Flea Market Style

Flea Market Style Magazine

A while back, Heather Bullard and Ki Nassauer invited us to team up with them on a yard stick-themed/how-to article for the 2011 Spring/Summer issue of Flea Market Style magazine. We were shocked/nervous about the opportunity they had presented us with- but several emails, phone calls, and yardsticks later, we managed to git ‘r’ dun, […]

A Fireplace Pick My Presto

Family Room Fireplace

Hey there- and welcome to another installment of “Pick My Presto”! I had fun with a photo of a lower level family room sent in by a gal named Heidi this week. Her email read… Hi Layla, Here’s my “Pick My Presto” disaster. My husband and I purchased this 1972 raised ranch back in 2003. […]

Spring Wreath How To

Spring Cottage

Hey there! And welcome to our very first How To’s Day linky party! The first project we thought we’d share is how we made an easy-breezy Spring wreath for our dining room. With March right around the corner, it was high time we replaced the evergreen one we’ve had hanging in there since Christmas. It […]

Sweet Party Ideas


Hey there! Are you having a happy National Random Acts of Kindness week? I wanted to share a neat “random-acts-of-kindess-related” birthday party idea here today. Remember that dear friend I mentioned in yesterday’s post? Well, her name is Kelly, and she’s not only good at finding touching YouTube videos, she’s great at putting together precious parties […]

Dream Rangers


A dear friend sent me a link to this video yesterday. It’s about ordinary people and their extraordinary dreams… “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Hope you have an amazing, adventurous, dream-achievin’ kinda day! ——————————————————————————————————– Join us on Twitter or […]

We’re Building A Barn Door


We’ve been pluggin’ away, little by little, on the north wall in our master bedroom, and man does it feel good to finally be getting closer to the finish line! Here’s what it looked like before we painted it Martha’s Stewart’s “Blue Hubbard” (Sherwin Williams)… …and here’s what it looks like today… You’ll notice we […]

How To’s Day

$82 Fireplace Makeover

Howdy friend! We’re excited to announce a fun little project that we’ll be making a regular feature here on our blog. We’re calling it “How To’s Day” and it’ll be a linky party where we can all share our most recent how-to oriented blog posts. It’ll happen the last To’sDay (get it? (How) Tuesday?) of […]

Painting A Dresser And Planning A Pocket


Remember that $40, oh-so-cute, but badly-water-damaged dresser we got at a flea market a while back? If so, then you probably also remember that we initially took the top part of it off, painted it white, sanded back the drawer fronts for a super-distressed effect and added cute little blue-painted knobs and pulls… Welllllllll…I saw […]

The Kids Room – A Guest Post By Holly Mathis

Holly Mathis Kids Room

We invited our friend Holly take the reins today. We hope you enjoy her post (and blog!) as much as we do! _____________________________________________________________________ Hello!  I’m Holly Mathis, and like you, I was so excited when I heard about Kevin and Layla’s decision to adopt.  Every word they have used to descibe where they are on […]

Living Room Design Ideas – Pick My Presto

Living Room Design Ideas

Hey there, and welcome to our very first Pick My Presto post! I had an absolute ball putting this presto chango together, and I look forward to posting lots more of them (on a somewhat regular basis) throughout the year. (So keep those photos comin’!) I received a lot of pictures of living rooms, and […]