3 Fall Favorites

#1- This stuff:

Fluffy cotton tufts, dotting rows of spindly sticks, can be seen by the field-full all over Alabama each Fall. And to make matters even more marvelous-looking, runaway puffs gather up into pillowy clumps in the ditches, so taking the scenic route is an absolute must around here.

We flew past that field last week only to make a u-turn and end up right back in front of it…captivated.

#2- This color:

I’m officially smitten with this little tree behind our house…

It’s leaves were green a few weeks ago, but now, all of a sudden- POOF! It’s on fire.

#3- This guy:

He is my sweet home Alabama…

…and he’s so much fun to snuggle with this time of year.

We’re heading up to Birmingham together on Sunday afternoon, and we’ll board our first of two planes to Peru on Monday morning.

I plan to hold his hand the whole way there.

That’s one of my favorite things to do no matter what time of year it is.

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  1. Nicola Blake says

    There is nothing like travelling to remind us how small the world really is……also how much alike the human race is no matter the country. Have fun!!

  2. Kristen Fritz says

    You guys are too cute! I hope you have the MOST AMAZING time in Peru and that the Lord will work greatly through you. You will love it! My husband and I have led missions trips to Peru quite a few times and I miss Peru…haven’t gone again since I have had kiddos, but we will go back. I can’t wait to read all about it!

  3. Kim in MD says

    You and Kevin and such a gorgeous couple! I’m a little behind in my reading your blog. I hope you have a safe, wonderful trip!

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