How To Shoot Photography


I had an insanely fun weekend shooting all kinds of Valentines Day craft and decor ideas with a super-talented stylist friend of mine (posts full’a pics coming soon!) and Kev, and his friend, Josh, spent most of the weekend working away on their soon-to-be-launched photography/Photoshop video training class website. (‘video’, meaning: they’ll be teaching through […]

Faux Marble

Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 8.34.36 PM

Kev and I had to make a trip to Home Depot for some epoxy yesterday, and (as usual) we wound up looking at flooring, and tile, and counter tops while we were there, too. We’re both kind of in permanent “look-out mode” when it comes to interesting new design solutions, and we love discovering useful/affordable/neat-looking […]



I like writing about all kinds of things, but it seems like I’m most drawn to blogging about interior design… and INTERIOR design… Today I feel drawn to the latter, but I never really know what I’m going to feel like writing about on any given day. That’s kind of what I love most about blogging- […]

Priceless Pets

Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 8.28.19 AM

Neutering and leg pin removal surgery for Kit-Cat: $360. Bladder stone surgery for Maximus: $1370. Seeing them recovering together in a sun spot on our bed: Priceless.  

I Used To Believe


I stumbled across a website called I Used To Believe yesterday, which is chock full of funny and bizarre beliefs that adults thought were true when they were children. There were beliefs about nature… “Thunder is created because of the collision of clouds.” -Anonymous “I used to believe, when I was like five, that space had a […]

No Day Ever Ends If It Makes A Memory


Pictures of parents conjured up cherished memories today. Funny how they can just race right across time to find us, again and again… …bringing things with them that haven’t been thought about in ten…fifteen…twenty years. Kevin’s memory bridges back a few years further than mine. Mine, for the most part, only seems to stretch back as […]

Word of the Year


Have you chosen a Word of the Year? Apparently, a Word of the Year is the new New Years resolution. Basically, you choose one word that has the potential to inspire you and create intention in your life, all year long. My word for 2012 is up, and it was recently inspired by these two… …who […]

Ready. Set. Go!


There’s a refreshing sense of ready-set-go in the air, and it feels like the perfect time to promise to learn more, love more, live more, and lean more this year. So here’s to recalibrating, and taking bigger, bolder, more meaningful steps. To harnessing more energy, honing it more gently, and to creating something special into existence. […]

Things I’d Tell My 37-Year-Old Self


Soon after I blogged about the Things I’d Tell My 17-Year-Old Self, I wondered what I might tell myself in right now, if I was 57, and looking back 20 years in the other direction. Then I thought: Hey- my Mom is 20 years in the other direction. So I asked her if she’d be […]