A Delightful Dining Room Detail

Have you ever had to sell your husband on a piece of home decor that you absolutely love, but that he wasn’t quite sure about? I recently had this happen at TJ Maxx.
Our conversation went something like this:

“Oh my gosh! This is soooo awesome!” (Layla)

“Really?” (Kevin)

“You don’t think so?” (Layla)

“Yeah, I guess…I’m not sure. You know more about that stuff.” (Kevin)

“I think it’s awesome!”(Layla)

“Really?” (Kevin)

Totally! Should we get it?” (Layla)

“Let’s go home and look for place to use it, and then come back if you decide you want it.” (Kevin)

“It’ll be gone the next time we come back.” (Layla)

“Really?” (Kevin)

“Yeah- this thing is awesome! I think we should get it.” (Layla)

“Alright.” (Kevin)

“Yessss!” (Layla)

So here is our “awesome” new accessory, happily hanging on a little chunk of wall space between our living and dining rooms…

And I’m pleased to announce that Kevin thinks it’s pretty “awesome” now too.


A couple of days after we hung our bell, I saw this photo on Brooke’s blog and I could hardly wait to show Kevin…

Moral of the story:

There is no instinct like that of the heart, so listen to it.
And if your husband can’t hear what it’s saying-
send him over to Brooke’s blog for further confirmation.


Happy Wednesday y’all!

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  1. says

    Hi Layla! I wanted to tell you I have been stalking TJ Maxx looking for this bell ever since you posted this. I finally found one. Yay! It’s now hanging in my kitchen and love it. :)

    • Layla says

      Ha! I just saw a bell there yesterday! 😀
      So glad you finally found one!

  2. says

    Oh wow! I love this, and seeing it reminded me that we had a bell in our garden at our last house (sort of like the one my husband’s family used to call the 5 kids in to dinner). I just now searched our garage and found it! It’s weathered to a lovely turquoise-y patina and I’m looking for the perfect place to hang it in our current house! Thank you for the inspiration!