Kit-Cat the Adventurer


3 things I love about Kit-Cat: 1. His sense of adventure. Unfortunately I’m forced to interrupt the adventure from time to time, but I usually can’t resist snapping a photo of him first. 2. His paws. I could rub them for hours. Literally. Because he lets me. (I love that about him too.) If you’ve […]

Follow Your Heart


Dear Stef, TamiK, OsageGypsy, HelloHahaNarf, and CottageByTheSea, You said you liked my wonky “O”, so I thought I’d skooch it back down to where I found it resting the other day… What do you think? Hot glue to the rescue, or wonky wins?

Spring Door Decor


Quick heads up to remind y’all about Rhoda’s Spring door decor link party today! We haven’t had time to deck out any of our doors yet this year, but we did have fun with the ones in the photo above last year. (Links: Yarn wreath how-to and Seaside Sisters) Did you blog about deckin’ out your door […]



Our kitchen is still one big work-in-progress, but we have had fun personalizing it, little by little, over the past few years. It started out pretty builder basic… …but with a little bit of shoestring-style dough, and whole lotta elbow grease, we’re slowly but surely making it feel more “ours”… We change up the “art” […]

Spring Craft


Kate’s hosting a Spring craft link party over at her blog today, so I thought I’d link up the soda crate project I had fun putting together the other day for our Spring mantel display… I started with an old Coca-Cola soda crate… …and this cast iron “Antiques” plaque I picked up at Hobby Lobby […]

Master Bedroom


Our master bedroom is still very much a work in progress, but here are a few things we’ve had fun doing to the space since we moved in back in 2007… The room started out pretty builder basic… …but we’ve been busy injecting more of our personality over the past few years… Here are some […]

Spring Decorating Link Party


Hello- and welcome to our first “Spring Fling” link party! We’re kicking things off with a mantel/shelf/ledge link party here on our blog today, and Kate, Rhoda, and Sarah will be hosting some more Spring-themed parties on their blogs on March 22nd, 27th and 29th! I always look forward to Spring cleaning/decorating. It’s my favorite season, and I can’t […]



Kev and I are coming up on wedding anniversary #8 this June, and I’d love to take a breather and sneak off somewhere (inexpensive and close to home) with him for a couple of days. Back in ’04, we honeymooned a few hours down the road, on the Florida gulf coast. We stayed in a […]

Room Inspiration: Necessary Room at the Fairfield House


I’ve got an e-friend named Deborah who is, hands down, one of the sweetest people I’ve ever e-met. Her blog ( is always a pleasure to read, and one of her latest posts was about a “necessary room” they recently redecorated in their home. Here’s a before and after look at the room… They painted […]

Swing-Arm Sconces


Ya know that swing-arm wall sconce in our reading room? We got it for a great deal on eBay, but it was actually a Pottery Barn product. PB has discontinued it from their website and catalogs, and they don’t really seem to pop up on eBay that often anymore, so I thought I’d see if I […]

New Kitchen – Pick My Presto


Hey there- and welcome to another installment of Pick My Presto! I randomly selected another email from my PMP inbox this weekend, and had some fun photoshoppin’ a picture of a kitchen sent in by a sweet reader named Cindy. Here’s the photo she sent me… Her email read: Hi Layla, My kitchen is a new, […]