How To Install Cabinet Molding

TLC Kitchen

Happy How To’s Day! We’re spending some time celebrating our 7 year anniversary and a birthday this week, so we thought we’d pull up a popular post from the past for today’s how-to party. It’s the one about making your builder-grade kitchen cabinets look a little more custom by adding MDF boards and molding. Here’s […]

Design TV


Okey doke- here’s the whole design TV scoop in a nifty little nutshell! Late last October, we were approached by an amazing production company who asked if we were interested in auditioning for a new, design-related TV series. Always up for a new adventure, we filled out several pages of paperwork, which eventually led to round […]

Paint Color


It’s Saturday (yay!) so I’ll make this short and sweet. (No pun intended as I’m about to mention a twice-baked, Italian-style cookie.) Remember that “light biscotti-colored paint” I mentioned in yesterday’s post? Well, Kev and I were in one of our favorite neighborhoods yesterday, and we saw the prettiest light biscotti-colored paint covered house! Check […]

Board And Batten Siding – Pick My Presto


Hi there, and welcome to another Pick My Presto post! This week I played around with a photo sent in by a gal named Jennifer Scott. The email she sent us read: Hi Kevin and Layla! Attached is a photo of the exterior of our 1970’s era home. We’ve lived here for 5 years raising […]

DIY Mirror


Hey there! Kev here. Like Lay mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m here to show you how I made the sunburst mirror for my Mom and Dad’s porch. Thanks to Kate’s tutorial, it was really easy to put together. First, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up three different-sized wood floral rings. Unfortunately Hobby Lobby […]

The Tables


Howdy! Hope you had a great weekend! I thought I’d blog about the tables we worked on for Kev’s parents porch makeover today. First up, there was this guy… He looked great as-is, so we didn’t do a thing to him. Then there was this guy… We primed and then painted the inside bottom of […]

Porch Ideas


A couple weeks ago, I showed you a sneak peek of this guy… …and told you about our plan to make over the back porch at Kev’s parents house…which looked like this: Well, I’m happy to report that we finished everything up last Friday, and here’s a little video of the reveal and their reactions… It was […]

Birthday Bash


June is a busy month around here. Me, my Mom, and Kev all have birthdays, and our wedding anniversary is on the 25th. This past Sunday, I turned the big 3-7. (Happy Birthday fellow “fifth-ies”! I saw there were quite a few of you in the comments on the MKA giveaway post!) …so until the […]

Breeze Inn


Before we announce the winners of the Summer Rental giveaway, we thought we’d share some photos we took while we were staying at Mary Kay’s personal vacation rental, The Breeze Inn. It’s located on Tybee Island, just off the coast of Georgia, near Savannah. Our visit took place in the Spring of 2010, and it was […]

HGTV’d Premiere


24 hours ’til the premiere of HGTV’d!  Here’s a couple more sneak peek and behind-the-scenes videos…   Will you be watching tomorrow night? Join us on Twitter or Facebook!   ————————————————————————————- Need help arranging your furniture? Check out my e-book!