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    Half Bath Update – Tile and Wood

    Hello! I thought I’d share some photos of where we’re at in our half bath renovation today. (PS- We’re putting together a short video about some of the key steps in our process, and I look forward to sharing that whenever … Continue reading


    Rustic and Modern

    Remember that Simple With A Hearty Side Of Significant post I published last month? If so, you probably remember that cute little boy that found the notepad I hid over by the gazebo. His name is Mikey, and Kevin and … Continue reading



    Can you see them out there? It’s Kevin and our friend (and avid fisherman), Tommy. Apparently misty mornings like the one we had today make for the best fishing, so Kev bundled up and met him by the dock as … Continue reading


    Adoption Physicals

    We completed the ‘physicals’ step in our adoption home study last week. I made a comment about being freaked out by needles in my last home study-related post, and I wish I could say that the experience went easy-breezy, but … Continue reading

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    Cottage Style Decorating

    We’re still working on personalizing the half bath at our place this week… …so I thought I’d blog about my friend Shannan‘s house today. She and her family have had tons of fun adding color, personal touches, and character galore to … Continue reading

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    Paper Palmers

    I surprised my Valentine with a Foldable Me yesterday, then I surprised him with a Foldable He, too! The paper pair starred in our very first Vine video yesterday. If you’d like to check it out just click on the photo below: … Continue reading


    Spoon Art and a Love Story Sliver

    We’re coming up on our 9 year wedding anniversary this June, but it’s been 10 years since I saw him standing there. Across the room, with his back to the wall…one knee bent up, and the bottom of his sneaker … Continue reading

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    Half Bath Redo

    Now that the sunroom is at a good stopping point (for the time being), we’ve decided to move on to a itty-bitty space that sits right next to it: our half bath. As you can see in the first floor … Continue reading

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    Adoption Home Study #3

    We got to sit down with our (fantastic) social worker, Beth, (and her social-worker-in-training  “shadow”, Amaris) again today- and over a period of three hours, we completed step 3 (of 5) of our home study: our individual interviews. I went first, … Continue reading

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    Wood Chandelier

    Well, it took a couple of tries and some crazy, don’t-try-this-at-home style scaffolding but my knight in shining “arm-ink” finally managed to replace the ceiling fan in the sunroom. We worked out a trade with the folks at Shades of … Continue reading

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    How To Shoot Photography – 102

    It’s Photography 102 launch day over at ShootFlyShoot.com! Last March, the guys introduced Photography 101, and they’ve had such a blast connecting with folks through their site over the past year! While Photography 101 was primarily about learning to shoot … Continue reading

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    Brownie Batter

    The following texts were exchanged between me and my neighbor/BFF on January 26th, at 8:52pm. My texts are green, hers are light gray: Getting a sweet tooth craving late at night when you’ve already got your PJ’s on and don’t … Continue reading

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