux finish

Antique Chandelier and Wall Hanging

off white | cream cabinets | kitchen

black spool bar stools | nailhead trim

Cream | Off White | Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

antler chandelier | breakfast room

cement pot | fern

breakfast area | wood ceiling | kitchen

Kitchen | Cream cabinets | Black cabinets

Candle Light Fixture

wood panelled fireplace

Caned accent chair

Blue Traditional Rug | Neutral Armchairs | Bamboo blind

I could’ve snapped 200 more, but I was only there for a little while and I didn’t want to have a camera stuck in front of my face the whole time! :-D

Happy weekend!

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  1. says

    That home is just gorgeousness all over the place!!! Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos of such an inspirational home. Is it an older home that has been remodeled?

  2. debbie rodriguez says

    that is awesome. i could have looked at another 200 pics of it. so many kitchen cabinets floor to ceiling. beautiful.

  3. Maria M says

    Wow! I am totally in love with this house and its architectural elements. I love older homes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Caroline says

    Great to see someone making good use of their Tudor style home. So many people buy old houses and don’t respect them. This one is so lovely!

  5. Julia G. says

    Layla – those are some beautiful pictures of a gorgeous house. Making new friends is always fun! Happy Day to you!

  6. Karie Gallegos says

    Thank you for sharing…I have to say out of all the pictures and the beautiful things in the home my favorite was the plant in the angels…

  7. says

    I love old homes like these with ALL that character! I would get so nervous that I wouldn’t get something right in decorating a home with so much character. Much praise for those like your friend so us timid folk have something to work off of. Gorgeous!

  8. Bernadine says

    Really like the upholstered chairs in the bottom pic. Are they swivel? Who is the manufacturer?

  9. Heidi says

    What amazing architecture! It reminds me of some of the old cathedrals in New England. The fun part is that you never would have guessed the interior looked like that from the exterior! The exterior is nice but sedate. The interior is spectacular!

  10. Sharon B. says

    Wow Layla! This home is beautiful. I absolutely love the ceiling in the entry and the upstairs hall is gorgeous. And I love, love, love the kitchen. I also love the panelled storage beside the fireplace. It looks just like a wall with molding, but it actually hides cupboards for storage. Just lovely. I think that is a great idea for a small house. Usually in a small house there is not much wall space showing because you have furniture and bookshelves along most of the wall. Here you can have your storage but have some wall to rest your eyes on and make the room look less full. Please thank your friend for allowing us to see her beautiful home.

  11. Lisa W. says

    My skipped 5 beats…thats 5,000 beats. WOW that house is fabulous! Just seeing the outside would want to make a grown girl cry. It screams charm from the roof tops. That’s why I have always said I should of been born in another era, along time ago era. Those houses NO one (well a few, some…not me) could afford to build homes with such devine charm, ALL brick, AND the details. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….thanks for sharing and making my day:)

  12. Laura S says

    Wow is right, what a beautiful house & it looks like she’s done an excellent job of making it a comfortable, welcoming home. I didn’t see anything I’d change but did see many things I would like to have in my home. Thanks to you & your friend for sharing

  13. Ellie says

    Wow! What a lovely “cathedral” of a house. The kitchen and breakfast nook are to die for. Thanks for sharing it.

    • mattie says

      just found your site by accident (or was it ;) love it. i cold be on here for hours .thanks so much. have found my new facination

  14. Amy says

    While I will never understand the attraction to deer antler chandeliers, those big wooden beams and metal light fixtures over the stairway were stunning! It had a feel like an old university library, which in my book (ha!) would be wonderful to have in a house!

  15. Constance says

    Oh. My. Goodness – I love houses with architeture similar to this and the orginal woodwork is stunning. Totally unrelated, the second-story shot of the open-balcony/foyer reminds me so much of the house in the movie The Omen I had flasbacks to a movie I haven’t seen in more than a decade (which would not remotely stop me from buying/living in this house).

  16. says

    Oh my Gosh, there is not one. single. thing. that I did not LOVE in that house. That wild boar knocker absolutely knocked me over! What a wonderful treat to see!

  17. Dawn says


    Thanks for sharing that beautiful home with us! I love the candle looking chandelier above the kitchen island!

  18. Christina says

    Wow those rafters are gorgeous! Just stunning. What year is this house? Love the kitchen too!

  19. Joanne B. says

    WOW. Simply, amazingly WOW. Speechless I am, I tell you. I was really hating my home until i spied the little bit of dust on the fabulous light over the island and I realized there might be hope for my house some day too! (Just keeping it real- that was in no way a judgement call!) Just beautiful! Blessed is a beautiful, happy home!

  20. MJ says

    Do you have any idea where she purchased the extra long matchstick blind shown behind the pretty chairs in the last photo?

    I need one 8 feet. Thank you. MJ

  21. TK@RusticChic says

    Love love the chairs in the master….Do you happen to know where she purchased these? Or do you think she could tell us??! Thanks!! And, thanks for the tour!

  22. says

    Wow! The outside of this home is lovely, but the inside wasn’t what I expected! What a wonderful surprise! Very interesting and so much character! Beautiful home!
    So glad you were able to share and please thank your friend!

  23. says

    Wow – gracious. That’s an amazing house! Thank you for sharing.

    I was thinking this morning about the older home in Montgomery that you featured mid-reno several months ago. Do we get to see the “after”?

  24. Mary D says

    Just when you think your own home is looking pretty spiffy with all the thrift store “remade” furniture, you show us pictures like that! I looked up from the computer, surveyed my room, and laughed. That is the most gorgeous home I think I’ve ever seen – so serene, so absolutely one-of-a-kind beautiful…thank you for sharing!!

  25. virgina says

    I loved the “old house”. What a treasure filled with treasures! Thanks for sharing this Layla!

  26. hello haha harf says

    spectacular! such a lovely home. gorgeous and livable!
    quick questions…
    1) there was a bookshelf on one side of the kitchen island, but what was the dark thing above the drawer on the other side?
    2) also, i can’t figure out where that magnificent wall of cabinets is located. in the view of the kitchen it doesn’t look like it is there.
    3) are they looking for a roommate? or a 42 and a half year old kid to adopt?

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