Safer and Sunnier at TLC!

When you’ve got wiring in half of your house that looks like this… …it’s probably a good idea to hire a guy like this… This is Kevin’s drummers brother, Mark. He is our electrician. He rocks for being brave enough to crawl underneath our house and for fighting the urge to pick the proof out […]

Hudson Goods – Homes are Meant for Living

In the market for some gorgeous new nightstands? Check out these from I LOVE the finish on them!Their graceful lines really appeal to me, and because I’m a sucker for hidden storage, I adore the drawers. I’ve also had my eye on this vintage wooden crate… I’ve gotta get some of those seltzer bottles […]

Life with little Ones Interview

I was recently interviewed by Corey Ann of “Life with Little Ones”. Her blog is such a treat to read. I just love the way she writes!It’s always fun to do an interview too.A good interview takes you by the hand, holds your chair for you, invites you to kick off yours shoes, then allows […]

Reader Letter – Wrap Around Porch

Layla, I purchased a consultation from you this past April and you sent some links and ideas for the front side of my wrap around porch. Well, I just posted before and after pictures on my blog. I thought you might like to see how great it looks! I still would like to add a […]

Reader Letter – Nursery

Dear Layla- Your Reading Room with its horizontal stripes inspired me! My husband and I currently on the waiting list to adopt a baby. It has been a long journey and much like most of life, where we started is not where we ended up. After the realization that I could not do a traditional […]

Tetanus Shot, Check.

After receiving many comments and emails from people urging me to get a tetanus shot, I finally broke down and got one. I’m terrified of all things medical, so it was a very big deal for me to even entertain the thought of (voluntarily) driving to the doctors office. Not to mention, once I got […]

Happiness, check!

The weather is so perfect here in Alabama around this time of year. Some days, we don’t even run the air conditioner- we simply pull up all the windows and let the breeze dance it’s way through the house. I love open windows. Smelling fresh cut grass, and hearing the sound of the church bells […]

Ga Ga for Galvanized

I just can’t get enough of galvanized accessories! We carry these galvanized pedestals at and I just had to get myself a set to use here at the Lettered Cottage. They come in three different sizes… …and we also carry three different sized glass cloches that you can use on top of them to […]

Sunshine in the House!

Thanks to a beautiful day, I was able to shoot the new photos of the kitchen yesterday. I’ll be posting them randomly, throughout the week. Here’s the first few… The newly hung plate collection… I’ll go into more detail about where I picked up all the different plates later this week. The new seat cushion […]


Our dog Maximus is seriously starting to wonder what in the world is going on around this place. First I’m jumping up and down with glee because my new cushion and pillows for the headboard bench are here…. (Thank you Teresa Porter!) Then I’m pacing around the house with my cell phone, talking a mile […] Orders

Hey everyone! Thanks to those of you who have purchased items from We truly appreciate your business! Unfortunately, we’ve had some issues with Paypal. For those who placed an order with us, and have not yet received it, we may not have received your order because it never actually went through. Check your Paypal […]

Reader Letter – Herb Crates

Hi Layla, I have been reading your blog for some time now. I came across it when I was researching black painted kitchen cabinets. I haven’t yet taken the plunge, but have enjoyed reading your blog. I absolutely loved what you did with the nesting crates and was so excited to hear Sarah had them […]

Fleamarket is Back

Unfortunately it didn’t work out between Fleamarket and Mark’s dog, and the experience was stressful for Mark’s wife. So the little guy is back on our back porch again today, and the search for a home for him goes on…..

Fleamarket finds a Home

Fleamarket has a new Daddy.His name is Mark, and he is otherwise known as our Electrian. The reason Mark originally came over today was not to adopt my little feline friend though. Late last week, while working at my desk in my Office, I saw the Reading Room light come on. By itself. It startled […]

Checkers Anyone? at

Check out my friend Susie’s new floor: Click HereWhile talking on the phone the other night, I suggested she take her stained plywood to the next level by painting a checkerboard pattern on it. Well, in true Susie style, she was slapping down paint within hours of our phone call.Be prepared to have your breath […]