My Top 5 Blogging Tips


I started blogging exactly five years ago today, and whoever said “fun flies when you’re having the time of your life” must have been a blogger because I sure have enjoyed adding posts to this thing over the past 60 months! To celebrate, I thought I’d share 5 of my favorite blogging tips today.  Tip […]

Gray Lake and Gray Owl Paint

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and Gray Lake Paint_Lettered Cottage

Did I say we were leaving for Minnesota yesterday? I meant today! Slight change in plans, but we’re all set to leave this morning now. Yippeeeeee! PS- That’s the view of our Gray Lake paint (in the sunroom, on the left) and our Gray Owl paint (lightened by 50% in the kitchen, on the right) […]

Black and Tan and Tuxedo

Black and Tan Chihuahua

We’re headed to St. Louis today. That’s about the halfway point to where we’re going in Minnesota. I’m hoping our pets don’t give our house-sitters too much trouble while we’re gone. Something tells me everything will be just fine though. PS- Know any must-stop-for flea markets between southern Alabama and St. Louis? Sure would be […]

Cottage Style Stuff

Lettered Cottage Style Kitchen Sugarboo Art

It’s been a shuffle-y couple of months around here, but now that the wall paint is dry, we’ve started putting things back into place. There’s still a fireplace to paint (Simply White), and tile to (temporarily) cover up… …but things are definitely starting to feel more like us around here. I’ve had the shelf above […]



Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tornado in Oklahoma yesterday afternoon. Father, We ask that in your most gracious Love, You may send Protection, and Help Strength and Peace; Courage and Comfort To all of those within Oklahoma as they move forward. Loving Jesus, Please be with those whom have […]

Cottage Style


I got an email from a gal named Traci recently, and I thought I’d make a blog post out of it since cottage style is one of my favorite things to talk about. She said it was okay for me to share it here today, so here’s what her email said: Dearest Layla, I love […]

Painting The Pantry


I noticed something serendipitous while the paint was going up on the walls in the pantry yesterday. Do you see it there, too? That’s our (50% lightened) Gray Owl paint on the wall space between each shelf, but it almost has a “paint strip” effect because of the different light and shadows in there, doesn’t […]

Living Room Update – Gray Owl Paint


A reader named Sarah left me a comment the other day asking about how things were lookin’ in our living room. She reminded me that the only photo I had ever shown of it was this one that we took right before we moved in: She asked if we could “pretty please show a now […]

Country Kitchen Island


My friend, Lucy, helped us find these old wood corbels earlier this year, and we’re so excited to use them on our soon-to-be country kitchen island: Right now, the island doesn’t reflect our personalities at all, so we’re going to have fun giving it a farmhouse/cottage-style makeover over the next couple of months. The new […]

Handmade Walls


Well, I was hoping to be over this cold by now, but not only is it still completely rockin’ my world- I woke up with pink eye yesterday, too. And by pink “eye”, I mean pink eyes. Sheesh! Anywho, I’ve been trying my hardest to take it easy. Resting, reading…all that good stuff. Yesterday, I […]

Pretty On My Porch


Thanks to a cold-that-won’t-quit, I’m still kickin’ it on the couch. It has been sort of fun just (new) neighborhood watching out the window though. Yesterday, this pretty little bird kept me entertained, just as the sun was starting to set… It sat there for soooo long. I started to wonder if it was going to […]

Keith’s Fireplace Makeover – Part One


Kevin and I have both been under the weather this past week/weekend, but before the crud really knocked us out, we had a chance to do a little work on Keith the Fireman’s fireplace. First Kevin and Keith removed the old mantle and tile… Scoring with a utility knife, and a couple of hammers did […]

Kit-Cat the Cuddle-Upper


“Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic.”  ~Lillian Jackson Braun “The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.”  ~Jules Reynard Kevin and I photographed some Thanksgiving-themed place card ideas for this week, and even though I had just started pulling things together in that last pic, I just had to snap a […]

Art With Heart


Hi, and happy May Day! To kick off this magnificent month, our friend Dee from Red Letter Words is going to give one lucky Lettered Cottage commenter a pre-made, gallery-wrapped canvas of their choice! I’ve always loved the one Nester used in her living room… #sigh #dreamy #NesterI’llBeRightOverToTakeANapOnYourCouch The winner of this week’s giveaway can choose […]