Trials and Trim-ulations

Hello! Well, unfortunately trimming out the hallway has turned out to be a bigger job than Kevin originally expected, so it’s taking a little longer to finish. It’s not the end of the world, I’m just impatient and can’t wait to see the finished product! Turns out this old place has a few less-than-straight walls […]

Raised In Cotton

The other night after reading our blog post about our transom opening, I received an email from Carol of “Raised In Cotton”. She sent us photos of the transoms in her 140 year old farmhouse. We were so excited to see they looked just like the one we had just cut out! Her transoms made […]

Hall Walls – Sneak Peek

I realize the photos don’t really show much of the hallway, but we’re not quiiiiiite done. We’re close, I swear! I just couldn’t go to bed tonight without posting something! As soon as everything is finished, you’ll be the first to know! XO,Layla PS…The samples we showed in our last video only come in a […]

The Lettered Color

Here’s a little video I shot while Kevin mixed up a color for our hallway…(I just realized I had the Back Light button on the whole time, so sorry it’s so bright!) I’m happy to report that the walls and ceiling are painted as of today! Yahoo! The trim isn’t quite all up yet though, […]

Lola B’s

Have you been to Lola B’s Boutique? Talk about eye candy! If you haven’t stopped by, you must give this site a visit. You will love the things you see! Kasey, the owner, is going to be giving away an Anthropology gift card worth $150 AND a Lola B’s package valued at $100 soon- so […]

One coat down, one to go!

We mixed up a custom color for the hallway today. Stay tuned for a video we shot about that whole deal! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the hallway after the ceilings and walls were primed… We still have to add trim to the vertical seams where the walls meet up with each […]

Ready, Set, Prime!

Thanks so much for all the nice comments you’ve left us over the past couple of days!We get together for breakfast, lunch and supper and take turns reading through them while we dine. Those moments are highlights of our day and we sure do appreciate your support and motivation! ——————————————————————————————— Mr.LC finished trimming out the […]

Our Handsome Transom


Photo Credit: I’ve always loved the look of a transom window above a doorway. Their ability to create the illusion of taller ceilings makes them so appealing. I also love the way they instantly create an easier, breezier vibe by allowing natural light to keep on, keepin’ on. I had a transom-related idea last […]

Ripfest 2009 – Day Two

Wow.What a dusty couple of days we’ve had here at TLC!I thought I’d show you some photos of what’s been going on around here. Note: There is laminate wood flooring temporarily covering most of the hardwood floors in our home. Within the next year or so, we plan to remove the laminate flooring, and to […]

Ripfest 2009 Begins!

Kevin got A LOT accomplished today. This video only shows a fraction of what he did. We’re excited to show you the rest- so stayed tuned for more footage and photos of Ripfest 2009! Have a great weekend! Hope yours is a little less dusty than ours!

Awesome Blog Alert

Have you been to the “For Love or Funny” blog? I could sit and read through Lynn’s posts forever! This is one of my favorites: Marriage Can Make You Dumb I could literally feel her pain as I read it!She’s an excellent writer and she has the best sense of humor. I’m totally hooked on […]

Reading Room Reno Rumblings

Our Reading Room has no idea what’s about to happen.Look at her…just sitting there all peaceful-like… You see, like every other room in our home, this little room is very much a work in progress. We still have ten things left to do in this little 6’x6′ room alone. #1 is to rip down the […]

Headboard Bench Tutorial

Hey gang- Kevin here! I’ve had a few requests to post a headboard bench tutorial, so here goes! (Please keep in mind- I am not a professional carpenter by any means, and I was completely winging it on this one as usual!) I started out by plugging in this guy… We call him “Jaws”. I […]

A book to be happy about

There’s an unassuming, chunky little book sitting atop the table in our Reading Room. It’s called “14,000 things to be happy about” by Barbara Ann Kipfer… This is the second time this book has been a part of my life. My Mom had a copy of it when I was teen, but I can’t say […]