Dresser – Done!

Hey there!Kevin here. Remember that $40 dresser we found at a flea market last year? Well, it had obviously been left out in the rain (or been used as a boat at some point in time) because it had lots of water damage. No biggie though- we were pretty positive a little primer and white […]

Nashville Flea Market

A couple of years ago, I stumbled onto something called a “blog” written by this lovely lady… I discovered one written by this gorgeous gal that very same day… I remember feeling so inspired as I read through what they referred to as their posts. And I was extra-ecstatic to find out that they both […]

Backlight Button Boo-Boo

Remember when we used our video camera to film that crazy car thing that happened the other night? Well, we turned the “backlight” button on while we were filming and I forgot to turn it off before we shot the video for our last post!Oops! This one will give you a better idea of the […]

Breakin out the brush. Again.

So, my Mom got us some great-looking bedding for our birthday’s this year… (Yes, we’re 36 years old and we still get excited about birthday presents. Especially when they involve several pieces of our first, real grown up bedding emsemble.) She got us the Grand Embroidered duvet (white, with Porcelain Blue stitching), and the Clearlake […]

We’re baaaaack!

We arrived home from Tybee Island around 9 o’clock last night, and the CREEPIEST thing happened as we walked in and out of the side door of our house. And because I thought maybe it would be less creepy if you were with us during the seemingly paranormal experience, we HAD to grab the video […]

Ashli’s Maillardville Manor Mudroom

Well, we’re almost ready to pack it up and head back to ‘Bama, so while we make our way home- here’s another incredible “before and after” we thought you might like to check out!Meet Ashli… Meet Ashli’s super cute blog… She sent us an email about her Mudroom re-do recently and man are we ga-ga […]

Emily’s Neutral Nursery

Hey friend! We’re still workin’ away here at the feature house on Tybee- so today we’re showcasing another fabulous “before and after” here on the ol’ bloggity-blog. It’s from a friendly reader named Emily whose nursery was a big hit the first time we featured it. The first time around, however, she didn’t include photos […]

Miss Mustard Seed’s Gorgeous Guest Bedroom

Meet Miss Mustard Seed… She writes a fantastic blog… She was kind enough to share some photos of her newly re-done guest bedroom with us recently and we were truly blown away by the results of her makeover! She said loved the look of the exposed boards in our guest room, so she decided to […]

News and a Thank You

We got some exciting career-related news yesterday, so we’d like to take a moment to thank a friend of ours for helping us figure out that it was even possible/something we wanted to do. Back in 2008, Kevin and I decided to leave the security (and stress) of our day jobs so that we could […]

Live-Inspired.com Guest Post

I’m guest blogging over at the Live-Inspired site today. It’s one of my favorite places on the world wide web, and I just know you’re gonna love it too. PS- And don’t forget, if you’re interesting in purchasing anything while you’re over at Live-Inspired, all Lettered Cottage readers can take 10% off their total order […]

For those about to rock…we salute you.

We interrupt this previously scheduled bedroom re-do to rock out.Well, at least Kevin will be.He’s headed to Atlanta tonight to shoot the “back story” portions of the music video for his bands first single, “Heart in my Hands”.(The record will be released on February 8th, by the way. Woo hoo!) From what I understand, there […]

Quick Closet Update

Well, we’re in the home stretch as far as the master bedroom closets are concerned. Here’s a little video to prove it… And as you can see, it also proves that I am one of the weirdest people you know. But unless this is your first visit here, you already knew that. Happy weekend friend! […]