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    How To Make Pillows

    The last time I went over to my friend Ashley’s house, I broke one of her bar stools… (Like a bull in a china shop, I tell ya.) …so imagine my surprise when she agreed to let me back in … Continue reading


    Flowers and the Flea Market

    A crazy Southern sky full’a storm clouds didn’t stop me and my Mom from hitting up a local garden center’s Spring open house event this past weekend. We were like kids in a candy store amongst all the pretty flowers … Continue reading


    California Country Style

    The other day, I discovered an awesome blog written by an gal named Kelley… She and her family used to live here, in Corona Del Mar, California… Kelley spent four fun-filled years decorating the place from top to bottom… But … Continue reading


    Orchard Ladder

    Last Fall, I picked up an old apple-picking ladder at the Nashville Flea Market. The vendor had both sections of the ladder, but I was only interested in the top… I breathed a big sigh of relief when Rhoda and … Continue reading

    Antique Ladder

    Barn Light Giveaway

    One day, we’d like to move out to the country and into a farmhouse like the one I grew up in. Can’t ya just see it? No? How ’bout now? Sorry…I couldn’t resist. Anywho…we’ve got a really cool farm-related giveaway … Continue reading


    Decorating For Spring

    Spring has officially sprung here at TLC, and I. Am. Lovin’ it! First, a whole buncha these guys popped up in the backyard… I mostly used things I already had around the house… Grass green, aqua, gray, white, black, brown … Continue reading


    Ikea, The Pioneer Woman & a Giveaway

    Last Friday was f-u-n, fun. We rode up and down escalators… …and ate Swedish meatballs and mashed pa-taters… We tripped out on trays… …and smiled at striped duvets… We sipped tea on aisle four… …and found lots of little goodies, … Continue reading

    The Pioneer Woman - Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

    Spring Decorating

    Once upon a time there was a bare nekked fireplace… (and a stretchy little dog named Maximus Minimus) …and a girl with a major case of Spring fever… She had a buncha’ fun decorating that bare nekked fireplaces’ mantel for … Continue reading

    Thinking Spring

    How to Paint Furniture E-book

    I heart Shaunna West… She’s one of my very best friends in the whole weird world, and in addition to writing a great blog, raising two cutie pie kiddos, and selling truckloads of pretty, previously-loved furniture- she also just released … Continue reading

    Creating Your Masterpiece

    The Kids Room – Flooring

    Yesterday was such a roller coaster of emotions. First, channel after channel of horrifying earthquake and tsunami footage. So, so scary and sad. ¬†I just stood there praying and watching in shock until it was time for me to head … Continue reading

    Layla Palmer

    Hardwood Floor Sealer

    Well, we’re finally finished refinishing the office floor. Pretty amazing considering how loopy we both were by the time we got around to it sealing it. Here’s a clip of me (in full-on loopy mode) attempting to explain our process… … Continue reading

    Hardwood Floor in the Office

    Edge Sander

    Hi. We’re Dusty and Sandy- but today, you can call us Pooped and Plum-Tuckered. I shot the following video of Pooped today. He wanted to talk a bit about the infamous edge sander we mentioned in our last post. And … Continue reading

    Max and Layla


    Hi. We’re Kevin and Layla- but this week, you can call us Dusty and Sandy. We rented a big, powerful toy to sand back our hardwood floor with, and so far,¬†Operation: Shop-vac has been the best part. Here’s a little … Continue reading

    New Home Office

    Office Setup

    Things are gettin’ wild over here. Furniture and belongings are crammed into rooms they don’t normally live in. Dust and extensions cords cover almost every surface in the entire house. The only room that’s even semi-clean is our master bedroom. … Continue reading

    Guest Bedroom at the Lettered Cottage

    Perpetual Calendar

    I’ve got a thing for vintage perpetual calendars. I’ve been smiling at this one every morning since it arrived on my doorstep… It came packaged in that cute, little cardboard box…all the way from my friend Mary’s shop. It’s not … Continue reading

    Wood Calendar