23 Bungalow Court – House Tour

The alley behind our house backs up to a cute little area called Bungalow Court.

Bungalow Court

Just through that arbor, there are six adorable bungalows…three on the left, facing three on the right.

Bungalow Court Yard

I’ve always wanted to see the inside of the last one on the right, so I was pumped when I saw an “Open House” sign by the back door this weekend!

Bungalow House

I brought my camera along so that you could snoop with me, too! 😀

23 Bungalow Court

Inside the front door, there’s a nice big living room:

Bungalow Living Room

It’s open to the kitchen and dining area:

Bungalow Kitchen

There’s also an office, complete with tons of built-in shelves, next to the front door…

Bungalow Office

…and back by the kitchen, there’s a master bedroom and bathroom:

Bungalow Master Bedroom

Bungalow Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom is super tiny, so I was loving the size of that space!

There are two more (big!) bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs:

Bungalow Bedrooms

Bungalow Bathrooms

But the thing that I loved most about this house was the massive amount of storage space. There were SO many spacious closets tucked here, there, and everywhere! They even insulated the areas behind lots of the closets so that they could fit more gigantic closets in behind them. We were touring the house with our friends and their daughter (who are house hunting for real right now), and it was so funny to keep hearing, “I found another one!” throughout the house as we wandered around it. 😀

Does your home have as much closet space as you’d like for it to have? I’m definitely feeling inspired to look around our place to see if there are any more empty nooks and crannies we can make better use of!

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Living Room Update - Furniture Layout
Kids Room Update

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  1. says

    First of all, Happy Birthday! I hope you celebrated in style. Your last birthday of not needing to hire a babysitter.

    This house….I love. The paint colors are even okay. I mentally decorate each room…such fun. Maybe the future owners can hire you.

    No basement though, right? Here in MN we have basements. But never, never enough storage.

    • Layla says

      Thank you for the birthday wishes, Laura! We went to the beach and had the BEST time! :-)

      No basement in this house, but there is a MASSIVE (cinderblock-walled) storage unit/workshop underneath the house (as well as parking for 2 cars). It was wild how much storage they were able to work in!

  2. says

    Ooooh! Thank you for sharing! What a cool “space” and glad you got to check out the house. I really like the color of the walls in the master bath… any guesses on the paint color?

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…I’m not sure about the paint color, but I’ll check with one of our neighbors who may know, Katie! :-)

  3. says

    Gorgeous!! I love those floors throughout the house. Your community seems so nice, Layla! I love how there’s an effort with it’s design to make it feel like a close knit urban environment, vs. your typical subdivision feel. Seems like a great place to call home (and it’s beautiful, to boot!)

    • Layla says

      We really love that about it too, Mary. It has been so much fun exploring it! :-)

  4. says

    We go to open houses all the time in the area we’d like to live one day. We’ve actually crossed off several streets we don’t even look at anymore because of it. (Too close together, streets too narrow, etc) Or sometimes that big house you dream of seeing the inside has an open house and you pounce! :-)

    HA…I WISH we had storage space. I feel like we’re bursting at the seams (we are). What I wouldn’t give for even 200 more sq ft.

  5. Andrea says

    I live in a 4 square with tons of closet space and storage but I would love to live in a Craftsman bungalow. Where I live there are tons so hopefully in a couple years when our house is paid off we can buy one.

  6. Christy Keyton says

    This is adorable. I would like to downsize to something like this one day. We have tons of storage in our present house, but I think I need to organize it better (and get rid of some stuff!)

  7. Karie says

    The house is beautiful! I would love to live there. I so enjoy your pictures and to me the area you live in is like a movie! I want to be in the movie…Such a wonderful area…For now I will stay here in Columbus, OH but often think of moving….

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Micalla says

    Oh, how I’d LOVE to live in Bungalow Court!!! When can I move in to this cutie? 😉

  9. Kassie says

    Looks beautiful! Like Laura, we Kansans nearly always have basements. Greatly for tornado protection, but also because it almost doubles the square footage of the home. We basically have a whole other house below our home! We are one of the rare spoiled home owners that have too much storage! Between our two levels, I have 3 hallway linen closets, 3 bathroom linen closets, a storage room, under stairs closet inside the storage room, and 2 additional walk in storage closets off of our bonus room. We are also fortunate in that our bedrooms all have generous closets as well (5 bedrooms).We also have 2 sets of built ins that flank our basement fireplace in our family room. Each built in has a 2 door cabinet, drawer, and three shelves above. With 4 built ins, that is an incredible amount of storage and the best decision we ever made when we finished our basement. The problem? What do you put in them whith all of the closet storage I have? I have one filled with DVDs and the others sit empty, alas.

  10. Sue Murphy says

    I dream of closets, a mudd room, cubbies and storage space. We built in many when adding an addition to one house, but our current home doesn’t have a single closet on the main floor other than the master bdm. The previous owners took the only one out to enlarge the foyer. Where did they put their winter coats??? It is MI after all.
    The 20 x 24 FR with our 7 kids made me overlook it upon purchasing. Oops!

  11. Debbie says

    Love LOVE this house!! Beautiful door! Great layout! And storage space – oh, my! Sure wish I was house hunting down there. :) Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Belated Birthday!

  12. Amy says

    Who wouldn’t love this warm, welcoming and lovely house that has been given the voice of a woman who loves home. Not just houses, but “home.”

  13. says

    Cute house! Do you know what type of flooring that is? Love the light color and the shine!! Is it real wood or a laminate?

