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    I Love Lucy

    I’ve got a new e-friend named Lucy that I’d like to introduce you to today. She’s one of the most entertaining little gals I’ve ever e-met and I think her YouTube videos are more fun to watch then most shows … Continue reading


    Rope Bridge Moments

    Today’s an interior design post. And by interior design, I’m referring to the kind on the right side of the picture below… It’s about the day I decided to see Rock City and how I forced myself to move a mental mountain thanks to … Continue reading

    Screen shot 2012-04-25 at 10.47.37 AM

    Photo Styling Favs

    Just a quick heads up: I’m guest blogging about my top 3 “must haves” when it comes to interior photo styling over at Just A Girl today… …so if you’d like to read about those kinds of things, and/or would … Continue reading


    The Journey Is Worth The Drive

    The following post was written by my friend, Shaunna, ’cause she always knows just what to say… I have this thing for the sea. I’m not sure how or why, but the sounds of the tide bring me to a … Continue reading

    Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 12.16.32 PM

    Transcending by Kelly Corrigan

    Have you seen this? It makes me smile/think/laugh/cry every time I stumble onto it, and I just thought you might want/need/like to see it, too.


    iPhone Pics & Pinterest Prose

    iPhone pics + a quote that struck a chord = I used to think I was the strangest person pet in the world. But then, I thought, there are so many people pets in the world… …there must be one just like … Continue reading


    School Light

    So, we’ve got this guest bathroom. The right side of it is almost done, and the left side of it is…well… Work in there came to a halt sometime last year, but we did install a ($25) schoolhouse-style light fixture the … Continue reading


    Herb Crate Giveaway

    **THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED** We’ve got a fun giveaway courtesy of our friend, Betsy, today! As you can see from the photos above, Betsy carries all kinds of farmhouse fabulous-ness in her Farmhouse Wares shop. She also carries the wooden … Continue reading


    DIY Headboard & Bedroom Inspiration

    I e-got together with my friend, Beth, a while back to help her come up with ideas for a headboard dilemma she was having. After a few messages back and forth, and inspired by this family photo of hers… …we came … Continue reading


    Hallway Light

    We’ve had this hole in the ceiling in our hallway for, oh…let’s see…maybe, like, two years? After we painted the ceiling, we just never got around to installing a light, and to be honest, we’re not really “overhead light people”, … Continue reading


    HGTV Room

    Kev and I took a little road trip to Atlanta this past weekend, and boy did it feel good to get out and do something different for a couple of days! We stayed in Buckhead on Thursday and Friday night, … Continue reading


    Pioneer Woman Book Signing

    Kev and I had a truly gut-busting time at Brookwood Village Mall yesterday. We ate waaaay too much food court food, and hung out with folks that made us laugh until our cheeks hurt! Ree and I had talked about … Continue reading


    Photography 101 Giveaway

    I’m on my way to B’ham today, but Kev and Josh are giving away a free pass to their Photography 101 class over at the shootFLYshoot blog today. So if you’re interested reeeeally understanding how to use your DSLR camera … Continue reading


    Pioneer Woman Presto Update

    Remember when I blogged about helping P-Dub renovate/re-decorate her upstairs? Well, she’s been a super busy gal lately with the release of her second cookbook… …so obviously she’s had a different type of RANCH on her brain lately- ha! She did receive … Continue reading


    Variety Is The Spice Of (My Lettered) Life

    Today’s a bit of a smorgasbord post. A little bit of everything…even Chuck E. Cheese pizza. (PS- There are 5 questions for you throughout this bad boy, too. If you feel like responding to  any of them, I’d love to … Continue reading