• 23 Bungalow Court – House Tour

    The alley behind our house backs up to a cute little area called Bungalow Court.

    Bungalow Court

    Just through that arbor, there are six adorable bungalows…three on the left, facing three on the right.

    Bungalow Court Yard

    I’ve always wanted to see the inside of the last one on the right, so I was pumped when I saw an “Open House” sign by the back door this weekend!

    Bungalow House

    I brought my camera along so that you could snoop with me, too! :-D

    23 Bungalow Court

    Inside the front door, there’s a nice big living room:

    Bungalow Living Room

    It’s open to the kitchen and dining area:

    Bungalow Kitchen

    There’s also an office, complete with tons of built-in shelves, next to the front door…

    Bungalow Office

    …and back by the kitchen, there’s a master bedroom and bathroom:

    Bungalow Master Bedroom

    Bungalow Master Bathroom

    Our master bathroom is super tiny, so I was loving the size of that space!

    There are two more (big!) bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs:

    Bungalow Bedrooms

    Bungalow Bathrooms

    But the thing that I loved most about this house was the massive amount of storage space. There were SO many spacious closets tucked here, there, and everywhere! They even insulated the areas behind lots of the closets so that they could fit more gigantic closets in behind them. We were touring the house with our friends and their daughter (who are house hunting for real right now), and it was so funny to keep hearing, “I found another one!” throughout the house as we wandered around it. :-D

    Does your home have as much closet space as you’d like for it to have? I’m definitely feeling inspired to look around our place to see if there are any more empty nooks and crannies we can make better use of!

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