  14. says

    What a beautiful house! I can’t believe how inexpensive it is! I wish we could buy houses like that up here in Canada.

  15. Michelle says

    I live in a 1939 yellow enchanted cottage in Capitol Heights and have 3 small closets. I use an armoire for storage as well. The blessing of little storage is that it has taught me to keep it simple, the difference between need and want and the liberation of purging when I forget the abovementioned blessings. But I still can’t help but have a little storage envy. :-) Thank you for giving us a peak inside this Beautiful Bungalow

  16. Talitha says

    Okay, I guess I sound super old fashioned, but if I have more stuff than closet space, I simply have too much stuff! Bigger closets would just mean I hold on to more stuff. I want to learn to practice contentment. Getting rid of clutter feels so good!

  17. Gwen says

    Yes!! We put in Lowes cabinets –a small and larger–stacked and finished with their matching flat trim from the cabinet maker over both toilets. The bottom cabinets held our teens makeup and such and tall cabinets held towels and washcloths galore!! We did that over our toilet area too and it fit like a glove and looks custom. We also did four tall cabinets over our washer and dryer. Great for laundry supplies, cleaning stuff, lightbulbs and the tippy top shelf holds some seasonable candles and such. We now decided the closet in our laundry room isn’t holding many coats and we tend to wrap with what we have on hand so we don’t need this huge amount of wrapping stuff. My hubby put an unused except for craft stuff and storage into this closet. Kept rod in incase a coat or two we want to hang. He anchored it to the wall. I plan to store some craft stuff plus I like to change out vases or candle holders so I’ll have a place for them now. We also bought two pottery barn cabinets. One holds the TV and the matching is in our entry. They are not bulky but wow you’d be amazed at how I’ve gotten all my candlesticks and other glass things in this easy to access storage!! And I love those four little drawers!!

  18. Gwen says

    Oops. I meant to say we stuck an unused bookcase that’s five feet tall or so in the laundry closet. My other trick for extra storage is to get a narrow wire bookcase and put it in the end of the closet crossways. Easy to get to and where I store summer dishes when not in use or Christmas platters. When my kids were little…anchored…they could look in their closet and get toys and books. Note this is in that section to edge beyond the closet doors and set up wall to wall NOT straight in.

  19. Gwen says

    And now, Happy Joyfilled birthday to you!!! It is the best age ever!!! My verse this week I give to you. I bought the artwork of it from Jennifer at JRU Studio
    She is clothed with Strength & Dignity; she can laugh at
    THE DAYS TO COME. Proverbs 31:25
    In Christ

  20. Maria from Oz says

    THAT’S a Bungalow??? Man, here in Oz a bungalow is a one room place with barely enough room to swing a budgie in let alone a cat! That to me is a MANSION! WOW! I love it! That loungeroom is bigger than my whole house! Crikey!

  21. Lisa W. says

    THIS house is beautiful…lovely flow!!! A man NEVER can have enough closet space, I love that!!! I’m curious is there much of a back yard? And the asking price? I live in Michigan and just curious of the market in different states.
    Thank you for sharing, THIS is my happy place, I love your house tours. Thank you Layla!

  22. Lisa W. says

    Me again…supposed to say ahhhhh Man you can never have enough closet/storage place…lol :)

  23. Jan says

    Living in So. Calif you can’t find ANYTHING for that price. Think I need to move to Alabama! Very cute house.

  24. Erin says

    I live in an apt in San Francisco and there is a lot of closet space, huge walkin in the master. We are moving down the street to a 2-unit building we bought. It has only 3 closets in the whole place, that’s what you get in 1906. I’ll have to get pretty creative.

  25. says

    OMG! This bungalow is absolutely gorgeous! I love the floors in the living room, and the kitchen is gorgeous! I can just see the pops of bright color that would look awesome in this place. Oh, I almost forgot, I hope that you had a very Happy Birthday! :)

  26. Terri says

    This community you are living in is Amazing… with a capitol “A”… so wish we had a cottage type / style community like this here in my neck of the woods…….. orrrrrr… maybe I should just move on over to Alabama!!!! :) Truly, cottage style living at it’s best and with views too…. Love it!!!! thank you for sharing this gorgeous home … the floors and that porch… welllllllll………… LOVE!!!!

  27. Christie says

    Happy Birthday, Layla! Wow…so cute! That “alley way” is not like they alleys in the city where I grew up! ha! Love the cleanliness of all the outdoor areas.
    Anyway…I am searching your site to see if you ever blogged about different white paints to use on walls? I’m feeling a need to crisp up the feeling in a few rooms and want a white that is warm, but not ivory and definitely not cold or stark. :) Any ideas?

  28. Suzanne tomlins says

    Thanks for sharing your day….this how i love to spend my days too…the court was dreamy! Love your blog….reallly!!!

  29. Julie B. [Holland] says

    You live in such a “cozy” area. The houses are all so homey
    and have such lovely exteriors and well a interiors. Thanks for sharing with “us”.

  30. Carole says

    I would kill for those bathrooms. Seriously. Those are huge compared to what I’m living with. Not that I need huge bathrooms, but I’d certainly like a slightly larger closet space than I’m dealing with. lol

    I love the Bungalow Court idea. A simpler life, a simpler time. There are a few areas in my state where the shared courtyard idea is taking new form. What’s old is new again. And it’s a great idea honestly.

    I haven’t been by your blog in a long time, so happy belated birthday wishes.