A Few Of My Favorite: Room Re-do’s (2010)

There’s nothing like the words “reveal” or “before & after” in the title of someones blog post to get my pulse a pumpin’!  Know what I mean? (Of course you do!)

And while room re-do’s might seem to drag out forever in real life, once they’re all put together in a cute, compact little (or long!) post- they’re so much fun to sit back and scroll through!

Here were just a few of my favorites posted around blogland this past year…

Move your mouse back and forth over the photo below to see Grace’s bathroom sinks transform from before, to after!

And click HERE to read Grace’s post!


Move your mouse back and forth over the photo below to see Maria’s bedroom ceiling transform from before, to after!

Click HERE to check out Maria’s totally awesome tin ceiling re-do post, and HERE to read her entire room reveal post!)


Move your mouse back and forth over the photo below to see Jillian’s pool house transform from before, to after!

Click HERE to read about Jillian’s fab little pool house re-do!


Move your mouse back and forth over the photo below to see Meg’s room transform from before, to after!

To see how Meg created this luscious look, click HERE!

(And to check out her beautiful bathroom, click HERE, and for before & afters of her killer kitchen, click HERE!)


Click HERE to read about Ashley Ann’s bright n’ bubbly bedroom re-do!


Move your mouse back and forth over the photo below to see Country Living’s before & after photos of the space!

Click HERE to read Eddie’s post about the re-do!


Did you blog about a room you re-did in your house this year? If so, we wanna see it! (Or see it again!)

All you have to do to enter your link is:

– Scroll down ’til you see the blue “add your link” button. Click it, and follow the steps from there to add your link and a small photo. (Make sure to create a descriptive name for your link, like “Beachy Bathroom” or “Rustic Living Room Re-do”. This will make it easier for folks to browse.)

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Thanks in advance for linking up, and hope you’re having a happy week!

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  1. says

    My favorite is Ashley’s little girls room. Beautiful post, by the way! I love being able to move my mouse over the pic to get the before shot, and love the way you put the designers pic in corner of each shot. I need to learn how to do those things! I recently purchased Photoshop 5, yet am still using Picnik because the learning curve for PS is so high!!

    • Kevin & Layla says

      Thanks Sharyl!
      I’m hoping to add a “Photoshop” section to Kevin’s photography website, so hopefully I’ll be able to help you out with that learning curve! :-)


  2. says

    Hi Layla,
    I haven’t seen some of these before either and they are amazing! I added a client project – is that ok? Feel free to delete if you just wanted room makeovers from our own homes.
    Happy New Year!

  3. says

    ooooh! i LOVE! tHANK YOU! I can’t wait to REVEAL my little farmhouse… it’s a slow process as we are on a TIGHT budget but hopefully someday! You gave me a GREAT suggestion for our living room walls ( i’m a dunce when it comes to choosing paint!) I am waiting on pins and needles to see what you think for a teenie tiny farmhouse bath w/Cherry cabinets, white moulding & sink & Tan floor tiles. I’m also going to ATTEMPT to redo some furniture finishes, i’m scared… do you have a post on that??

    Keep it up! You brighten my day!

    gretchen :)

  4. kelly says

    people are amazing, i wish i had an ounce of their and your creativity!!!
    happy new year!

  5. says

    Love all the varied decorating styles featured on your blog. If you enjoy vintage and thrift store decorating, check out the home I recently featured on my blog. It’s loaded with creative ideas!

  6. says

    WOW! I am so happy I found your site as we are just in the design process of a kitchen renovation here at our 1800s hunting lodge. Was also happy to see my friend Eddie’s livingroom re-do, he is the best at editing…or should I say Eddie-iting. Those bookshelves are perfection.
    Happy 1.1.11! I look forward to sitting down and checking out all these great links.

  7. says

    What an AWESOME bunch of posts!!!! I LOVE them all!!! Thanks for sharing all of these super talented people and their great ideas~Bravo! Oh, I added my re-do thanks for the party (great wine and cheese!) Alyssa of Boston Bee

  8. says

    WOW…what a grouping of amazing spaces. Thanks so much for including mine…I am giddy to be a part of this group. Thanks!

  9. says

    Thank you so much for hosting this party! You’re right: just the word “redo” in a post title is exciting!

    I’ve not left many comments for you here, but I’m such a fan of yours. I used to be Alabama girl myself, and still have many friends in Birmingham. Thank you for making your little corner of the blogosphere such a beautiful place to visit!

