The Left Side of the Reading Room

I finally got all the “sunshines” hung on the wall on the left side of the reading room, and after a trip to Walmart for some purple tulips, I was able to snap this photo of the left side of the room today… I’ve always loved the look of a wall full of sunburst mirrors, […]

Ikea Butcher Block Counter Top Swap

Every once in a while Kev and I get a wild hair and decide to take a day off. He would like to do this a lot more than she does. She is obsessed with her work and would probably forget to go outside for weeks on end if it weren’t for him. He, on […]

Kitchen Redo #2

Greetings! Well, Spring has definitely sprung around these parts, and we just couldn’t resist clipping a few Bradford Pear branches to use in the photos we took for our post today… Aren’t they beautiful? I wish I could say that they smell as beautiful as they look, but they do not. They actually smell the […]

Mantel Mania: Part Two

I’ve learned a few things this week: 1. There are about three photos of corner fireplaces on Google: (Photo: Thrifty Decor Chick) 2. You don’t have to have a real fireplace if you want to decorate a mantel… and 3. Our readers rock, and their mantels do too! Check out what Stephenie at Decorating Addict […]

Houzz Ideabook- The Soothing Effect of Symmetry

We interrupt this regularly scheduled “Mantel Mania” with a fresh, new Houzz Ideabook! Click on the badge below to head over to Houzz to read my latest article: “The Soothing Effect of Symmetry”.I’m all about the visual calm, so I’ve rounded up a group of spectacular photos showcasing some brilliantly balanced rooms! The Soothing Effect […]

Mantel Mania: Part One

Okay folks- I hope you’re ready for a TON of photos!First, I’m going to show you a bunch of photos of well-decorated mantels I found while surfing the web. Then, I’m going to show you some photos of some mantels I’ve had the pleasure of working on over the past couple of years. Let’s get […]

How To Decorate Your Mantel For Spring

Spring Mantel

Welcome to Mantel Mania! I’ve decided to ring in Spring by hosting a week-long “blog-stravaganza” devoted to sharing ideas about all things “mantel”. I don’t know about you, but I have found that decorating a fireplace mantel can be extremely challenging. There’s such a fine line between displaying things on them that enhance the peaceful […]

Every Woman Should…

My Mom sent me this poem the other day. Thought you might like to read it too! ————————————————————————————- Enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to. Something perfect to wear if the employer, or date of her dreams, wants […]

Mantel Mania: Sneak Peek

Intrigued? Well, I am happy to report that everything came together quite nicely! Turns out, I actually had a lot of other things around the house that I was able to work into the mantel display as well. This is one of them… Don’t worry- it doesn’t look anything like that now.Let’s just say it […]

Reading Room Ceiling Re-do (Part 2)

Howdy folks!Are you having a good week? Hope so!If you downloaded, left me a comment or emailed me about my book- I want to say thank you! You’re a real day maker and I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much! On the homefront- things are moving along nicely in the reading room. That being said, Kevin […]