A Sign from Susie

Remember when I said I wanted to put a long, old-looking sign above the Reading Room?Well, last week I drew a rough sketch of the sign I had in my head using Photoshop and sent it to my friend Susie Harris.I envisioned a large sign on top, with the name of our favorite book store, […]

Vintage Cross Bottles at Greyfreth

Isa, over at Greyfreth is offering a special limited time discount for TLC readers. From now, until midnight on Friday night (Oct. 9th) all Vintage Cross Bottles will be available at 30% off, PLUS all “The Lettered Cottage” readers will receive an additional 10%off! To take advantage of this special discount, send an email titled, […]

Pictures from the Past

Have you ever found an old CD, full of photos that you hadn’t seen in ages? I found one marked “Baby Maximus” today… These photos were taken the day after we got him. He weighed just three pounds! Nowadays, he’s tippin’ the scales at twelve. Then I came across one marked, “Baby Maddox”, that had […]

Bright Family Dining Room Consultation

Hey there! I recently sent my client, Christy, the results of the Photo Consultation I did for her. Move your cursor back and forth over the photo below to see her “Before” photo and the inspirational Photo Drawing I created for her… One of the main dilemmas she was having was figuring out what to […]

Reading Room Rarities

This morning, in the hush of dawn, I slipped out of bed and left Kevin to sleep. (Brrr…it’s chilly in here! Should I turn on the heat? No…that’s silly…it’s only October 3rd) Instead, I welcomed the opportunity to snuggle into a pair of fuzzy, gray pajama pants and a long-sleeve thermal shirt. Then, I pulled […]

Deck the Hall

Follow your heart. That’s just what Kevin and I did when it came to this hallway. The discovery of the tongue-and-groove wood planks in here thrilled us so much we could hardly wait to uncover them! What once looked like this… …now looks like this… …and it feels like this area has finally exhaled after […]