• Monthly Archives: February 2010

    Creating an Inspired Home: An E-book by Layla Palmer

    Yahoo! It’s finally done! You know I love writing about decorating and design- but my first e-book, “Creating an Inspired Home”, is about much more than just another pretty space. It’s about injecting and reflecting your spirit throughout every nook … Continue reading

    Coastal Living – February 2010

    One of my favorite parts of Coastal Living is “Lindsay’s View”.Lindsay is the editor-in-chief of Coastal Living and he has the most incredible way with words. It’s always such a treat to read his stories.There was something extra special about … Continue reading

    Reading Room Ceiling Re-do (Part One)

    Here’s what’s been happening in the reading room over the past couple of days… Next up- crown molding and the new light fixture.I can’t wait! I’ll be back soon with more photos and video of it all put together. In … Continue reading

    Decorating with Flea Market Finds

    As we continue to ready the reading room, our friend Jennifer is sharing a guest post here on our blog today. She is a super talented lady and we’re so excited to have her!Her topic- Decorating with Flea Market Finds.(My … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook: Creating Wall Groupings That Wow

    This week’s Ideabook is all about adding some vibrancy to your vertical space.Wall groupings add a lot of pizazz, but getting them “right” can be a daunting task. What should you use? How should you arrange it all? There are … Continue reading

    The Reading Room Reno Continues…

    Our reading room may look fine and dandy at this angle… …but the ceiling is another story… Not to mention, there is some trim work that needs finishing too… (You can see what color the room used to be up … Continue reading

    Day Makers

    Today began like almost every day does. First, consciousness.(Wow that sun is bright….must get window treatments at some point) Then my laptop.(Wonder how many new emails and blog comments there are?) Then a glance at Kevin to see if he’s … Continue reading

    Guest My Nest – Maple Street (During)

    Remember the Maple Street house I blogged about last year? Kevin and I used to walk by it every morning and just dream about what it would be like to live there. It’s one of those houses that always smiles … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook: Pillow Talk

    Since buying our beloved fixer-upper back in 2007, we’ve pretty much been working on all the background stuff. Walls, ceilings, painting, re-painting, flooring, etc. But one day (over the rainbow) I look very forward to reeeeally decorating this happy little … Continue reading

    Guest My Nest – Tybee Island (Sneak Peek!)

    I’d like to introduce an upcoming nest we’ll be guesting sometime this Spring.Meet “Just Beachy”… It’s a 2-story, single family home that sits on Tybee Island, just off the coast of Georgia near Savannah. Owners Jimmy and Laurie invited us … Continue reading

    Dining Table Transformation – Q & A’s

    Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments about my dining table re-do!A few folks asked some questions about it, so I thought I’d answer those here today. ————————————————————————————- What type of sander did you use to sand the original finish … Continue reading

    Dining Room Table Transformation – Part Two

    Well, the snow stuck around for an extra day (yay!) so I was able to enjoy it for a full 48 hours this weekend. But today, the only snow left for me to admire was this guy… Poor thing. I … Continue reading

    My Snowy Valentine

    Normally, I’m totally consumed with what’s happening inside our house, but today I couldn’t take my eyes off what was happening outside. Within minutes of waking, I had fallen hopelessly in love with a million winter-white snowflakes. They took me … Continue reading

    Houzz Ideabook- Fine Lines: Decorating with Stripes

    This weeks Ideabook is all about the splendor of stripes. I definitely have a thing for them, so I put together a cool collection of pretty pics, and included some handy dandy tips on decorating with stripes too. Click on … Continue reading

    Dining Room Table Transformation – Part One

    “Puffery”. That’s the first word I heard this morning. Kevin said it to me before he even opened his eyes. “What?” I replied. “I just had a dream that you were creating a new design style called Puffery”. He answered, … Continue reading