The Cat In The House

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Afternoons are my favorite time of day here in the new house. Sun spots dance across the walls and floors, and seeing birds swooping in and through the front porch makes me feel eight years old again. Yesterday, Kevin and I spent the afternoon working on Halloween projects for articles scheduled to come out later this […]

Half Bath Update – Barn Light


We’ve got light in our half bath again! If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll probably recognize the light fixture. It came with us from our old house, and I’m really diggin’ the way it plays with the birds on the walls in there. We used one of those silver-crowned light bulbs so that […]

Adoption Update – Crossings


Fun news! After four paper-filled months, we finished our last home study interview at the Lifeline office on Friday morning! So other than turning in a few remaining pieces of info, we’re all set to move on to the immigration part of our process. What that entails, we’re not really sure right now (we’re guessing […]

Adoption Home Study #4 and 5


Kevin and I drove up to Birmingham this afternoon. We’ve got our last two home study interviews at the Lifeline office here tomorrow morning, and then we’ll be attending a 2-day Lifeline-sponsored seminar called Crossings. Crossings was created “to prepare and equip families for the joys and challenges that come with the journey of international adoption“. […]

Young House Love


I finished up the my part of the traveling art project this weekend, so I’m sending it on to the next blogger that’s participating. If you’re a DIY blog reader- you’ll probably recognize her name: And speaking of the Petersiks… Have you seen the book they released last Fall? Like their blog, it’s called Young […]

Half Bathroom Update – Sink


My ankle is still swollen, but it’s been so pretty outside this week. I needed to get out and about. Do you feel that craving when you haven’t been outside enough? That craving for vitamin D on your skin? I stuck my hand out the window as Kevin and I drove down a new road yesterday. […]

Half Bath Update – Paint and Paper


Our half bathroom redo is almost complete, but I’m not gonna lie- last week was tough in there. Blood, sweat and tears? Check. Check. Double check. Who knew the littlest room in the place would whoop my booty so bad? That said, everything’s coming together slowly but surely, and I’m head-over-heels for the wallpaper– but I […]


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Did I tell you Kevin started playing with the worship team at our church last Fall? Yep. He usually plays at church every other Sunday, and I can’t tell you how full I feel for him as he grows his relationship with God through music every day. We were invited to a casual dinner for […]

How To Touch Up Photos


I’m up to my eyeballs in primer today, but I wanted to publish a quick post about Kev and Josh’s latest ShootFlyShoot class! It’s called Photoshop Touch Up, and it’s all about re-touching photos of people in Photoshop. This is something the two of them did for years and years before they started photography businesses […]