  10. says

    Wow, the words redo and makeover are my drugs of choice,and you have supplied me with enough to keep me happy for evah! Thanks gotta go get happy!!

  11. says

    So fun!
    Thanks Layla, for the great re-do party! I get excited to see everyones projects! So amazing what people can come up with!


  12. says

    Those are some amazing room redos. They are each so unique. I love it when you can look at a room and tell “who it is.” Thanks for highlighting them and giving us an opportunity to share our own redos.

    Happy new year to you and Kevin…and whoever may be joining your family in 2011. :)

  13. says

    forget cloud 9, i’m on cloud 10!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for featuring me. I was wondering why I was getting so much traffic on my little old blog, and shortly after, I read your post. hehe. It’s such an honor to be here as you are a main source of inspiration to me. Off to enjoy the rest of my day with a HUUUGE smile on my face thanks to you!!! May 2011 bring you much joy, happiness, love and laughter with your growing family!!!!! I am SO excited for you and Kevin!!!!! xoxoxoxo grace

  14. says

    Those rooms are all amazing! I especially love Maria’s bedroom because I have a soft spot for tin ceilings. The photos in her post are breathtaking. I’d love to spend New Year Eve reading in that bedroom but instead I think I’ll curl up on my couch and visit all the posts linked up here. Looking at B&As is so addicting! I linked up at #137, thanks so much for hosting!


  15. says

    So much inspiration! before and after pics are always amazing! Thanks for hosting such a great link party! I have followed you and Kevin for a long time.

    I can’t wait until my friend, Connie, tells you about a Christmas gift she bought for her daughter in Hawaii that she found while visiting your site! Just a hint…her son-in-law is in the coast guard and she’s from Wilm, NC. Happy New Year to both of you!



  16. says

    I linked up my master bedroom makeover! :) I love the way it turned out. It looks completely different now. I am so thankful to my blog for helping kick my bootie in gear! 😉
    Thanks for hosting!

  17. says

    Oops I’m #151 and I messed up and didn’t put my subject in….do you fix that or me..should be Laundry room re-do….so sorry I was just so excited to be joining your party I got flustered!

  18. says

    Layla your blog is such a big inspiration to me! I love your style and how you make it look so easy – looking forward to what you have up your sleeve this new year!

  19. says

    i linked up and shared the link on my post! i love love love being able to participate along with browsing all of the super fantastic makeovers others share! i hope to have a few more coming up in 2011. 😉

  20. says

    Thanks for sharing all the room redo’s with us! They are such an inspiration. I add a link to your site on my blog so that maybe others can be inspired too. (although I am sure everyone already knows your blog) I hope that you don’t mind. Thanks again!

  21. Larissa says

    Ohhh the inspiration! I have to-do lists running through my head for 2011. As always thank you for starting my morning with INSPIRATION and Beauty!

    May 2011 be prosperous and filled with happiness!

  22. says

    Happy New Year! May this year bring you an abundance of blessings and the thing you long for most.

    I will have to bookmark this page so that I can give each entry a really good look. So much inspiration to take in all at once!

    Mel @ Junkin’ Junky

  23. geri says

    I Love, Love seeing so many terrifically talented bloggers.
    When my kidies were little, we had a a series of story books called
    Sweet Pickles.
    I loved them as much as they did.
    They had a character in one story called “Me Too Iguana”.
    She wanted to have everything she saw her friends have, or dress the
    way she saw them dress, or have her house look like theirs.
    She was constantly getting ideas to change.
    Well Call me Iguana after checking out all the gorgeous redos on a great budget. hehe
    Happy New Year Layla and Kevin. geri.

  24. says

    I love the top bathroom redo, and I can’t wait to see your bedroom reveal. I went out and had some Blue Hubbard mixed up for my office!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year as you prepare for your new little one.


  25. says

    This is unbelievable! Don’t you just want to invite all of this people over to your house and give a room to each of them???

    They’re so, so good!!!!

    I am dropping by to wish you and your husband a really blessed year. Yesterday I told you on twitter that I’m praying for your adoption and it’s true, I am. I know you guys are already so blessed, but there’s so many other blessing coming your way! Always believe!

    Happy 2011!!!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  26. says

    Wow lots of pretty reveals and I know what I’ll be looking at on my day off tomorrow to celebrate the New Year. Thanks for hosting and wishing you all the best for the 2011, fondly, Roberta

  27. Jackie M says

    I have been checking out these spaces over the past several days and I just have to say I have been SO inspired by all of you! Kudos to your beautiful work and thank you so much for shaing!