• Monthly Archives: November 2009

    White Flower Farmhouse Christmas Decor – Part 2

    When the weather started to get cold, I thought I better bring my ferns inside. I put one in the fireplace. I love how its leaves simulate “fresh flames”! I stuck the spiky picks Lori and Megan sent us into … Continue reading

    Our Winter Mantel – 2009

    We hadn’t planned on doing much decorating this Christmas because we’ll be gone for a large portion of the month. We’re leaving this week to head to Virginia Beach, and then we’re looking forward to spending a few days in … Continue reading

    Our Merry Mantel

    After a supper of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, and a warm nights rest thanks to three layers of blankets and the living heating pad I call “Max”, I woke up anxious to add some Christmas cheer to our mantle this morning… … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 25

    Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early, jumped in our car, and headed north on I-85 towards Atlanta. It’s exactly three hours from our front door to Ikea’s front door, and we enjoy making a couple of trips there … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 23

    Dear 75-year-old Kevin, Today you painted the guest bathroom a color called “Sea Salt”… Layla likes it because it reminds her of sea glass… You like it because it makes her smile every time she looks at it. Sincerely, 35-year-old … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 22

    “As the Guest Bathroom Turns” Starring… Rocky Tile and… Ima Basketcase with appearances by… Kevin “These Guns Are Awesome” Palmer and… Layla “This Tile Looks Good Enough To Eat” Palmer Even though the farm table is still sitting in our … Continue reading

    A Saturday Story and Fab Fabrics

    I love Saturday morning, in bed, with my laptop. Well, I love every morning in bed with my laptop- but there’s something extra special about a Saturday morning. Maybe it stems back to being a kid, and the feelings that … Continue reading

    Guest Post by Rhoda of Southern Hospitality

    Today we’d like to welcome another special guest poster to our blog.Her name is Rhoda, and she writes the blog “Southern Hospitality”. Rhoda’s was also one of the first blogs I found while surfing the net one night in the … Continue reading

    Exciting news from Blogland and Sindy’s Master Bathroom Redesign

    We received a couple of emails from fellow bloggers this week and we wanted to share their exciting news here on TheLettered Cottage.net! The first email came from our friend Kimba at A Soft Place To Land about her new … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 16

    Greetings! It’s very late, but I couldn’t go to bed without posting the video I mentioned earlier today! I thought it would be neat to share how Kevin put the “chunky” in our new chunky shelves. Before I head to … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 13

    Yay! It’s Friday! Will you be watching your favorite college football team play tomorrow? Kevin and I are huge Auburn fans and will definitely be tuning in to the game against Georgia. Last weekend we actually got to go to … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 12

    Hello! Can you believe the week is almost over already? Tropical Storm Ida rolled through the day before yesterday and it rained sideways the entire day. Unfortunately I made the mistake of giving in to a strawberry milk craving around … Continue reading

    Guest Post by Kim from Dear Daisy Cottage

    Hey there! As Kevin and I continue to construct and consult the day away today, we thought it would be fun to invite one of our favorite bloggers to write a guest post for us.So today’s special guest is Kim, … Continue reading

    Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 9

    Here’s how the room looked twelve days ago… In case you’re just tuning in, as you can see, our guest bathroom was previously painted neon lavender. Then last month, the day before our Halloweenie Roast, Kevin slapped on a coat … Continue reading

    Carolyn’s Family Room Redesign

    Hello! I thought I’d share one of my consultations today, since the guest bathroom won’t be ready for another close up ’til tomorrow. A while back I got a letter from Carolyn. She purchased one of my Photo Consultations and … Continue reading