Flea Market Find- Linen Press?

A few weeks back, while stolling through one of my favorite flea markets, I came upon this solid wood storage unit… It was love at first sight. Poor Kevin didn’t stand a chance of talking me out of getting it. Fortunately, I only had to twist his arm for about 16 seconds before he, too, […]

Guest Post by Mr. Lettered Cottage


Meet Kev. My husband, and the man behind the magical molding in our kitchen.   ———————————————————– Hello there! I’m Kevin, and this is my first blog post. Here goes…. Let me start by saying I thoroughly enjoy working on this home. I’m truly inspired by Layla’s never-ending passion and ideas. It has been absolutely magical watching […]

Fireplace Re-Do

I had the pleasure of chatting via email with Donna from the blog “Funky Junk Interiors” . And since Kevin is also redoing our fireplace right now, I thought I’d ask her if I could share her Fireplace re-do here on my blog, and then post ours when Kevin is done. She said yes, so […]

Eastbrook Flea Market- with Rhoda and Cathy

If you haven’t been to Rhoda’s Blog, “Southern Hospitality”, yet today- head on over there and read her take on our day at the Eastbrook Flea & Antique Mall. I met up with her and another blog friend, Cathy, on Monday, and the three of us had a ball! It was the first time I […]


Positive Beginning Would you spend your hard-earned money buying things you didn’t want or need? Of course not.So why would you spend any of your precious and powerful thoughts on things you don’t want? It makes much more sense to focus your thoughts on the positive, desirable things you would like to create and expand […]

Country Living’s Coast-to-Coast Salvage Guide

There’s nothing like a big ol’ building (or cobblestone street) full of junk! Some people hear the word “junk”, and the literal definition springs to mind. “Anything that is regarded as worthless, meaningless, or contemptible”. When I hear the word “junk”, for some reason I envision thickly-woven, dust-colored baskets with words stencilled on them, galvanized […]

Oh what a divine Webb she weaves!

Today, I’d like to share with you some delightful and fascinating thoughts, straight from the mind of the extraordinarily talented, Joni Webb. If you aren’t familiar with Joni…you should be!Joni loves interior design and home furnishings – and has coined her aesthetic, “French, Houston-style.” Joni’s blog, http://www.cotedetexas.blogspot.com was born in 2007, and it has since […]

Nesting Place

I did a Guest Post over at Nesting Place today! So when you get a chance, flap those wings and stop over at Miss Nester’s blogspot! I’m creating design plans in my Office again today, but Kevin is putting the finishing touches on the extra moulding on top of the kitchen cabinets, to make them […]

My Ta Dah! List

You can look at the experience of living in a “fixer-upper” from two different perspectives:1.) An ever changing adventure that cultivates creativity through an array of home improvement projects.OR2.) An exhausting and expensive undertaking , that causes stress because of the looming, never-ending “to do” list.I try to be a “glass-half-full-number-1″ kinda gal, but sometimes […]

Guest Room Update

Well, he’s home. It’s 11:46 a.m., and he’s still sleeping, but he’s HOME. (long happy sigh) Little does he know that when he wakes up I’m going to ask him to move all the furniture out of the Guest Bedroom, so that he can rip down more drywall, and uncover more of those delicious horizontally-planked […]


My husband, a.k.a. Mr.Right, has been gone (on tour with his band) since early February. Tomorrow morning, sometime around the crack of dawn, he will sleepily wander into this house, and I’ll finally be able to look at his sweet face in person again. We met on this very day, six years ago, and not a […]

Lettered Cottage Kitchen Paint Color

I’ve had several requests to photograph the formula on the top of the custom paint color I used in my Kitchen…so here ya go! It’s mixed into an “Ultra Pure White” base. (No. 7050) If anyone decides to use it, I’d love to see your photos! PS…Thanks to Melissa at the Inspired Room for featuring […]


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Mercury Glass Candlesticks- Part Two

Remember a while back when I blogged about the Mercury Glass Candlesticks I bought at TJ Maxx? Well, one of my readers actually found the two matching ones I needed! I sent her payment, (she got them on clearance at Marshalls, yay!) and they arrived the other day, safe and sound… I love their silvery […]