A book to be happy about

There’s an unassuming, chunky little book sitting atop the table in our Reading Room. It’s called “14,000 things to be happy about” by Barbara Ann Kipfer…

This is the second time this book has been a part of my life. My Mom had a copy of it when I was teen, but I can’t say that I paid quite as much attention to it back then. I had more important things to think about- like creating a three inch high poof of bulletproof bangs courtesy of Aqua Net.

Nowadays, however, I take time to read a page or two quite often. The short, descriptive sentences that fill each page are so much fun to read aloud!
I read this page today…

I love the line that says, “lying on your back in a snowy field; making an angel by moving your arms in arcs”.
The thought of actually doing that would have horrified me as a teen, but these days, even the tiniest flakes of snow send tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. Falling snow immediately takes me back. Back to a 7-acre hobby farm in Minnesota- when all I had to worry about was making the honor roll and my curfew. Oh, and making bulletproof bangs. :-)

One of my favorite lines in the book isn’t even really much of a line at all.
It’s just one simple word.

Can you see?

There between “deepest raisin color” and “freshly threshed wheat, oats and barley”?

Look closer…

It’s everything.

I really dig the way Ms. Kipfer thinks. :-)

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