Greetings from TLC! How many of you remember when I was talking about launching a company called “Lettered Olive”? Well, that was before my design consultation business started to keep me so busy that I didn’t think I’d ever get to launch it! Since last fall, I’ve had the opportunity to answer questions, create inspiration […]


Hey there! Thank you for leaving such encouraging comments on yesterdays Design Star post. You really know how to make a girl feel good. I had pretty much decided that I was too busy to try out again this year, but now I’m having second thoughts! Mr. LC is concerned about the physical demands placed […]

Design Star – Season 4, Episode 2

Wow. This weeks episode was crazy, huh?! “Team Amy” re-designed a Kitchen for the Johnson family… BEFORE: AFTER: “Team Nathan” re-designed a Kitchen for the Boucher family… BEFORE: AFTER: And I had fun creating a quick re-design on Team Amy’s room- I did a stainless steel backsplash, because we all know what happens when a […]

Ratzlaff Virtual Consultation

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Ratzlaff family. The wonderful and talented Miss Kelleigh blogged about it here: Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs In an effort to get caught up, I’ve got my consultation service on hold. I plan on re-activating the button in my sidebar, and taking new clients, by mid-August. I’m working […]

Headboard Bench Video

Here’s a quick video Mr. LC shot while I was out of town last Monday. For those of you who can’t see video, we’ll post photos that he shot while working on the project soon! (You can also go to YouTube.com and type in “theletteredcottage headboard” and it’ll come up there too) FYI- Mr.LC selected […]

Design Star – Season 4, Episode 1

Did you watch it?You can bet your bottom dollar I did!I have to admit that there were times throughout the show that I was definitely happier to be sitting on my friend Sarah’s couch (stuffing my face with HUGE bacon-wrapped scallops), than standing in front of the judges in L.A. As many of you know, […]

Headboard Bench

This morning, walking into our kitchen was a whole new experience. For the first time since we’ve moved in, it felt crisp & classic, well-balanced & us. And I know this might sound strange- but if a room was able to feel happy, I could’ve sworn our kitchen did, for the first time, today. You […]

Happy July 16th!

Well, it’s already Thursday again, and I’m so excited to blog about what’s transpired around these parts this past week! Kevin’s out shooting some custom-ordered photography for a client of ours right now, so I don’t have access to the disc which contains all the photos we’ve taken of the headboard bench- or the newly-finished […]

Lettered Cottage- More Beadboard Panelling!

Mr. LC decided to resume installing the rest of our beadboard panelling on the other side of the Kitchen. yesterday. We had already put up this full sheet on the wall next to our Master Bedroom door… …but he still needs to add a small piece down near the bottom. I had also already primed […]

More Videos!

I added some extra footage to the bottom of yesterdays post, for those who want to learn more about the sanding pads, brushes and stain I used. Oh, and there’s one of Mr. LC doing his “thang” there too. Hope you’re having an incredible weekend in your neck of the woods.Hey? Where IS “your neck […]

Beer Garden Bench Re-do

I decided to tackle the Beer Garden Bench project this week and I may not have done it the “right” way, but I wanted the bench to have a very rustic feel, so “my way” worked for me! I didn’t use primer on the metal legs because I don’t really care if they get bumped […]

Happy July 9th!

What?Can’t we celebrate every day like it’s a holiday?Every day is special, after all.Special, and fragile.Full of opportunity, and inspiration.Don’t forget to seize it! Take last Thursday for instance.Sure, it could have just been another Thursday.Just another “July 2nd”…two days before the real holiday.But it wasn’t!Why?Because I made a conscious effort to make it special, […]